Clinton Township Board Meeting – June 17, 2019

Clinton Township Board Meeting – June 17, 2019

thank you roll call please mrs. belt sir
Thank You mrs. West here mister keys here mr. pearl here mr. kanin here mr.
Aragona here mr. Gillihan here mrs. mounts are here thank you are there any
additions or deletions to tonight’s agenda there are two add-ons item 23
recommendation of personal vacancy review committee and Clinton Township
ACO district II phase three golden Street relief sewer and water remain
replacement projects and I understand you need to move one item on the agenda
yes I need to move item where did it go eight to one point or to one actually so
moved support what number is that going to be
it’s gonna it’s actually gonna be number one
it’ll be number one and everything will move down okay I’ll roll call please mr.
pearl yes mr. keys yes mrs. West yes mr. Kanin yes mr. okona yes mr.
Gillihan yes this is mostly yes motion passes
thank you and welcome to your township board meeting this evening if there’s
anything you wish to speak on as it comes before the board please come to
the podium and clearly give us your name and address for the record if there’s
something you wish to speak on that’s not part of tonight’s agenda to the your
left in the front of the room we have public comment carts please fill one up
and we’ll hear what you have to say near the end of the meeting with that we’ll
take item number 8 as item number one thank you dear honorable board members
from the onset of the previous board of trustees initial investment to the
present Board of Trustees continued support the clerk and IT offices have
orchestrated the implementation and maintenance of our enterprise content
management system Laserfiche in a coordinated effort between records
management records analytics department heads and
staff we have built and continued to build an impressive system that allows
easier access of information for townships employees which leads to
better service for our residents the clerk’s office hat and each department
work together to determine naming conventions indexing and timelines to
place documents and set retention schedules into laserfiche our records
analyst utilizes her skills in creating business processes and forms that
connect departments providing accountability and transparent
functionality employees from the clerk’s department and a laserfiche
representative will attend the June 17 2008 een Board of Trustees meeting to
explain how far we’ve come where we are today and where we will be requesting to
go using our enterprise content management system laserfiche sincerely
Kim Meltzer clerk thank you in with that mr. Kenan I just want um for
introduction for the public to know Stephanie Chang who is the records
analyst we’ll begin with her presentation discussing where we are at
this time and this is an update as there was a presentation I think given back in
June was it yeah so this is an update and then then we’ll also have mr. Brian
FATCA from Laserfiche come in and also give a few comments and and then take
questions from the board just our review but basically we’re using laserfiche for
besides our business processes and workflows for each department it’s a
enterprise contact management it’s just importing any documents
Township wide any strategies policies any kind of type of communication and
document that we have and that’s documents records emails webpages and
also trying to store these efficiently and organized with communication amongst
ourselves and this is just a kind of a summary of what we’re looking at when we
look at the documents taking an inventory of it analyzing what the
document is what actually information it is important to us what we need and how
we’re going to store it and how it the patterns and
the research and those documents are and how we’re going to migrate it into our
repository and also just like testing it launch it and then checking it which is
also kind of like review I’m going to review right now review but you know
like content management all that and the first sheet they have there it’s just a
review of everything we’ve done like the last two presentation that I have done
and I review of what the prior person did also just so that we didn’t rehash
all that mechanic said I want to waste your time here but since the last
presentation we actually the one I’ve been working with most rate recently as
a department especially since they had a part time person working and they have
their summer health where they’re taking assessments of the properties and
documents they’re taking pictures and uploading them to the repository and
they actually took quite a few documents and pictures that they had prior in the
SNA because it’s starting to slow down a little bit so they wanted to try to
import it into our repository so that they wouldn’t have such a hard time
dealing with yes ma which is what they did they have done and they did within a
short time I mean like it was eleven thousand five hundred documents but
since April they put in and this is last week and I check the documents build the
apartment is a review that we’re trying I’m trying to put differently things
together we’re gonna do it as one group of everything set to go and giving them
options just like it did with assessing it was they had one option of importing
the document but once they work with it they would suggest that and that’s what
it’s kind of helpful if your need going in there talking to them because they’re
like okay well this works but it would really be easy that automatically did
this you know and so we’re just continuing building on it which we did
three updates with assessing and now I mean I haven’t heard from them because
they’re just like putting it in and it’s working really well and the same thing
we’re trying to do with building I’m giving them options so once we go in
there that the clerk’s have two different two or three different options
that put it in and see what works with them the best and then we can go back
and review it and this is the way we’re gonna do it
and the one tool I think that really helps us the best is the connector that
we have because it works the third-party applications which most everything we
have here is based off of the SNA and that’s where I’m building profiles it
helps them so that they don’t have to go to two different programs open them up
themselves wouldn’t I’ll show you an example later where they’re actually on
that page in BSN a and it can take them to our repository where we have those
documents that or automatically fill in comments violations that have been
finalized so everything if we start automatically and I mean those are just
histories of what it’s been doing since then with a I mean we’ve added a ton of
more documents folders and I have a couple things that have been made
they just need review is like especially I know the big thing was contract
management so we have that in here where it’s nice it just to be finalized where
we can do it anybody can do a search on it based on when it’s gonna expire the
amounts the who actually put the bids in and also this also gives us a reminder
like this Patrick’s coming up in a couple months we need to contact them
let them know and also diplomas gender and there’s also if some not all Patrick
but through some contracts or we need certain documentation from them like
insurance saying that they’re that they have fill out any of the requests that
we have for them it will remind us that we haven’t received the stack them yet
so we need to contact this person to let them know and the one thing we’ve done
with engineering and public safety they put in it is their contracts but it’s
the monthly bring to you guys and the agenda like and I gave example like the
Miller pump station just they’ve been signed in to the engineering department
so they’ve been having their clerks put some of those in right now and then
basically our minutes of Packard’s have expanded and I think basically before W
sell her laugh she quite a few in for us and that was the
process with her too because we had a certain way where it was he had a name
Oliver you name the document so we made a easier import which is another example
I give to you later where it’s eliminating the data that they’re gonna
put in and they have eliminated the Dropbox so we have consistent clear dag
you know about a data so nothing has changed like someone can’t put minutes
2013 so there’s gonna be minutes there’s you know so we have something consistent
and clean good and I think last time we were here Planning Department had just
put out there Michael film and that has been completed
put in and we started you know the police department as part of the
inspections with our business management part they also have their contracts for
like condos and apartments they ask for patrol we put those in there now too and
this is a summary of like how many documents we have in there currently
since last week and it’s quite a few documents and I also explained on there
what your child documents are folders so you know but really we have in inside
the repository at this time and this is just an example of like I was talking to
you clearly about address search so they’re on a BSA page and I put down the
township is the location they can hit for the L is its address they can
address it will automatically populate the search for them for their address
that they’re on and take them right to the pasture where all those documents
are at and I have one district building so it narrows it sounds when they’re
just looking for building and I have them for assessing so assessments just
looking for mostly their parcels how they have it listed and this is an
example of like I was talking about with the clerk’s anything that’s finalized
right now that’s where we’re going to start at with their projects and any of
the permits they can go to the permit itself which has other information that
they already started with when they entered the permit and they can upload
it from the scanned document of what just like all the inspections that the
inspector has gone off to you and finalize it they’ll upload it and put
and fill it in so all they have to do can I pick what they want where they’re
at in it built automatically from little hit up type so much and one of the
documents we have a lot of important documents we’ve heard you this one where
the program recognizes who is signed in and what documents they were using
themselves like building they’ll be importing blueprints permits and
assessing they only have the attachments they’re working with her at this moment
and like clerks would have minutes and also I put I think it’s the clerk’s down
there for you to recognize what it is take your time it was a worldly yes well
tonight mister Canada and I just want to reiterate um Thank You Stephanie for the
presentation she works really hard on those business forms and processes that
make it really easy for the township to work inside Laserfiche they make it easy
for them to access information do audits and triggering and then also the
searching capabilities one of the department heads came to me and said
that she’d been here for I think 11 years and she looked for a document for
that long and once we got Laserfiche into place it was so easy for her to
access and narrow it down enough so that she could find what that and find that
information out that would have taken well in this case it couldn’t happen
because it you know it would be takes so much time to go through all these files
and to figure out where these documents are this now that we’ve scanned it we’ve
we’ve indexed that information created a naming convention it makes it easier to
access and it’s which makes it more transparent for not only for our
Township but in terms of its workers but also the township and the public as a
whole so Lawrence portal for a plan for license same thing that drop-down menus
and everything it’s easy for the citizens to use in
being such a challenge because they are limited and that’s a perfect segue for
brian fisher come on too weak because right now we don’t have a public forum
but that might be something that the future could hold and brian is with
laserfiche Brian if you could introduce yourself is with your title I forgot
your title ii apologize and then take it away sure so my name is brian FATCA
thank you for allowing me to come here tonight my title I’m a solution Account
Executive I work for general code we are the reseller that sells you Laserfiche
and helps train you guys and and I work with Stephanie and I work with the Kim’s
and we just really think about what could we do for this it for the township
what could what could happen and so a little background on me within general
code specifically we work with over 450 municipal entities across the u.s. so we
have seen what some places do with Laserfiche to really kind of take it to
that next level so right now you guys are using it very well internally you
have people with licenses internal and that’s what they can do with it whereas
some of the other municipalities we work with have this referred to a forms
portal which really opens up a lot of capabilities to your constituency you
know digital citizens I mean that’s the world we’re living in now and people
want to be able to access information online but also specifically when when
they were talking about the forms portal if you guys have ever seen some of the
different forms that Stephanie creates she mentioned you can make that
available instead of on a license use they call it anonymous but basically any
public citizen could fill out a form so something as simple as a FOIA request
instead of it coming in handwritten on a PDF and someone then has to type it in
the citizen does it it comes in no paper was ever printed and it can
automatically go through those those routing procedures similar we we have
customers who have done things like this garage sale you know there may not be a
fee associated to it but they need to get a permit they need someone to sign
off on it well if it’s online they don’t have to
come into City Hall they just fill it out submit someone approves it and they
get their certificate we talked about the BSA integration that is one that we
do with a lot of different communities here in Michigan because pretty much
every municipality has B SMA and so there’s a lot of things you can do there
too working with GIS type data for instance the city of Lansing they have a
public portal they they literally take pictures of every headstone in the
cemetery and if someone goes on to their GIS system narrows in on a specific plot
in their cemetery they can click it it pulls up the image of that headstone
through laserfiche so some really kind of unique ways that it can be used but
if you kind of take this to its extreme what could happen laserfiche and the
forms once you own the capacity there’s no limit on what you do with it so every
piece of paper that’s a form that ever gets filled out you can turn into
electronic forms and never again have to have written out paper whether for
internal or external accounts payable HR I mean these like I said B SMA there are
a lot of things you can do in Laserfiche one more that I think is kind of
interesting in long beach california the police department used Laserfiche and if
you use mobile you can use Laserfiche on your phone but when they take a picture
or enter in a police incident report it’s geo-tagging map so now when the
police are out there and they pull someone over and they’re talking to them
they can do a search radius of what’s every open case within five block radius
of where I’m standing do any of those match this person that I’m interviewing
so there’s again just very very wide range of what’s capable however and
most municipalities are really focusing on trying to be more transparent right
now you also have to be concerned with the security Laserfiche implemented the
correct way is Department of Defense level certified so it can be made to be
incredibly secure and then I guess the last thing I would just say is for me
coming back around to what I do what general code does I am really working on
building a much larger laserfiche user community here I cover multiple states
but I live here at Michigan I just live right over in Wixom and Kevin can tell
you I’m actually over here with you guys quite often but I’m trying to get all of
our communities to really work together to learn and experience what each of
them are doing with Laserfiche so that instead of me just trying to sell it you
guys are learning from other communities and inspiring each other with laserfiche
so we just had a user group over in Lansing and then Kim and I are working
on doing one here later this summer or early fall trying to not only prepare
you internal employees but also really kind of make this the best thing we can
and provide the most bang for the buck so to speak with your software to your
constituents and I would just like to know if you all have any questions at
all okay go to the board first to the community thank you thank you for coming
in today and Stephanie and company guys for putting their presentation together
I think that so Stephanie reminded me when was or
maybe can remind me when the change happened when we went from the new
position that Stephanie now holds I’m freeing the title of it the records
analyst position 17:17 and I just think the the hoops and
bounds that we’ve gone over now sense that change have been dramatic I know
that personally in the trustees office we can say that because it was at that
time when we started to put in all the minutes and agendas and things like that
and seeing the work that needed to be done and Renee
files and in making them accessible and so I do want to just clarify a couple
things from the vendor standpoint and what we could expect in upgrades or or
even just that improve transparency for the public because the one thing that I
hope that this reaches to a point where I as a resident can go on to the website
and see all these packets in these minutes and these things that we have
accessible right now for staff and the elected officials but the public would
have to submit a FOIA request or come on in and ask for it to be printed out I
just think of something like it showed in here the budget ways and means
packets are available in this system but if I go to the website that’s not
something I can access personally just yet um what would be the upgrade or what
would be the next step to get to that point so there’s there are two forms
portal which allows building the forms that Stephanie and then there’s a public
portal that public portal if you want to try it you can Google powered by
Laserfiche okay and you will see a whole bunch of different cities townships etc
but use that Laserfiche public portal the search capabilities that you guys
have already experienced you enable just certain folders in your repository
repository to be seen by the public but then you can build them those very
powerful searches so instead of a lot of cities will host just the PDFs of their
minutes well you have to open them read through them find something and if I
don’t remember when did we talk about a dog park seven years ago you’re doing a
lot of reading laserfiche just that simple search that you already have been
able to use you can build that into that public portal so that the constituents
just hypes dog park and they find it do we have access to that it’s now I’m
clear there’s a forms portal and a public quote do we already have access
to that public portal or is that an upgrade in the system that we would have
to make both of those portals are not part of Clinton system right now
it’s a simple licensing unday yeah okay and so they would be bringing added
costs is what I’m trying to yes okay perfect awesome well thank you very much
thank you further comments or questions members of the community just come in if
I can I just want to say thank you to Brian the work he’s done here he’s taken
over recently from the previous rep that represented Laserfiche and I just want
to commend him on the the impact he’s had here in the township of integrating
the ideas of what other communities have done bringing that information to us and
him knowing exactly more of the technology and how that works I think
that’s a great value to us so I want to thank him also he has to go to a
conference tonight and he has to be in Kalamazoo so that’s why we moved it up
on the agenda so but for you to come all the way here from Wixom and then have to
go back to to Kalamazoo I think shows the commitment that you have to Clinton
Township in terms of servicing us and and making sure the board is comfortable
with the product that we’re we’re spending the township’s money so I want
to make sure everybody here is on board with exactly how we’re spending that
money so I think you do a great representation in that and Stephanie
didn’t mention it but that that work that she’s done has allowed us to put
3.9 million documents into Laserfiche so far that is a huge accomplishment we we
did that within the last six months so when we’re not in election mode we’re in
records management mode and she’s busy doing building workflows for us and and
Kim’s busy indexing and looking at things and we work as a team together IT
helps us and then each of the departments help us as well make sure
making sure this is a whole Township collaboration so I’m really proud of the
work that we’ve done so far we want to keep this going
elections are coming up and then the next year I’m going to be busy or might
not just me but my staff too busy with election so we’re going to try to figure
out how we can keep keep the momentum that we’ve been implementing these last
six months we don’t want to stop that so we want to keep that going so I really
appreciate these other opportunities you presented in terms of the forms
portals and and the public access that’s something somewhere near down the down
the future with board approval we may be able to purchase an offer what kind of a
motion are you looking for tonight this is just to receive and file this is just
our electronic content management update we did one in June I just want to keep
you guys up today when we make some big progresses and and just so you know and
you feel comfortable you’re hearing more and more what you know the public hears
more and more what does Laserfiche you know and what is electronic content
management what does it mean to the public and so this is just that
opportunity to educate the public in the board about how we’re spending their tax
dollars and if they have any comments or whatever they can either mention them
here or to our office and you need to receive and file support thank you roll
call please Thank You mr. Perot yes mrs. West
yes mr. keys yes your cannon yes mr. okona yes mr. Gillihan yes this is not
so yes motion passes thank you next item is a waiver of
inspection fees – I’m a concern for several years now rich current
construction has been giving back to the community by donating a free roof to a
deserving homeowner each year this year that homeowner is John dunsky
a kind man whose neighbor reached out to us for help he has a leaky roof that has
not been able to repair on his its own and as buckets in his home catching the
water our plans are to replace the damaged roof now we are looking for your
help to cover the cost for this deserving homeowner this letters
requests at the Charter Township of Clinton waived the permit bond
inspection fees for the project completing the roof at 1 972 nikki
street thank you for your consideration for our request we look forward to
continue to work with you on future projects sincerely matthew thomas ll
license building owner for ridge con construction inc thank you as the
petitioner here this evening and the reason I’m asking that is I want
to thank him on behalf of the board and the rest of the residents of Clinton
Township he’s every year now put a new roof
a home that someone couldn’t afford so the floor is open for someone to make a
motion to waive all fees so moves to waive the fee but still require the
inspection support or supported by mr. keys further discussion roll call please
mr. Quarles yes mr. keys yes this is West
yes mr. Keenan yes Sara gonna yes mr. Gillihan yes Mrs Mary gasps motion
passes thank you item two is request approval
for a temporary tent for fundraising event from August 15th through August
and 19th dear miss Meltzer the church of christ care center is a non-profit
senior living community with section two zero two apartments
assisted living in a skilled nursing facility located on 15 mile road about a
quarter mile west of Harper we are once again hosting a fundraising dinner event
on Saturday August 17th 2018 which includes a dinner and entertainment for
about 350 of our donors there will be no alcohol and no fireworks at this event
we will have dinner together than entertainment by Devon scallion we wish
to put up a temporary structure of a 10 60 by 140 feet for this event the tent
would be erected on Thursday August 15th 2019 and would be removed on Monday
August 19th 2019 2018 the location of this tent will be in front of our
assisted living in the paved event area located at 236 2115 Mile Road please see
the enclosed map no easements will be hindered by the tent we will keep our
police and fire departments informed as this event date draws near and we ask
the township board approval for our plans of permission for the use of this
time thank you for your consideration sincerely patty geneva public relations
director we have this request every year we’ve never had a problem so move
support thank you roll call please mr. pearl yes this is West yes
mr. keys yes mr. cannon yes sure gonna yes mr. Gillihan yes this is master yes
motion passes I know three AT&T tent requests – my main concern 18 T Prime
Wireless is requesting use of a summer time time for customer appreciation and
giveaways proposed location for tent is in our AT&T prime wireless parking lot
which is adjacent to our building structure tent size will be
approximately ten by twelve feet all transactions will be done inside our
eight in T store which is only feet only feet
away from proposed customer appreciation touch proposed timeframe is summer
months weather permitting tent not to be used daily Thank You Kayla Van flutterin
office manager thank you was the petitioner here this evening yes sir
are there any comments or questions support murmurs mr. Keyes it’s just a
quick question to the planning director or to Barry I apologize whichever when
we put these tents up that does not give them the freedom to put those flags up
that we end up usually seeing that accompany these tents to draw in
business or anything like that no any kind of windblown devices banners flags
things like that are not permissible I talked to Tony pallet about that this
would be this is kind of an odd request we’ve never done one that didn’t have
dates attached to it so that would be usually the the way the ordinance reads
you have you can do up to 90 days for an approval of a temporary tent this
request doesn’t have dates assigned to it so they would be placing the tent
taking it down at the end of business placing the tent two days from then
taking it down at the end of business depending on the weather it’s it’s an odd request compared to
what we normally have done normally this board has required dates associated with
tent erection this would not be a permitted item they wouldn’t have to
pull a permit through the building department because the tent is under the
requirement through the state of Michigan that requires a tent permit so
a 120 square feet or under there is no permit requirement so there’s really no
means of inspection it would just be no different than an outdoor display type
thing that you guys have approved similar to like a the old Kmart corral
out front or Kroger corral that but again they updates assigned I don’t know
how you would like to proceed with this is there any objections to adding some
dates to this even if it is a wide parameter to give that flexibility yeah
could you come to the podium please his question was well what some people are
seeing here is this looks like an advertisement for you to put it up and
put it down to attract attention and so forth mr. Keyes is suggesting that you
might want to put some dates in which would then make it more of a regular
type of request that we almost always grant that would be fine we would do
that which sits a customer appreciation and you know attracting people to would
be in our parking lot and that’s basically about it you know – do you do
you have the dates in mind I could we were thinking you know summer primarily
on weekends mr. gonna know I was gonna ask dates do you know all summer long
only July only August I mean if we can narrow it down that that helps us
without motion if possible the remaining of June July August and that would be a
weather permitting so that would fall under the 90 days that would make sense
to me I’ll make the motion to include that it’s only through June July and
August I’ll support that cake hey mr. chairman
clarification outgoing ocean he had suggested he wanted to use the tenant
weekends only it’s your motion the intent those months
for the weekend dates only Friday Saturday Sunday correct that okay with
you sir whatever whatever that’s fine okay well we’d like it longer but what
if that’s what Friday Saturday and something would be perfect
do you foresee having it up on a Thursday or Monday probably not well you
know we want to do things right we just don’t want to put things up and not get
approved you know that’s that’s what it comes down to that’s why I’m here okay
we have a motion on the floor mr. mr. can just a quick question though but um
so if you want it longer than August I mean we do offer the ability for you to
come in and do you know to come back and and ask for an additional 90 days if you
wanted to do it let’s say till the end of October so you want to include
August September October you could do that but you would have to come to the
board for that permission and I mean if I’m correct theory is that you could do
90 days from this board meeting which would what would that take them July
through mid-september okay right I’d be willing to do that that’s fine then
we’ll have a chance to see you keep it up don’t put any extra flags up no good
okay thank you we have a motion and a support on the floor roll call please
was it support about you and Sarah gonna miss turkeys yes mr. Gowda yes
this is West yes mr. pearl yes mr. Keenan yes
mr. Gillihan yes this is Meltzer yes motion passes the next step correct me
if I’m wrong is I think there’s a 50 dollar charge and then and then we get
an email confirming or a permit so that we can keep in the building mr. Miller
you know what I could issue a permit from a zoning permit that would allow
you that period of time that you could keep it in the store in case any of the
inspectors come by it is a hundred-dollar zoning permit for
temporary structure I can go that route that’s fine well you have already
submitted your application in my office I’ll process that tomorrow tomorrow
morning and we’ll contact you with the amount due correct and then you’ll get a
permit spelling out the dates okay great thank you thank you item 4 is the 2019
Chippewa Valley High school homecoming parade chuckling Township Board of
Trustees I’m ready to ask the board’s permission to conduct our annual
homecoming parade on Friday September 27th from 4 to 5:30 p.m. the parade will
be leaving between 4:00 and 4:30 p.m. our parade will started at st. paul of
tarsus Catholic Church head north on Romeo plank and then head west under
Greenfield where the parade processional will end
in the back driveway of the Chippewa Valley High School I would greatly
appreciate being added to the agenda for the board’s next meeting on behalf of
the students parents and faculty of the Chippewa Valley High School we thank you
very much for your time respectfully Kristen DeLuca Chippewa Valley High
School Activities Director so moved sir second support
spurred by mrs. West roll call please mr. pearl yes
this is West yes mr. Keyes yes mr. cannon yes
starik gonna yes mr. Gillihan yes this is Meltzer yes motion passes
thank you notifies proposed rezoning from I 1 light industrial to i2 general
industrial this commission has made review and how public hearing on the
proposal to rezone the above reference land as located west of Groesbeck north
of Weybridge from i1 light industrial to i2 at general industrial excuse me for
the stated purpose of development with a truck transportation facility we hereby
make recommendation for approval of the rezoning as requested and this is the
action was supported not by unanimous vote but it was a majority vote it’s
copy of the notice of the may 20 30 2019 public hearing containing a legal
description and general location sketch of the land in question is attached for
your information and file this matter was petitioned by mr. Sam Shaima sham
sham young one nine four two nine coal River Drive Macomb Michigan 404 four is
represented by mr. Joe Nowitzki jsn in architecture three eight five six twelve
Mile Road Berkley Michigan 407 – we submit this proposal for consideration
sincerely Katherine cherry secretary for the Clinton Township Planning Commission
thank you are there any comments or questions of board members mr. Gillihan
okay so there was a lengthy discussion about this particular issue in the
budget Ways and Means Committee and I want to make sure that I have everything
correct and that is I guess I would direct this through the supervisor to
the planning director and that is that these folks originally received a letter
saying that this was in accordance with the actual zoning but upon your coming
to the position you reviewed the zoning and trucking operation is not a
permitted use within the this current area which is owned I won if it were
zoned I – it would be right it’s correct yes sir okay
and so this went to then it was appealed unto the Planning Commission and the
Planning Commission on a split vote voted and
they would recommend it to the board right that is correct okay
however I’ve received letters from folks in the area folks that have to deal with
diesel trucks running non-stop residents refrigeration trucks for the current
trucking operation there and as a result they basically said this is you know
there’s not enough screening that is in place there’s not enough of a buffer
zone from Groesbeck and then I also think that there’s real traffic concerns
for these trucks pulling out from these facilities on to grows back and I think
there’s a reason why things are zone the way that they’re zone and I think the
problem that we’ve had in Clinton Township is a steady stream of
exceptions created and then that begs the question why do we have though need
rules if we’re going to waive them all the time
I think there’s based upon residents concerns I would not be in favor of this
and as a result I would move that we deny the application I’ll support that so this item as you guys know I sit on
the Planning Commission in this item we discussed at length and it gave us all a
lot of heartburn and a lot of consternation if you read the minutes I
believe it’s in there we actually took two votes on it so the first time it
actually failed on a four-four vote the second time it passed on a 5-3 vote I
don’t want to put words in anybody’s mouth but I think the member who
switched his vote wanted this gentleman to basically make it here to us and have
us decide on this matter I know Sam sitting in the back of the room if you
want to come up and say anything you’re more than welcome to obviously but I’ve
had the opportunity to meet Sam he’s a great guy
he came here wanted to find something to do something
some some good work to do when he got a CDL license he bought his own truck he
now has almost honor trucks I gotta say I have the utmost respect for Sam the
problem is I don’t believe and I agree with mr. Gillihan that this is not a
proper location for this business if you look at where this is it’s on Groesbeck
just north of 16 mile there’s homes right across the street there’s a road
right next to it that leads to a part an apartment complex so I don’t think
there’s a proper place for it I agree with with our Planning Director that
this this type of business should be I – and not I won so I think we need to vote
this down in my opinion in a big part of that is because of where it is one of
the things that I know we all want to do is improve the Groesbeck corridor to
approve a trucking company there you know I think we’re kind of stepping in
the middle of do we want this to be an industrial area or do we want to improve
the Groesbeck corridor if we have more trucking companies here you know I I
don’t live across the street from a trucking company I don’t want to live it
across the street from a trading company I can go to work near one but that’s not
where people want to live so I think we’re gonna be in my opinion hurting the
home prices across the street and I think we’re also we maybe end up hurting
the the apartment complex that’s their right a people are gonna have to drive
past his trucking company with not a lot of boarders to get to their home I don’t
think that’s fair to them so in short I think this it’s hard to
say no to a great businessman – you know I had the opportunity to meet him
through mr. Johnson and he’s a part of mr. Johnson’s group so like I said I
have a lot of respect for him I just I don’t think this would be a proper
request like I said if we want to move this to an industrial area that’s a
completely different conversation but I don’t think that’s what we wanted
partner this is an industry it’s not an i to it tonight walk you’re
just a but mr. keener mr. pearl don’t this is about sir one of the problems
that came up was the letter from planner there was here for a short time filling
in could dad with the petitioner dressed that could you come up here and you know
I’ve been involved in development for almost forty years and nobody guarantees
anything until them till the police board of that community the elected
board approves the final plans and how did it happen that you took that letter
to mean that it was a go you had no site plan no no no site been approved by the
Planning Commission okay you had no formal approvals from
the township board yeah you know I feel bad that that letter was forwarded to
you indicating to go but that might be to to put a some money down on the
property but they actually purchase that I felt really bad that you went ahead
and did that I’ve never seen that before you know to take a interest in the
property without actually closing on it would have been the best idea now we’re
left with it you know horrible just to make a decision with that letter
standing out there but basically I agree with the colleagues that have spoken so
far that that spot rezoning I’ve been on our Planning Commission for a number of
years and now the Zoning Board and if we spot rezone that – I – then we’re gonna
have everybody else that wants to make that like Mount Road and Van Dyck Road
and that those rows are destroyed they’re having to redo my own Road
because of the high traffic usage of that and industrial semis that are
overloading our roads now and I feel horrible that you went ahead
and made that investment instead of just paying something to hold on to the
property until you got final approval and closed so I thought it was a final
Roble that letter that I had you know that that’s that’s what I thought
and she ever reviewed by your attorney honestly no pardon no no no but but the
letter is like really soft it’s basic you know it says that you know what
you’re trying to do over there is it’s good you know you go and buy it and
clothes on it and start it that’s that’s what I understood from me at least you
know and I’m sure the seller didn’t mind selling it to you sure mr. Gowens did
you have a question about that yes on the searches to identify myself
on that Township attorney to follow up on the question of mr. pearl last how
many conversations did you have mr. Cantor – 2 or 3 I’m not sure honestly the first
time I show up I told him that I’m trying to buy this property and I
explained damn well what I’m trying to do and he said and at that time he said
just bring me a basic drawing and inside of mine him what you’re trying to over
there and he did he write the letter after the conversations or did you have
conversations no I saw up there second let me I’m sorry to question did you
have conversations before the letter and after the letter with him no we had the
new cat Edition first and then the letter did you talk to him further about
it after the letter no he wasn’t like and then mr. Bruhl
shows up at that time hey what what I did I show him the drawings in him I
show him a side of line and all that I submitted and then they gave me that
letter so when they gave me a letter it took me about three months to close on
on the on the lot and after I owned it and it’s I’m on my name then I came to
the city again to the submitted official and then like a real sideline and all
that you know not like at the beginning it was like kind of basic you know so I
know a surprise but then I ran it so your conversations happen first then the
letter and you didn’t have conversations with him after correct No
sir you can you get any advice from anybody at all and scardy the contents
what was in the letter only from my heart attack sir and no realtor and yeah
those two people maybe what is it what did your realtor tell this is all good
do you have the lovin why I’m sad I don’t have it with you now I didn’t what
did your architect tell you yeah it says that’s all we need that’s good then
well I think mr. Dolan you know comes back too if he had an attorney instead
of taking out an option on the property he bought it and if he had an attorney
that was doing the counting the attorney that was doing your closing should have
told you that to check further that you needed more approvals the hope there’s a
whole process that everybody goes through and I’m sure you’re in Warren
right now yes so you must have gone through that and Warren they’re not easy
to deal with and Warren a lawyer yes did you discuss the ladder that you received
with the lawyer didn’t because it’s not on there what’s that tourney that I had
at that time was he was just making sure that is everything right or no title
work and stuff you know all right thank you mister Thank You mr. Kanin I just
think we have to you know we’re taking the recommendation from our department
had on we have a new planning director at this time and I think basically it
isn’t based on the fact that there’s a trucking company I mean there is a
trucking company there mr. aragonés oh I don’t know so to say that this one
wouldn’t be conducive to that property I disagree I think it would be but the way
that this is set up it’s an i1 and that doesn’t that doesn’t host that type of
zoning so it results in a spot rezoning which is problematic for us setting
precedent and that’s the purpose behind the rejection so with that said we do
have a motion and a I’m gonna weigh in a second mr. Gillingham yeah so I I guess
oh we just add this okay so we think that the it’s unfortunate that you know
you bought the property in a way that you know isn’t traditionally done it’s
you know usually as mr. pearl said you take out an option then you make sure
you got all your approval is in place there was a transition within the
township and that transition seems to have worked in some respects against you
but I think what this community needs to do is one hold firm to the zoning and
then to recognize that we need to do everything we can to try to find you a
good spot that’s within the proper zoning and so our doors open the doors
to the township the doors to the treasurer’s office the doors to the
Planning Department we want to find a use of the property that you currently
own and to find you a spot that is conducive and that you can run that kind
of operation and it’s it falls actually within the zoning okay I have two things
number one no one’s called me to complain no residents called me and I
went through the 17 pages of menace and I didn’t see any residents who had
complained and number 2 not that they haven’t called you I’m troubled by the
letter the young man made a big investment in our community
based upon what he thought to be the green light for him to move ahead
that’s all I have to say mr. quintanilla this is West I also know that mr. our
playing director don’t use happens I put flatline mr. Thompson I’m sorry
now mr. Bruce I was gonna say requested a few different things with the building
you know originally the building was gonna be brick in the front there’s a
beautiful rendering that I have of the building now with brick all the way
around which would clear up that area and make it very very nice I do have to
say I will be voting against them them out so mr. Johnson thank you John Johnson grass you having
Chamber of Commerce representing my member mr. shamaya
I Sam are you I before you run off and make your decision here if I might take
the liberty of discussing the project in a little greater detail you all have not
had an opportunity to actually take a look at the project I don’t believe
we’re not we’re only talking about the rezoning tonight no I understand that
yeah but so I kind of approach this from two perspectives I too have an interest
in the Groesbeck corridor and what’s happening there I understand the
township wants to revitalize the corridor this part parcel property
that’s there today has never been developed ever in the history of time
actually and it’s a big investment for the township and mr. Schimmel be
investing about six million dollars on the project it I know that there’s been
a transition here in terms of the thinking in terms of what you want to
accomplish with girls back but I think if you gave it a fair look and I’ve
brought some rendering this evening of what this might look like we did we’re
sensitive to what’s happened with Lucy was kind of stuck in the middle of all
as we made an effort last week and actually met with Bruce and talked about
the project and we understand his position but you know what is it that
might make this more appealing for the town
ship and so but I think you know there’s the project itself bring to the township
is mr. Shima has 30 jobs currently in his offices there’ll be 20,000 square
feet 8,000 square feet of office 30 of those employees will come over to the
township long term big picture we’re looking at about another 30 jobs in the
office 110 drivers and so I think it’s a great opportunity provided it has the
kind of appearance that you want to try to accomplish here and we worked really
really hard on that and we started with our architect with the building that
maybe didn’t look quite so good but we’ve worked real hard and it’s going to
albrecht building and but so there’s you know the project itself and what it
might mean to the the township right now the taxes on the property or $12,000 a
year when this projects completed it would be somewhere between fifty and
sixty thousand dollars a year as well as the jobs that have be created and but
you you I know you wanted to be something that’s good looking but want
the other thing that really disturbs me in all this is that mr. shamaya did
receive the letter from a Township representative and if the meeting that
we were at the Planning Commission meeting it was kind of almost painted a
picture that well this was just some guy that was filling in well he wasn’t some
guy that was just filling in this is the guy who was the townships Planning
Director the County Planning Director and he has a great reputation and they
tried to paint it as if you know there was something else going on this guy was
an amateur or something was an amateur at all and mr. shamaya relied on this he
spent a million dollars between the investment and the property and the
various other costs associated with this project and actually paid in my opinion
an escalated price because he wanted to be here in the township and bring a
really decent project to the township and I would ask this I’ve been around
here for a long time 40 years I’ve been around this township you know I’ve
watched what’s happening on girls back over the last 40 years and it’s fine to
have this vision for what grow spec might look like in the future
and I’m all for it but you take what you can get sometimes and this is a great
project and it’s a beautiful building and mr. shamaya has been a great
corporate citizen in the city of Warren I’ve worked with them I’ve been to his
site and Warren whatever that is that you might expect
or desire I heard earlier some comments about well maybe there’s not enough of a
buffer zone or there’s a not enough of screening I don’t know how anybody here
knows that that’s even the case or not that you could even articulate that
position and without having if you’ve been at the Planning Commission you
might be aware of that but short of that and I just think the guy’s been wrong
and I think this is fundamentally wrong is what’s happened to him here he did
this in good faith and maybe he should have been more technical about the
process but he did it in good faith meeting with the Planning Director that
represented the township and that produced that ladder for him as well
and so I think he’s deserving of some fair consideration here in regard to
this matter and so I don’t know if there’s anything that I can show you and
the way I brought some documents this evening and some renderings of what the
building might look like that’s helpful maybe that’s an order maybe that’s not
in order to present that to the board this evening but we did listen to Bruce
we’re sensitive to his position we’ll do everything that we can to as best we can
for the kind of business that we’re in make this as palatable as it can be as
beautiful as it can be for the community so I’m like could I answer any questions
mister don’t let you do heavy mr. I’m sorry mr. Perot yeah you know I
feel bad I’ve been in the situation I’ve developed over the years many
multi-million dollar complexes throughout four counties and I tell you
I’ve been surprised myself doing it there even the whole way with attorneys
and and everything and sometimes they tell you when you’re when when you’ve
closed and you have the bank loan and you’re ready to put a shovel in the
ground and they won’t issue a sewer permit you go what do you mean you won’t
issue a super event well because we’re holding it up because of the county
wants an interceptor put in down the street so you have to fight that battle
I understand what you’re going through and we did everything right all had all
the approvals and everything and yet we had a problem and it happens it happens
in other communities also so I understand and I I agree with Skelly
a.m. that we will work with you to try to make use of that property if you
can’t sell it or find you another location that does work how far up the
road is I to mr. Thompson sorry I couldn’t say you know with
without doubt where the I to zoning is I’m just not familiar enough with the
township yet in the zoning I know there is some I to zoning further south on the
west side of Groesbeck and I know there’s some up up near haul road bike I
couldn’t sit here and tell you precisely where the I Tunes owning is up yeah you
know I I have not heard from residents but I know there are residents right
there and living across the street next to it and the problem right across roads
we’re hearing from developers that are having trouble bringing in retail and
shopping to 16 and Groesbeck because people think it’s industrial if you if
we agree to a spot rezoning here at this level this will open up the whole street
to look like my own Avenue or Van Dyke you ever been driving on those streets
it’s all it is a semis you know we’re not gonna be able to stop anybody else
from coming in so you know I feel horrible what he went through
but we’re at a crossroads here like I said and if we do this then we can’t say
no to the other people that come in you know there are gonna be next to it and
then and that’s gonna be a problem okay first of all there’s five trucking
companies within the three miles between 16 mile is like then River to 15 mile
maybe there is there’s really five different companies and most of those
industries there is Iran they have trucks
mino-san my trucks are straight trucks are big small manufacturers and some
some of them are big manufacturers and so I don’t see anything no it’s comin to
the street honestly and weld our sonar like the rezoning is new you’re changing
the zoning and and and if you want it taken like if you’re worrying about
other Lots that it’s gonna be the people can ask for rezoning I don’t think there
are many of them anyway how many of them are are they on that street correct
there it’s all full who’s gonna ask for his own against
theirs existent I’ve already heard from industrial people and Omega probably one
there they’re thrilled if you get that they’re gonna sell their property as I
do also so they can only one that’s right I heard that that’s right but on
that on that same side it grows back its I to south of 16 Mile Road pretty much
all the way down yes but this area happens to be i1 and there’s a lot of
residential right there that’s what I’m saying well yeah there was he asked I
would like to answer that question you asked me earlier about Obama have been
problems in Warren or not no I was asking you if you’ve developed in Warren
didn’t you have to go through a whole procedure of approvals so you’ve gone
through this before this is not your first time okay
yes you did rely on the letter more than legally should have but you’ve gone
through planning zoning and inspections and requirement
in Warren sure you know I so you know that’s all seizure but obviously as your
lawyer never told you to not rely on the latter coach at decades correct she’s
doesn’t know that and I should I be relying on that mother Dennis says you
know you you went through a Planning Commission recommendation in Warren when
you built and open that facility already always existent but it wasn’t a trucking
business or was trees and like things to cut trees a company who cut trees there
so yes I did one I went there and I told him that’s what I’m trying to and and
they gave me the same letter and then I went to but the property based on that
letter and it was all good after I got the letter they said okay you need to
fix the fence your job surge problems what I’ve heard a lot of things you know
and I did him up and they’re all good okay thank you thank you mister gonna
then I’ll ask for a roll call okay yeah a few things I just first of all I
wanted to echo what mr. perota was saying I think we’re opening ourselves
up to more I to in that Groesbeck area for one to I did want to echo a few my
other board members comments Sam we do want you here we can help you in any way
we’d love to I personally believe this is the wrong
spot I can’t speak for the rest of the board members but I don’t think this is
the right thing to do to have I to here I’m sorry if we can help you in any way
I do want to do it the third and final one is through the chair to mr. Johnson
we were at the same meeting I don’t believe we were flippant about our
previous planning Commissioner I don’t know if you’re referring to my comments
or other ones but we did have a great amount of respect for the gentleman we
just happen to disagree with his letter and how it was presented so I do want to
clear that up for everybody thank you roll call please mrs. Oh mister mister
Keenan before we do that we see if any members from the public a minute
any community members wish to speak we need you to come up to the microphone on
the other side of your name can you Oh Heather Condon to a nine six three all
rich Clinton Township Michigan in Pahoa the trucking company that that is
actually in that area um they do seem respectful I don’t find them out in the
middle of the night or at some you know ridiculous hour they’re not noisy but I
do have concern for the roads with all of these heavy trucks that I mean girl
spec is beautiful right there right now and I flew there probably 20 years now
and it I mean it’s it’s fabulous I would hate to see more trucking companies come
in and rip up the roads that much more so and I have talked to some neighbors
who don’t know anything about this but complain about Pahoa and some of the
trucks that will cut through our neighborhoods I’m not necessarily the
Pahoa trucks but some of the other smaller commercial trucks in the area so
there is concern for more you know commercial businesses and our
neighborhoods because it is there is quite a few houses right on girls back
right in that specific area south of 16 it is very industrial and I think that’s
if we could find another place it sounds like a beautifully but yeah as far as
zoning that’s I mean you know there’s an elementary there’s two limits you
suppose right across the street there’s the middle school on the other side it’s
I don’t think we really need a trucking company right there not another one so
thank you further Kemalists from the community roll call please mr. Gillihan
uh yes this is to reject the courts to reject mr. Aragona yes
mrs. West no mr. Keyes yes mr. Perot yes mr. Kanin no mrs. Mel sir yes motion
passes but I have a point of order yes on this this I just want to clarify was
doing did you say that you work from mr. Johnson yes mr. Johnson is the client of
its that Sam is his client I I have not I do not work with seeing I work for mr.
Johnson I have not worked the same I’m just
concerned about a conflict is there a conflict here I don’t have to leave so
because I am NOT I don’t I have not worked directly with seen with the
gentleman I work for John yes who benefits from and then okay I just I
mean there’s I mean I didn’t think of it until I said after the real call and I
just wondered if there was well I can abstain you can do that now but well no
I know I mean it’s don’t die we don’t make me comment okay well no cuz I could
okay okay introduction for applicants of the Library Commission to board members
there’s one term up for appointment on the clinton town and the clinic home
public library board disappointment is a four-year term to expire April 30th 2023
as you know this is a governing library board consisting of a total of eight
trustees residing both Clinton in Macomb townships these appointments are for
representation from Clinton Township miss Barbara brown and has submitted her
application for reappointment as well as Miss Rose Ventimiglia who has submitted
her application for appointment these applications have been attached for your
review further policy guidelines an invitation has been extended to all
applicants to attend the June 17th 2019 board meeting in which they will be
provided an opportunity to introduce themselves to the Board of Trustees
whereby each being given a three minute time limit in which to do so sincerely
Stephanie Milstead administrative assistant neither of them are here so
motion to receive a file is an order so moved second support thank you roll call
please mr. Gillihan mister I’m sorry mr. okona yes mr.
Gillihan yes this is what yes mr. Keith yes
mr. pearl yes mr. cannon yes this is Mel – yes motion passes
thank you in item 7 an introduction of applicants for the historical commission dear board members there are three terms
up for appointment on historical commission please note that these
appointments fall under the jurisdiction of the township supervisor and is
subject to approval by the township board
mr. Maxwell Hydra this mr. James Hungerford and Miss Karen Simmons have
submitted their applications with the appointment which are attached for for
your review no other applications were received these appointments are for a
three-year term to expire April 13th 2022
per the policy guidelines an invitation has been extended to all applicants to
attend the June seventeenth two thousand eighteen board meeting they will be they
will each be provided an opportunity to introduce themselves to the Board of
Trustees whereby each being given a three minute time limit in which to do
so sincerely Stephanie middle step administrative assistant thank you and
we don’t have any members here this evening so a motion to receive a file is
in order so much support roll call please mrs. West
yes mr. Keyes yes mr. Kenan yes mr. Aragona yes mr. Gale ahem yes
mrs. Mathur yes motion passes thank you and item eight has been discussed item
nine requests to schedule a public hearing dear members of the board the
department of assessing respectfully request you to schedule public hearing
for the renewal of the special assessment police and fire millage
please schedule the public hearing for the July 1st 2019 regular board meeting
the special assessment millage is levied on real property only and will generate
the following approximate revenue based upon a real property tax level value of
two million eight hundred thirty six thousand one hundred and sixty dollars
one hundred and sixty thousand six hundred and forty six dollars pleases
five mills at 14 million one hundred eighty thousand eight hundred and three
dollars fires at four Mills 11 million three hundred forty-four thousand six
hundred forty two for a total of twenty five million five hundred twenty-five
thousand four hundred and forty-five dollars
did I say million or billion before that that was a total of two billion two
billion I apologize in addition the industrial facility real
property has a taxable value of seven seven million one hundred
3596 dollars and will generate the following approximate revenue police two
and a half million done hundred fifty-eight fire at two mills 14,367
dollars for a total of thirty two thousand three hundred twenty five grand
totals for police are fourteen thousand one hundred ninety i’m eats fourteen
million one hundred ninety eight thousand seven hundred and sixty one
fire is eleven million three hundred and fifty nine thousand nine dollars and for
a total of twenty five million five hundred fifty seven thousand seven
hundred and seventy dollars the above approximate revenue amounts are subject
to board of review michigan tax tribunal Michigan Department of Treasury and
state text Commission adjustments respectfully submitted James Elrod
Assessor so the motion should be to schedule the public hearing on July
first yes so moved support thank you roll call
please mr. Aragona yes mr. Keith yes this is West yes mr.
cannon yes mr. Gillihan yes mrs. Mouser yes motion
passes thank you a night of tennis committee
openings to be reposted board members there are two open terms on the cultural
diversity committee as well as one open term on the Historical Commission that
have not received applications at this time it would be appropriate to repost
the open term positions in accordance to our committee guidelines the open terms
will be advertised for an additional 60 days sincerely Stephanie middle stat
administrative aide thank you now I understand from mrs. middle step that
there are many people not many there are a number of people who are either giving
a her a letter of resignation or are going to because they don’t wish to fill
out the forms that the township is not requiring them to fill out so I suggest
that the township board members talk among yourselves and figure out how you
want to resolve it because we are losing some very valuable volunteers in the
community just a quick point of question on when you say that they’re not
applying because is it because of the financial disclosure document or the
ethics document I don’t know – Porsha I don’t know what for the – so I guess the
I guess it’s the you know the financial just glows you’re part of it I
definitely can understand I don’t see why we would need to have people that
are you know pretty much volunteering their time
give a financial disclosure I don’t see the benefit in it in any way I don’t I
don’t have an issue with them signing the ethics in other words doing you know
basically what our ethics policies you know recommends that they do keeping
things honest and so on they don’t have a problem with it I wouldn’t think that
any of the people that are applying would have an issue with that because a
lot of these I mean everyone that I know has been wonderful to work with they
give of their time and their talents very freely so I think we should be
contacting them and finding out why they’re you know there I believe it’s
financial poetic I can’t say they’re for certain okay mr. Kent yes I can just say
after talking to Stephanie another form that that many of them are not many a
few of them on the Historical Commission who also said on the Arboretum
refused the cloud is a new application obviously some of these applications
have been on file for over 10-15 years and one of the things this board did in
my first year in office was to ask that a new application be applied so we have
updated contact information and us board members can get to know those
individuals based on an updated document rather than a 10-year old document some
of these members are refusing to even fill that out and I think that that is
something that we should look at and having conversations with our volunteers
and our committee members to let them know our expectations and we’re not you
know it might mean we’re not asking too much and we can have the conversation
about financial disclosure I think you make some good points but I do think
that when you sign up to be on a committee there’s also a level of work
that needs to be done to communicate to the board members and to the public what
criteria you you bring to the table and so I just hope that we can get to a
point where new applications are being filled out every time there’s a posting
so we have that updated resume and information as well as a signed document
or something of that nature thank you let’s also be clear here on what we’re
actually asking for in terms of financial disclosure and it’s not a
question of you know what is your income what do you personally make what are you
pulling down each year it’s simply a matter of where do you work where do you
derive your income and as a result of that which is the
kind of stuff that you put on a resume which is the kind of stuff that you
generally put on your application and so it’s also I think where your own
property so I think you know yes we appreciate the work of our volunteers
but we also don’t want people joining a committee for the purpose of then you
know suggesting or making decisions based upon the hiring of vendors or the
you know locations for events based upon how it’s going to affect them personally
but how it’s going to affect the community at large
and that I think is not something I don’t think what we’re asking for is
overburdensome and I don’t think it’s the type of
information that you wouldn’t be disclosing anyways in an application so
I just think you know there might be a little bit of overreaction on this if
you really sit down and talk to people and said hey let’s take a closer look at
this I mean everybody’s gonna have a different opinion but me and I’m told
there are some people who are very very disturbed and insulted by it so one well
we’ll talk about it like we talked about mr. pearl you know like I understand the
people behind Commission’s for a long time but I mean that what they’re asking
to sign gets put in a file it doesn’t it’s not required to be on a website
like the elected officials so it’s not it’s not even being disclosed it’s not
available readily available to other public so I think there is an education
that maybe they just have to meet with them and went on wanting it you know and
ask them to consider it because we want their valued services of volunteer we
don’t want to stop because of a change of policy you know so we’ve got I think
we can work this out okay so we’re going to we need a motion to repost two repos
I’ll make a motion to repost support roll call please mrs. West
yes mr. Keith yes mr. pearl yes mr. cannon yes yes you’re gonna
yes mr. Gill ahem yes mrs. Meltzer yes motion passes
thank you eight of 11 is approval of appointment to appraisal clerk to
position here members of the board the assessment department is recommending
the appointment of mr. Michael already to the position of appraisal clerk to
mr. Loretta he successfully completed all civil service testing and was
selected by the department after candidate interviews as a condition of
employment he is required to successfully complete a background
investigation and a pre-employment medical examination including drug tests
this is the budgeted position mr. Loretta’s starting salary will be
thirty-five thousand eight hundred and fourteen dollars as specified in the UIW
unit 52 collective bargaining agreement upon Township Board approval his
appointment date will be June 27 2000 19 thank you for your consideration of this
matter sincerely William Smith human resources director is there a motion to
approve so moved there a second second roll call please mrs. West
yes mrs. Mathur yes mr. Keith yes mr. pearl yes mr. kanin yes mr. Gowda
yes mr. Gillihan yes motion passes good I didn’t publish a request from the fire
chief to a 2009 conference Jim members of the board I’m ready to request
approval to attend the 2018 redmond symposium in Nashville Tennessee from
August 18th to the 22nd this conference will allow me to maintain certification
as one of the three department peer fitness trainers in addition breakout
sessions will also focus on behavioral health cancer research fitness and
suicide prevention as well as many other topics the cost of attendance has been
budgeted for during the 2019-20 fiscal year thank you for your consideration
with this matter should you have any questions or concerns please feel please
feel free to contact me at any time sincerely Tim Duncan Clinton Township
Fire Chief so moved this is mr. cannon if I may before the
total estimated cost is 1,485 dollars thank you support roll call please mr.
pearl yes mr. Keith yes this is West yes mr. cannon yes
sterile going on yes mr. yes this is no yes motion passes thank
you item 13 request approval to attend view any equipment training at the
Toronto Police College dear honorable board there two years ago Clinton
Township adopted a mandatory camera surveillance ordinance for certain types
of businesses in Clinton Township the video from these businesses along with
other evidence obtained is crucial in many criminal investigations the problem
is the video is not always compatible with Clinton Township police viewing
equipment for the April 1st 2018 budget Clinton Township police purchased a
program called input ace which formats the video for police use the program
requires training and the only East Coast training this year is at the
Toronto Police College in Toronto Canada I requested his son Detective J Anderson
to this class which cost seven hundred ninety five dollars plus lodging and
meals chief passive its concurs with my
request and the cost will be taken out of the training budget the training will
be held June 26 to the 27th of 2018 respectfully submitted captain Richard
Martin so moved thank you sir osaka support thank you
roll call please mr. pearl yes mr. Gillihan yes this is West yes mr.
keys yes mr. Kenan yes Tarragona yes mrs. Mathur yes motion
passes thank you now to 14 request to purchase one crew cab and to Ford Ranger
pickup trucks two members of the board and requesting permission to purchase
one f-350 crew cab and two Ford Ranger pickup trucks the prices before the heat
for the f-350 crew cab is $30,000 three hundred thirty thousand thirty to
seventy three dollars the price for each Ford Ranger is twenty-eight thousand
three hundred and forty two dollars these trucks will be purchased from
signature forth through the Macomb County bid number 21-18
these trucks are all budgeted in our 2019-20 capital outlay budget
sincerely married binary director of public services these are the budget so
moved thank you support thank you roll call
please mr. pearl yes mr. keys yes mrs. West yes mr. Keenan
yes mr. okona yes mr. Gillihan yes this is Meltzer yes
motion passes thank you no 215 is request approval to
increase threshold of conference travel and expense
reimbursement policy Deer Township Board members on Tuesday June 4th 2018 the
budget Ways and Means Committee met and discussed increasing the travel and
expense reimbursement policy the present policy requires board approval to attend
conferences when the cost for the conference exceeds $1,000 since many of
the conference’s now exceed the thousand dollar limit the board is tasked with
having to approve almost every conference in almost every case these
conferences are already budgeted this was not the intent of the policy in fact
the reason for such a policy is so departments can’t operate efficiently
and best determine what the needs are of their staff so they can be equipped to
provide the best service to Clinton Township residents since the board of
trustees meets only every two to three weeks
this results in employees delaying or missing out entirely on a conference due
to the requirement of board approval this requirement for board approval can
prohibit in a play from obtaining necessary training and delay
certifications due to increase costs necessary for continuing education and
training and the timelines to respond in order to participate in the conferences
it is the committee’s recommendation that the Board of Trustees approves the
committee’s request to increase the limit of board approval to attend
conferences from $1,000 to $1,500 thank you for your consideration in this
manner sincerely Kim Meltzer chairperson for the budget Ways and Means Committee
there’s there any discussion by the trustees move to approve support
thank you roll call please mr. pearl yes this is Wes yes mr. keys no mr. Keenan
yes mr. Algona yes mr. Gillihan yes mrs. Meltzer yes motion passes thank
you item 16 adoption of resolution
establishing the policy for abandoned of special assessment projects for public
improvements mr. candy from our director of Department public services would
speak to this or our attorney this is a change in our policy with special
assessment district or we’re asking for a change in a policy for our special
assessment districts in the past our Township board would allow people to
remove their signatures on the petition up and through up and through the second
public hearing unfortunately it’s the second public hearing that’s actually
when you’re setting the role and all the engineering has been done all of you
know but I’m gonna call it the pre soft costs have been implemented in fact
we’ve already gone out for bid and we actually have the cost of the project so
removing the signature at that point or dropping below in capacity drop below
50% could cause the project to stop and basically at that point all of those
soft costs now there’s no project to it and now we’re observing those costs and
so forth so what this resolution does and change in policy does is change it
to the at the end of the first public hearing
technically I inject correct me if I’m wrong on this but yeah let me jump in
real faster because you’ve done a great job the right now the way the law works
is the signatures are all measured in terms of adequacy meaning you hit that
50% threshold based on the time the signatures are actually turned in the
measurement takes place at the first public hearing which we refer to as
resolution 3 as Mary pointed out up until resolution 5 the second public
hearing we’ve allowed withdrawal so now what we’re doing is we’re saying you
have to withdraw up to and including resolution 3 the second public hearing
so we’re moving the time up because of the concern about
expenditures being lost if we use a later date and we abandon or however its
continuing to allow the withdrawal of the suitors this of two resolutions read
under the statute and some communities many or most communities do do this they
hold fast to the count at the time the signatures are turned in we’re still
giving a concession to the public that goes beyond what we’re required to in
the event that the count does drop below fifty percent but we’re not extending it
all the way out to the end of the process leaning the property we’re
extending it out to the point in time where we actually declare the district
as a tentative district and then move next to lean the project any questions
bro hey I don’t have a question specifically end this but I have I would
like the board’s opinion there’s something that I talked to mr. Dolan
about I got a call on one of the si DS where it looks like everything was
approved for the road in the and a homeowner that was not part of the
district but it’s on the corner that may go into the other street that wasn’t
part of the si D now this looks like it’s going to put a garage in a driveway
out to the new road similar to sewer Sussman’s where people tie in later on
there’s a procedure well here if somebody builds a home on a street we’re
just starting to do more and more SATs we don’t have any procedure if that
homeowner ties into that street he gets a free you know or if he’s decides to
put a garage in in a driveway there’s no procedure and I talked to mr. Dolan
about the possibility of changing our procedures to allow that to be assessed
and the homeowners get back some of the money that they put in I wrote a parade
you know pro rata share they directly relate to this between not to this but
okay but this is related to this before we close it out and the SI DS I
just want to okay I want to know I was trying to figure out how it’s interested
in asking the mr. Dolan due to weigh in on that at a future agenda I’m fine with
that but this the first I’ve ever heard of anything like that and I got a call
and they were concerned because they’re already closed on it and got assessed
and now that looks like the person may be putting the driveway out after the
road gets in and can doesn’t get assessed I think I did talk to mr. pearl
about that and obviously as a matter of fairness I think we should consider
doing something and I can talk to Mary and to scout about that as well and one
of the thoughts I had is we would consider that then to be a dead service
line and debt service road so to speak and you’d have to make a contribution at
that point if you want to get approval for your driveway to the road and then
what we could do is we can take and prorate out those funds that we collect
and set them off against the X or we could just base basically Adam to the
paying off on the cost and special assessment so that would reduce the
overall cost of the assessment this is different we just a fair way to do it so
to speak but if it were some of the things I was thinking I didn’t
anticipate it coming up but I got the call and it’s it could come up more
often since we’re doing more SATs yeah it’s a separate issue and it should be
addressed but it’s not specifically germane but I agree we should address it
I think Scott and Marian and I can try to look at that very good so so I would just um if I
could mr. Canada thank you um so you know given the fact that we’ve had the
law the law says you have to withdraw by this you know a certain time period
we’ve always allowed people you know at any stage of the game to do that I think
I think we’re moving in the right direction I think we need to sort of set
a date okay here’s the here’s the cutoff here’s when
we can do this but I think we also have a responsibility to make sure given the
fact that we have a history here we have to make it clear to people this is the
date where you can withdraw so I just want to make sure that that’s part of
the policy change environment that we’re creating here and so whether it’s
expressed in the policy or whether it’s part of the you know the standard
operating procedures or you know something to that effect I’m not sure
exactly and I’m I’m I guess I’m looking for your advice on how to do that but I
think that’s important so let’s get a comment on that I guess my thought on it
would be to just give a written notification that the port’s adopted
this policy to the petitioners at the time that they received the petition
request that that be included as part of them you can actually potentially also
put it on the petition language as a bulletin so that when you’re signing the
petition I would caution most people don’t know the last possible date or
what the policy has been unless they’ve done SATs before and I don’t want people
looking confused on the day of withdrawing signature versus the appeals
if they want to appeal it they do have to show up the both public hearings and
speak to it so I think we got to be careful with that wording and we’ll have
to think you know yeah and I and Kim can sit down and figure out the right
wording to do that because I don’t want people there’s two different things
there that people could get use very easily so we’ll work out so here so
you’re suggesting that one is an appeal the other is a withdraw date right
somehow we’ll have to figure that out and how to make sure it’s clear okay
miss Meltzer just two that um I think that we may want to consider putting it
on the SAT procedure of the standard operating procedures as and then educate
the petitioner at the time would be one one way I think might be a good idea but
that said as Mary bender points out it is we want to make sure there’s no
confusion in that so there will be opportunities for us to make sure that
it’s clear to to the those that are signing it and was participating in the
SAT is there a motion to that effect so would support roll call please who did
you mr. Perot yes mr. Aragona yes this is West yes mr. Keyes no mr.
Kanin yes mr. Gillihan yes this is no three guests
motion passes thank you out of 17 disposition of
Clinton Township on to properties on May 23rd 2018 the Clinton Township property
disposition committee reviewed an offer to purchase Clinton Township owned
property as follows parsed on over 16 – 11 – 12 – 1 7 6 – 0 0 3 + – 0 0 5
recommendation to accept a bid of four $1 submitted by Patrick and Kelly
McCluskey of two three eight four six joy royal Clinton Township Michigan 403
six contingent upon the petitioner attaching the parcels to their adjacent
parcel and obtaining any necessary permits we submit this recommendation
for your consideration sincerely Bruce Tom Thompson Department of Planning and
Community Development I concur this is a very good sale and
we’ll put the property back on the tax roll and assure that it will continue to
be properly maintained so if I could mr. Kennedy I want to take this opportunity
as the chair of the property disposition committee we found out that were there
there were a whole ton of properties that people had come in stressed an
interest in purchasing and those recommendations hadn’t been acted on so
we we became very aggressive particularly miss Meltzer myself and
then a coalition of the staff from the public services from assessing from who
was left at the time in planning and to say look we’ve got these properties we
want to get them out there the process is basically this as we obtain more
properties from the county we offer them up for public auction it’s a closed bid
auction if no one bids on those properties what we do is we will
entertain offers so if there’s property that you have that’s adjacent to your
property we give priority to adjacent property owners we believe that that’s
in the community’s best interest to make sure that we offer them at a reasonable
fair rate to people and rather than the township having to pay to maintain them
rather than them not being on the tax rolls it’s it’s in our best interest to
make sure that adjacent property owners buy this combine this with their lot
they then pay the taxes on it they receive the personal exemption on it and
it quite frankly makes their a taxable value of that much higher because they
have figure lots and more I think where it’s more appealing more amenities
attached to the property and so as a result I think it’s it’s in our best
interest to do this in entertain offers like this and
I think it’s it’s something that’s good to see we have far too many properties
we need to get them out there and I commend the planning director for being
aggressive at helping us get these things rolling we’re ready for our
motion supported by mrs. Westbrook all please
mr. Keyes yes mrs. what yes mr. pearl yes mr.
cannon yes Tarragona yes mr. Gill ahem yes mrs. Meltzer yes
motion passes thank you night of 18 is proposed text
amendment to the catified ordinance of Clinton Township Planning and Zoning
court code addition to chapter 12 98.1 to this commission has made review and
how public hearing on the proposal to amend the text of the codified
ordinances of Kling township part 12 planning and zoning code formerly known
as Clinton Township zoning ordinance number 262 add chapter 12 98 point 12
Planned Unit development PUD district we hereby make recommendation for approval
of the amendment as proposed in this action was approved by unanimous vote a
copy of the of the notice of the May 9th 2018 public hearing containing the
original proposed amendment is attached for your information and file we submit
this proposal for consideration and would appreciate it virt iseman it would
appreciate advisement of your determination sincerely Katherine cherry
secretary for the Clinton Township Planning Commission are there any
comments or questions of board members I believe this is a very nice tool that
has been brought to us by our planning director to help us resolve some
potentially difficult properties so moved support thank you roll call
please mr. pearl yes mr. Keith yes mrs. West
yes mr. Kanin yes mr. Aragona yes mr. Gillihan yes this is Mary yes motion
passes thank you another one you’ve all been
waiting for introduction of Township ordinance 457
the chicken ordinates are attached to the final coordinate 6:05 permitting
chickens to be kept subject to a permit in regulating the chicken coop location
construction method size number of chickens and type
chickens as well as other matters relating to chickens this ordinance is
presented after discussion by the budget Ways and Means Committee and following
review by mr. Miller of the building department if accept acceptable a motion
to introduce and publish with the intent to adopt at the next regular meeting is
in order should you have any questions or need anything further please advise
we remain very truly yours York Dolan and Tomlinson John Dolan attorney there
any questions if anyone mr. keys no not a question I just want to thank both mr.
Miller and the budget Ways and Means Committee when I first got elected I had
about four or five residents who had contacted me in in hopes of being able
to keep their chickens that they had and mr. Miller worked with each resident
through the process obviously that’s not allowed here and you know those
residents not happy but I thank you for the work that you did with them to get
them up to compliance and I think they’ll be excited about this but I
remember bringing this to you in the then planning director and the eyes
started to roll and it was oh this could be a big hassle and so I just appreciate
the work that you and the budget Ways and Means Committee did they get an
introductory ordinance together mr. cannon if I can also add thank you as
chair of budget Ways and Means this was kind of a fun ordinance to be able to be
a part of because just like you mr. Keyes I’ve heard a lot from residents in
terms of wanting that quality of life you know the eggs and the nutrition that
comes with that and and the fact that there’s no roosters allowed and that
there will be permission from abutting properties as to whether or not they
neighbors of would want that in in the neighborhood we think those criteria
will help to mitigate any complaints that could come up as a result of that
but we think it’s a good proposal and we think it’s gonna who knows we might see
a lot more maybe we’ll see roadsides we’ve been having a fun time with this
and yeah but thank you very much I’ll make the motion support yet thanks to
the budget Ways and Means Committee they took this up we’re talking about
chickens I did have a resident who is requesting goats so if you guys want to
take that up in future let me know and I can pass along the message yeah thank
you goodbye miss turkey supported by mr. Aragona roll call please mr. Keyes yes
mr. okona yes this is West yes mr. pearl yes mr. cannon yes
mr. Gillihan yes mrs. Mouser yes motion passes
later 20 is to amend the Clinton Township investment policy your board
members by statute township treasures are responsible for safeguarding the
funds and guiding the investment strategy in compliance with Public Act
20 of 1943 as amended and the townships board investment policy as such I’m
recommending that the board approve changes to the townships investment
policy these recommended changes are in three main areas one for certain
investments I’m proposing that we widen the duration of the allowable investment
term from a limit of three years to five years this will allow the township to
lock in rates and generate yields in periods of economic stagnation market
downturns and declining interest rates number two addition of ethics language
directly in the investment policy number three allow for the township investment
to in newer vehicles that were created as a result of the 2010 changes in the
overriding governing statute Public Act 20 of 1943 I tell you will find a copy
of the policy with the language changes highlighted please let me know if you
have any questions respectfully Paul Gill him treasurer so if I’m a
supervisor left the room so I’ll just take it upon myself to and so I think
miss motor Europe you’ll appreciate that I abbreviated my letter significantly
but I did send out the changes ahead of time and you know basically so I guess I
would say this I’ve been fortunate because my term as treasurer has
coincided with the rising rate in environment that prior to me the
township was able to curr about 200,000 in interest income my
first for a full fiscal year on the job it was six hundred and eighty thousand
and then the following year is one point three five million however I don’t think
interest rates were the only thing at play here the other thing that play was
actively managing these dollars to make sure that we produce yield that’s my
fiduciary responsibility so one the rates aren’t aren’t always going to be
on the rise but two you are always going to have a treasurer as long as I’m in
the job that’s actively trying to meet the fiduciary responsibilities of
producing yield and trying to increase returns for the township so with that
one of the things that I passed out just at the meeting here because I one of my
investment advisors provided this I’m like oh this is something that I think
the board really needs to see if you look what the 2-year Treasury what the
three year Treasury five-year seven-year ten-year what what they were producing
at the beginning of the year and what they’re currently producing as of I
think this was like the last week rates are dropping significantly and so by
expanding this duration which is the real impetus of making these changes it
gives us the ability to lock in rates so when we buy investments now at this rate
we’re able to to lock those rates in produce yield even when rates go down to
zero we’re close to seeing an inversion in the yield curve and so it’s something
I think is prudent it makes the most amount of sense there is increasing risk
however both our investment policy and Public Act 20 work together to make sure
that we mitigate that risk and that we only invest in in investment great
vehicles that are the safest and rated the highest and so it’s it’s my job to
propose these changes and so I’m bringing them to you
the other two changes just some broad ethics language our ethics policy
doesn’t apply to everybody but I want everybody in the investment policy
process to be able and and to have language that’s on the books that says
you have a duty in responsibility to report to the treasurer if there’s any
type of conflict of interest in your personal situation on this and then
three there were some changes made in 2010 they’re not reflected in our
investment policy that I want to make sure that we accounted for that doesn’t
mean we’re necessarily going to invest in them but we then have the option if
we can determine it safe and a couple of those are actually fully insured the
FDIC insurance rate is at 250,000 some of these newer vehicles are fully
insured up to a million two million three million a dollar so we passed the
FDIC insurance rate and they’re producing some pretty good yield
so mr. Perot that mrs. belt sir mr. Gilliam yeah I read your report and your
changes and I actually think you’re doing a good job there treasurer no I
appreciate that and really I’ve heard a lot of good things you know I I did get
through the the new software it took a couple extra steps but in paying bills
online oh yes but it wasn’t hard yeah that’s a whole nother matter and that’s
been a struggle but I’m sure you appreciate mr. Pro I will point out
though that that you were one of the ones you know with your involvement in
the school board you were questioning things from the from the get-go as we
sort of expanded into different vehicles and so I appreciate those questions and
I always appreciate any board members coming to me it’s my duty to report on a
quarterly basis but if you have questions in the meantime I encourage
you to come to my office and we’ll go through everything that yet that we do
and and and how we vet the investment vehicles that were us selecting can I
say however I’d like to request a small change okay I’d like you to handle the
ethics thing within the procedure under 5.1 you have the authority to do that
with your people it says the treasurer shell established separate document
detailing investment procedures that are consistent with the policy and that
regarding delegation of authority to those people that respond
so if you could do a separate document I am curious as to why we wouldn’t just
put it in the investment policy because we have an ethics thing that doesn’t
involve employees and I think as treasurer you have the right and duty to
put it in as a requirement within your department which is spelled out here and
I don’t want to get involved and reopen the whole thing about ethics we already
passed the ethics thing and I don’t want to real yeah I think you can do it
within the existing document so I would so that’s what I’ve done I’ve done it
within the existing document you can do a you know a letter a separate letter it
says the separate document it says detailing that it sorry I’m sorry it
says where does it say I’m not sure you’re referring to investment
procedures the treasurer shell establishing yeah separate document
detailing investment procedures and it says I can do a separate document but I
can tell you that communities that have been very active at this when you go up
to the Michigan municipal treasures Association it is recommended that you
have this language in the investment policy part of the reason for that is
because what what what you’re doing and one of our requirements within this
policy is to say anybody that we’re sending this to any CD that we’re buying
any broker that the office is dealing with any pool fund that is out there
it’s a requirement that I send this policy to them and that they are made
aware of what our investment policy is and so then this then applies to them as
well and so I think it’s important to have it within this document because
then it doesn’t just apply my deputy any other employee that would be regulated
who were making our decisions other than you or your deputy it’s it’s it’s me and
my deputy that are making decisions on behalf of the township for investments
and say then say your deputy not all the employ I’m just saying we
took employees out of the of the whole ethics thing so so you want to see some
beauty then say deputy there’s nobody else that’s gonna make decision I would
defer to mr. Dolan and say what would supersede with those contracts
superseding I’m saying you reviewed the language that you had here and other
than are you are you sharing the concerns that this somehow applies to
people other than myself and my deputy the way it’s currently written right now
as drafted it’s not specific as to who it applies to it applies to people who
in Orin you do it by their Duke by their what you’re saying to my knowledge
fallin correct me if I’m wrong is you’re saying if you’re part of the process of
these investments being made which would mean someone who’s probably an employee
who is part of the process of the investment being made that you must
disclose what you call a material a material financial interest in any of the banks that the money or
other investment what I call companies in which the investment is being me so
so it actually says Township financial officers and employees involved in the
investment process those are basically two people internally myself and my
debit well that’s that’s one let’s spell that out yeah so then I’m okay that’s
all I’m just trying to take out the ambiguity the ambiguity yeah mr. can and
I have a question also then I’m okay with it mr. mr. Dolan um if I made
through the chair on this too I I can’t recall if they don’t have the
ethics policy in front of me but wasn’t there some type of language when you use
the word sale so in this case township financial officers and employees
involved in the investment process shall refrain from personal business activity
that could we add they knowingly could conflict with proper execution of the
investment because I’m just wondering if they if it’s possible they don’t realize
it can you put that language in there see me on line three of page seven it
says employees an investment officials shall disclose to the treasurer any
known material I want to add the word known their financial interest and shall
based on the knowledge further disclose any large personal financial investment
positions I I thought that we kind of provided for that and the ethics policy
that we passed is that would you recall that or no duty to disclose someone
obviously only disclose what they know with you know
something you know they are not really capable of disclosing it I think what
really what we’re after is imposing and I’d rather let Paul speak to it as of
course he’s the author of it but I think what he’s talking about is trying to
come forward if you have some type of significant position in a bank or temple
use Bank as an example you know if you’ve got you know big stock holdings
with big deposits in a particular Bank you know that should know ahead of time
so that to the extent that creates the appearance of some impropriety you’re
possible in propriety that that’s that can be dealt with before the actual
transaction I’m chairman it wasn’t so I in it and your point is taken that I I
could ask you the reason I say that is because some people you know make quite
a few large investments they might not realize that there’s interaction between
certain investors and I’m just saying everything that language kind of you
know shale means it’s a define thing you have there’s no and you have to do that
and if you don’t do it then there’s no room for explanation as to why you did
it if you didn’t intentionally do it so that’s kind of what I’m saying is and as
protects your deputies so you know I appreciate bringing these issues forward
i I do think that as public servants we have a duty to make sure that if we’re
operating with the public dollars we have a duty to know this and then I
think mr. Dolan is correct that it’s certainly implied that you can’t
disclose what you don’t know so so I think that may that may cover that and
and I guess to mr. pearls point I would say if we say Township financial
officers in employees if we remove employees and just leave it as Township
financial officers the two sworn off SURS financial officers of the township
are the the treasurer and the deputy truck don’t move yeah but I don’t think
you’re a financial officer I don’t care I think you’re a record-keeping but I
don’t think because you’re not a fiduciary responsibility of for these
stuff have for these dollars okay I think mr. pearls issue has been
corrected mr. keys cells or the motion in my husband we’re all set okay
we’re also we’re dropping G do only so don’t you are making his section 16 page
six ethics and conflict of interest time Township financial officers we’re
dropping and employees right yeah from the amendment mr. Keyes yes mister
you’re gonna know as mr. parole in Michigan I made the motion I was all
right mr. pearl made them oh yes mr. Keith supported it yes okay mr. pearl
yes mr. Keith yes this is West yes mr. cannon yes Sara gonna yes
mr. Gillingham yes this is Meltzer yes the motion passes
thank you item 21 request approval to pay the MTA annual membership dues this
is the amount of 6890 $1.94 which is our annual dues as stated some sir a second
support thank you roll call please mr. Keyes
yes mr. Aragona yes this is West yes mr. pearl yes
mr. cannon yes mr. Gillihan yes this is Mary yes motion passes
thank you request a closed session in regard to a legal opinion in regard to
Lipke Street water easement acquisition we will not be coming out of closed
session so moved support roll call please this is Mel –
yes mr. Keyes yes this is West yes mr. pearl yes mr. cannon yes Sara
gonna yes mr. Gillihan yes motion passes thank you
night of 23’s the personnel review committee recommendation to board
members a personnel vacancy review committee met on June 13 2019 to review
the staffing requirements of Department the committee is making the
following recommendations facilities and operations division Public Services
Department the committee unanimously recommends the following authorization
for one additional part-time park maintenance position this will bring the
total number of authorized part-time park maintenance positions in the dumper
the department – for a budget amendment of $30,000 for fiscal year 2020 is
required for this action sincerely William Smith human resources
director so move Thank You mr. case it just quickly threw the chair to mrs.
Bernard can you talk a little bit about this position what they do throughout
the township and why we have the need for it currently so this is a position
that we currently have three part-time Park Rangers and this will be a fourth
Ranger three part-time Rangers they all work a total of 32 hours um and they do
get benefits and they drive around the township and they open closed you know
maintain the parks basically if the restrooms need toilet paper or cleaning
you know whatever they need this would be the fourth one would be actually
stationed at George George and their hours would be basically it’s a Thursday
Friday Saturday Sunday so it’s a four day and these are our critical hours at
George George when we have the most people that’s when proms coming when you
got weddings you know I anyway so this is our busiest time at George so this
person will be there and the afternoon shift closing George George and being
able to help and be there for the public when they need assistance thank you
further questions roll call please mr. pearl yes this is West yes
mr. keys yes mr. Camden yes Tarragona yes mr. Gillihan yes mrs. mary has
motion passes thank you night of 24 is the hmm a CEO
with Golan Street project dear board members construction for the
district key phase three golden street relief sewer and water main replacement
project is currently underway the contractor is preparing for the relief
sewer installation phase of this work one component of these preliminary tests
this is the temporary removal of the seven existing streetlights and poles
along the west side of the road the contractor is coordinating those efforts
with DTE Energy we estimate the poles and foundations will be removed in the
next one to two weeks all of the Foundation’s poles what and wiring will
be reinstalled once the relief sewer and paving work are substantially completed
on golden Street DTE Energy has given Clinton Township the option to install
new light poles in lieu of reinstalling the older aging streetlight poles
the cost for this upgrade is four thousand seven hundred ninety three
dollars and 32 cents the installation of these new poles will provide a
consistent aesthetic improvement to the streetscape once the construction work
is completed since this improvement is not directly associated with the other
predefined incidental project activities Clinton Township board approval is
needed for the additional expense if you have any questions please do not
hesitate to ask respectfully Mary bad NER Director of Public Services so thank
you Lord this is a very good we’re gonna pay the same price to put it up in the
matter roll-call mr. Cantor yes through the chair I’m sorry I just wanted to
talk about this project a little bit because I was driving down Golden Street
recently and immediately I had to call mrs. bed Nara and mr. Chabot because
obviously the the tree canopy being taken down for this project it has a big
impact and so I’m just grateful that the talent ship is moving forward with
offering those residence tree replacements and it’s come to my
attention that most of the residents have taken us up on that opportunity in
so I really hope that even those residents that maybe haven’t yet will
reconsider and take us up on that because when you’re driving down the
street you can you really don’t appreciate a tree canopy and until it’s
completely gone and on one side of the street and so I appreciate that now with
these lights the one question I do have is we’re talking about seven lights on
the one side of the street if we’re replacing those and then we do have the
upgraded ones is that going to match the rest of the neighborhood or the
neighboring streets there or will we have one Street with some nicer lights
and then the others and you know it’s not that they’re going to be ugly I just
well golden is that one of the main streets going in currently on golden the
Seven lights that are being taken down there are 4-1 of ones
and three of another style so the idea is that it’s gonna be seven of the same
style and they I can’t say they’re gonna match meaning exactly the same but it’s
that same similar to what we have in our parking lot where it’s like I the one
continuous sweep mom in the past they had the older style which comes up and
then kind of branches off so there’s like two pieces of metal coming with
going to the head of the light so it will be very similar but it is all along
that golden stretch okay perfect thank you and I just think that when we have
lights like this it’s such an added benefit to the those neighborhoods I
grew up in on a street near this area and growing up in Clinton I thought
every street had streetlights in the neighborhood and it wasn’t until later
in life when you can travel a little farther you realize that no it’s a huge
benefit and it’s something that I think the residents in that area really
appreciate well the residents a special assessment district so they are involved
with that and pay for those lights thank you in addition to what you just
mentioned this is the we hope the final project for the consent order that we’re
under then this is a big big project this is gonna make the neighborhood look
very nice the residents were given the choice of leaving their tree up and
having the tree trim back I think they all made the right choice by having the
tree removed because the chance of that tree living wasn’t real good so I think
the things are hopefully working out real well over there and hopefully this
is our final ACO project who was that supported by mr. Pro in May been I mean
I mean yeah but supported by you know mr. Keith yes mr. pearl
yes this is West yes mr. cannon yes Sara gonna
yes mr. Gillihan yes mrs. Meltzer yes motion passes
thank you and approval of the minutes of the May 28th regular Township Board
meeting some second roll call please mr. Keyes
yes mr. Eric gonna yes this is West yes mr. pearl yes
mr. cannon yes mr. Gillihan yes master yes motion passes thank you and the
approval of the minutes of the June 6th special Township Board meetings
support roll call please sir I gonna yes mr. Keyes yes mrs. West yes mr. pearl
yes mr. cannon yes mr. Gillihan yes this is
Meltzer yes motion passes approval of the bills so move support roll please
mr. pearl yes mr. Keyes yeah this is West yes mr.
Keenan yes mr. okona yes mr. Gillihan yes mrs. Meltzer yes motion
passes there are no public comments this
evening so a motion to adjourn to go into closed session is in order
so move by this you’re gonna support by mr. no keys mr. donors yes mr. keys yes
this is what yes mr. pearl yes mr. cannon yes mr.
Gillihan yes semester yes motion cast thank you
meeting adjourned

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