Coiled Pink Perfection Bracelet Tutorial

Coiled Pink Perfection Bracelet Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another jewelry making
video brought to you by Today we’re going to have some fun with wire
and coiling it. We’re going to make this great memory wire bracelet using coils of wire as
spacers and even more coils to make coiled coil beads.
So, to make your coiled spacers, you’ll need a package of wire and I actually used an entire
package of this German style wire. It says silver plated but there’s actually no silver
in it, whatsoever. It’s copper and brass but this is kind of a fun wire to use for wire
wrapping. It’s 20 gauge, if you look at it closely, you can see that it’s actually wires
that are twisted together, so you already have a twist. Then you’re just going to use
your coiling gizmo to coil them into two long coils. Because of the length of your tool,
you’ll have to do it in two pieces, and you’ll end up with about 12 inches of coiled wire.
And then you’re going to cut this into 10 to 12 pieces.
And let me show you how to cut these. I didn’t measure or anything, I just kind of cut them
anywhere from three quarters to a little over an inch. So what you do is you bend up your
coil and that separates out one for you and then you can use your flush cutters to get
in there and just cut that wire and separate them out. And then you can see that your end
gets distorted, so what you can do is actually slide your coil back on to your mandrel and
this is a one millimeter mandrel, by the way. And then you can use a pair of chain nose
pliers to just kind of push those coil ends back nice and tight up against each and if
these little ends are sharp push them down so that they’re not sharp.
To make your coiled coil beads, first you’re going to take three 1 yard pieces of 22 gauge
wire and coil each of those pieces into a single coil. And then cut those each into
2 pieces, just the same way I showed you and straighten your ends.
Now what I often like to do in this case is leave my wire on the spool so that I don’t
waste it and I’ll make several of these coiled coil beads at once. So the first thing you’ll
need to do, you can do 2 or 3, up to 3 at a time on a mandrel but I’m just going to
slide both of these on the wire first. If you leave it on your spool you have to slide
your coils on first and then you proceed the same way you do to make a regular coil. Wrap
a little bit of the wire around the handle of your mandrel. Slide your mandrel into the
tool. And if I wasn’t filming this, this will be clamped to a bench which does help.
Next before you slide up your coil, just go ahead and make a few wraps until you’re far
enough away from the handle that you can make about 3 or 4 wraps that are nice and tight
against each other, that’s going to be the end of your bead. Then just slide your coil
up and hold it in place and wrap the same, the same way you did for wrapping just a single
wire. I just love the way that looks, it’s kind of like magic. And then make again 3
or 4 wraps at the end and then if I’m making multiple beads on one mandrel, I’ll just kick
that over like a quarter of an inch and then start again, 3 or so for the end of my bead,
slide up my coil. You can see this saves you wasted wire and time rather than re-wrapping.
And then repeat to make cap on the end and then you can just cut these apart and leave
about 3 or 4 coils of wire on each end of each bead.
So now that you know how to make your coiled spacers and your coiled coil beads, let me
just review a little bit of the math. These spacers are made with 20 gauge wire and 3
meters, a little over 3 yards will yield about 12 inches of coils and I’ve cut these into
I think about a dozen pieces. And then these coiled coil beads are made
of 22 gauge wire and a 1 yard, about a 1 meter piece will yield about 3 inches of coils which
is enough to make 2 of these beads. So what I’ve gone ahead and made I think about 8 beads and
these coils and then I’ve assembled some other beads. I have these little rose quartz
beads from House of Gems. I have some glass cubes. I have some crystals and then some
cloisonne beads that I thought would be pretty, sort of focals along with the coiled
beads. And then of course for a memory wire bracelet, you’ll need some memory wire. I
like to cut about 5 loops, that works out to be around 35 inches and gives you a bracelet
that’ll wrap around your wrist about 4 times. And then the next thing that’s really useful
is one of these bead design boards and you can use this to lay out your whole piece whether
it’s a necklace or a bracelet because we have 35 inches of bracelet beads to layout, this
boards is perfect because it goes to exactly 35, 17 and a half.
So the way I like to lay out bracelets like this, I just start spacing out my
biggest elements first around the entire board. And I’m not going to worry about measurements
or any kind of precise symmetry. I just want them spaced generally evenly.
So once I have all my coiled spacers laid out, then I’ll find homes for my coiled beads and
then I’ll find homes for the cloisonne and then I think I’ll put one of these pink cubes
on either side of each cloisonne and then let’s find some spaces for these rose quartz
beads. And then finally just fill in the remaining gaps with the crystals. And there I have my
design all laid out, I’m happy with that. One more thing I thought would be fun to add
to this bracelet are just these little rhinestone dangles because you have to make a loop on
each end of your wire to keep your beads from slipping off and so these can dangle from the loop. Now this wire, like I said, is tempered, that’s
why it holds its shape, why it’s memory wire, so it’s a little bit hard to shape but you’re
only going to have to make 2 loops, so you can do it. You just use your round nose pliers, make
sure there’s no wire poking out, grasp it nice and tight and then bend and bend until
you have a loop and then I’ll just open that a little and slide on my dangle.
Now the rest is really easy. You’re just going to pick somewhere to start in your pattern
and string on all your beads. Make a loop at the end and add your other dangle if you
like and that’s it. Here’s another look at the bracelet we made
today, I hope you like this idea of using wire coils to make your own beads and components
for your jewelry. If you like this video, please be sure to
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Happy Creating. Bye bye.


  1. Hi Sandt. Really enjoyed your video. Have been wanting to try it. Love the look. I just found you today. Have you seen the new bigger coiling gizmo on JTV? It has several long metal dowels. Looks really neat. Looking forward to more of your videos. Thanks, Mary

  2. This is the first bangle bracelet I truly like…I just love this one. I will be making it for my collection for my company " One of a K1nd Jewelry Design by: LD"

  3. Really like the ease with this bangle.  Will be making many of these. The coils are so interesting. I love the way you teach. Thank you so much. Have a great Holiday season. I will be playing tomorrow afternoon with these. I have everything I need except the memory wire but we have a nice Hobby Lobby I will stop by on my way home.

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