Coin Roll Hunting Dimes – Silver and Gold Found!

Coin Roll Hunting Dimes – Silver and Gold Found!

you know what this means guys… it’s Dime Time! hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and I’m really hoping this time box produces us a silver or something cool I’ve hunted to dime boxes in a row which I didn’t even post cuz I found nothing so we’re really hoping
that this one stops the streak of being skunked we’ve had a nice run on dime
boxes the last I guess six or seven boxes and so it feels weird not getting
anything for the last two but I feel pretty good about this one
no Enders on this side no Enders on the other side I flip the box around emptied
it out put it back in I just wanted to see if I’d get my first ender and I
didn’t I see a lot of old ones here mixed with some new ones so that’s a
good sign I guess the best thing to do now is
start cracking into some rolls and hopefully get into something or showing
you guys alright let’s get this house started well number 27 is gonna make me
happy guys just cracked it open we’ve got a silver dime up there let’s see
what we got it’s a rose II think that’s a 58 you put
this down here real quick yep 1958 Denver so that’s a good find
58d not sure if I have that one already I probably do but we’re on the board
with a silver dime in the rules one number 30 guys and check this out I’ve
only found two dime proofs in my life and we just found our third 1976’s we’ll
get into the microscope just so you can take a closer look at it it’s pretty
dinged up but that’s an S mint mark 1976 yeah it’s been in circulation for a
while I miss not a lot of people but not missed by me 76s proof I’m pretty sure I
need that for my collection rule 49 guys and I have a first we’ve
got a gold plated dime it appears to be in this role so that’s something I have
not seen let’s see if it’s fortunate enough to be maybe a gold plated silver
dad maybe not 1974 gold plated dime I’m gonna weigh it
up just for fun I’ve not seen a gold plated diamond before scales at zero
should weigh about two point two seven grams roughly and it’s in that margin of
error so it is definitely a clad gold-plated dime pretty cool fine we’ll
put it up there with the other cool fines and we’ll get back to the last few
rolls well we finished that dime hunt me Gordon uh rev up the fines you guys I’ve
got a 1966 that’s in pretty decent shape and I’m probably gonna check it against
my album we found gold in 1974 gold-plated dime crazy
we also found a 1977 and I bring it under the microscope and I kept it
because it’s a completely filled Indy and I like kind of odd finds like that
kind of minting airs so it’s a filled-in mint mark kind of cool
pulled it aside my first ever 1976 proof I know I found a few other proofs before
but I’ve not found a 76 and a 58 Denver and so I went ahead and grabbed my book
here to see if we can do anything with it I already have a 58 D but it is
toasty this one’s not much better but it will upgrade and I didn’t have a 1976 s
boom so let me get these two in the book and I’ll be right back all right we got
the 58 d in the book and the 76 s so not a bad hunt when you can find silver and
gold and update a corn in your book as well as attic or new book and you know
what well I’m at it since I got you here before we sign off for the day my 66
looks better than the 66 I pulled so he’s demoted back to the go back then
hopefully you enjoyed this diamond as much as I did
we found silver gold and a proof can’t get mad at that if you enjoyed it I
appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for


  1. It's Dime Time! Coin Roll Hunting Dimes looking for that silver but we ended up finding Silver and Gold!!!!

    Only needed one box for this dime hunt since we were able to find BOTH silver and GOLD! BOOM! Oh yeah – we also found a proof dime! What?

    How is your luck with Dimes? Do you only silver hunt or do you also check for proofs, errors and low mints?

    Sit back, relax and enjoy this hunt as we ended up with some sweet silver including a Mercury Dime! BOOM!

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  2. Can I ask you a question I've got a mint S&M said I guess it's called it's sealed that has no screws or nothing in it but the penny is full steps it's a 1967 then I have a 1966 the same way would it be easier to get them get it graded or would it be easier to get rid of them as a whole as a whole they're only worked about 16 bucks I was wondering if I did an individual coin would it be worth more

  3. Rob, I am going to donate on your live stream tomorrow will you give a roll for $4.11, it is all I have in my PayPal from something I sold recently.

  4. Awesome video, me and nick got our first box of nickels today. We livestreamed it and we got a war nickel! Our first war nickel we found in circulation!

  5. Have you found many of the 2009 dimes I have only gotten 4 in circulation I been making a roll set I bought both proof rolls and clad circulation rolls but still need the satin finish rolls but 2009 is low mintage like the 1950 and 51 dimes but I found more of them in circulation and in coin stars then I have the 2009 I save all low mintage dimes when I get them but was wondering what your ratio was for 2009 in a box In you area was

  6. Hi rob i would like to Ask you if you can send my your searched rolls for nominal i want to start collect us coins but i am from Slovakia so i can't just go to bank thanks a lot

  7. Rob I am new to watching your videos. Lucky you, didn't need the metal detector for the GOLD. I enjoy your videos and hopefully will try my hand at coin searching and as you see I have Subscribed. Now….back to it, good luck 🧙‍♂️

  8. hi dear friend (from russia) your collection of coins from serbras is just lovely, by the way, you collect coins of england, canada, france and

  9. Just found your video by just scrolling through my recommendations an seen the title gold dime bc I’m a collector also an have hundreds of American silver coins but I got a dime that’s gold so was curious but I want to ask what is that pad or mat under you with the key dates?? Please let me know bc that’s awesome and would love to get one.. thanks

  10. Your two 70 s dimes aren't worth anything but 10c. Never was a gold plated dime made and they stopped making silver dimes in 64.

  11. I was so excited and blown away when I found my first silver quarter and dime. I also have a gold plated quarter! love my coins lol

  12. I never knew there was such a thing as a gold plated dime. I work at subway however and always go through the rolls of coins we use to stock our change dispenser. I've found some interesting ones. Some silvers a CPL buffalo nickels but my favorite find was a 1887 Indian Head penny in a penny roll

  13. So this is fake… I’ve opened $1000s (probably close to 10k) on rolls (pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters) and I’ve never got that much good things in my whole hun

  14. Hello Rob finds treasure I know you got to be all right if silver Seeker standing behind you and I subscribe to you but it says something about 2 weeks ago I don't know I told me to go here at 4 and entry into the giveaway

  15. I went back to the future with doc brown when these books first came out and have collected every perfect first mint coin since then.

  16. I have two gold plated dimes, one I found out of a Walmart self purchase machine and the other I found outside of a stake n shake

  17. HEY RFT how do you come across the rolled dimes? do you change out 250$ worth of dimes from a bank? or a mint? Can you do it multiple times? does it take a lot of times?

  18. I have a gold dime, it wasnt meant for circulation. Its not even a real dime, it was a promotion by sprint over two decades ago. There are only 10, and the first one to claim a gold dime was given money. If forgot how much. Looks like we're 20 yrs to late buddy.

  19. I have a new interest in doing the same but not sure how to start any advice on being safe about it and also what do you do with the coins your not interested in?

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