Coin Roll Hunting for Silver Half Dollars!

Coin Roll Hunting for Silver Half Dollars!

let’s go and hunt at least one box of halfs but we’ll open more if we need to Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and I’ve got a box a half’s that I’m willing to open here right now today this is from my third half dollar bank I’ve got my backup bank there and my grocery store Bank I got two more boxes and probably end up saving those for a live stream but I wanted to get at least this box open if I don’t find anything good I’ll probably make it a two box hunt so we’ll see how that goes hoping to score some silver haven’t got any in a little while at least not when I opened my own boxes – when I open it for my streams I’ve got a little bit of silver but not not on my own I went ahead and cracked this box open I’ve checked both sides I don’t see any Enders but that’s typically how it goes for me hopefully we can score one or two or more Silver’s in this box but I’ll still take proofs or some errors and varieties that being said let’s get to cracking some rolls we’re on roll number eleven and it appears as though we’ve got some sort of gold plated one here definitely gold plated it’s already wearing off what looks a lot better but it’s a 72 Philadelphia and that 72 looks a little odd probably from the plating but we’ll look at it anyway under the scope no just from the plating in the reflection either way it’s our first find of the box and it’s a gold plated half-dollar and we collect those so we’ll pull it out and get back to the hunt roll number 28 and we might have a silver edge right there guys looking pretty silvery 1967 we got one beautiful we got one maybe there’s more all right half-dollar box number one is hunted and we have three coins worth mentioning I did pull out this 73d because it’s in really great shape and I am collecting half dollars that are almost AU or better obviously you’ve seen the 72 gold-toned one the front looks fantastic but the back its wearing away still looks good in the front and I collect gold-toned coins and we did squeeze out a silver so it’s not all for not wasn’t a lot of silver in the box we got it in roll number 28 thought maybe I could squeeze out another one out but we didn’t that’s how it goes first box is down now we’ll grab the top box and get a look in there and see if we find any more finds I’ll be back all right we’ve got our second box ready to go again we’re keeping the grocery store banks for another hunt let’s get into this one we’ll do it the same way back and forth hoping to find another silver – you know what we didn’t get any NIFC’s in the last box either or any variety coins like a 72 no FG the 83 88 no FG we also didn’t find a 73 74 77 double die obverse so we’ll be looking for those as well but obviously we’re always looking for that silver so let’s get started alright guys second box we’re on roll number 10 I just laid them out and I see a proof back here and it’s a 1990 could use a wipe and down but guess what we got a proof on the board now we just need a silver or more proofs well we finished hunting that second box a half and it was a tale of two boxes because in this box we got a proof – NIFC’s and a coin with a hole in a head that you know that I am collecting to make a wind chime out of so completely opposite of the other box where we got a gold toned coin a 73 D nice looking coin that I’m gonna keep and a silver – total of seven finds two boxes I guess you could argue that the finds of the two boxes really is a 67 philadelphia silver and a 1990s proof still a fun hunt any time you get silver and a proof in a box or two boxes in this case you can’t get too mad I’ll take it hopefully you enjoyed the hunt with me if you did I appreciate it thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching


  1. Coin Roll Hunting for Silver Half Dollars – 2 Box Search!
    The Half Dollar Boxes ended up producing a variety of finds so I was happy to be able to throw out a Half Dollar Hunt Video! I hope you enjoyed it and are also finding some good coins in your coin roll hunts!

    How are you doing stacking silver? Are you finding 90% or 40% silver in your half dollar boxes? It seems that the Silver is starting to really slow down right now BUT we're almost to "Silver Season" which could start up as early as mid-late October and run through mid-late January… We'll see what happens soon enough!

    PS – My Silver Hunting Mats should be ready within a week so keep an eye out for them in future silver hunts!

    Thanks for watching and happy hunting!

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  2. Silver in one box and proof in another box, can't get mad with that. Good hunt.

    Did you see Paul and Snax video with all those gold plated coins? Pretty darn sweet.

  3. Hey rob responding to the response you left on my comment yesterday. You should do the live stream tonight at like 6:00 est time. Don't do it in the week because a lot of people have school starting this week or are in school. Btw. 5:00 central

  4. i think coin karma is in Texas also,they taking all the silver in your location bro 😠….not even i get this skunked when i hunt half dollars. oh well, sending good vibes for your next half dollar hunt.

  5. A wind chime? Really? Next will it be ear rings for Mrs. Treasure? Also the gold was rubbing off on your hands. You might want to clear coat that coin.

  6. I hope to find a proof coin someday! Great video! For anyone out there, I just started a channel and uploaded a video of my collection today! And subscription would be much appreciated and a comment on how to improve. Great video Rob

  7. Ok Rob here's a video tip can you bank hop pls. I love those vids and try doing more metal detecting vids. Anyway always good content

  8. Hey Rob. I've got some advice for you. Next time you hunt pennies you need a scale. Check for the 1983 transitional copper cent. Hope you find one and nice finds.

  9. Hi mate how's it going hope all is well with you mate. Excellent hunt Rob well done and Rob in regards to the bank notes i want to buy of you and some silver coins what is your email address please mate so i can send you a e-mail in regards to what i want to buy of you.thanks for sharing Rob take care kind Regards Gregory Lee from Melbourne Victoria Australia. 🌏.👍

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