Coleman Instant Up Gold 4PV Dark Room Tent

Coleman Instant Up Gold 4PV Dark Room Tent

Hey guys, Ben from Snowys here. We’re here today with the Coleman Instant Up Gold Series 4PV Darkroom Tents. The unique thing about these tents is the Coleman Darkroom coating which makes it nice and dark inside the tent. And they’ve also now got an extended vestibule in the front. So, we wanna show you how it all sets up today. Let’s start off by showing you what comes in the bag. So, inside the bag we’ve got the main portion of the tent – the inner, and a little door mat, some pegs, the awning poles, and the fly sheet that goes over the top. So, first thing we need to do is put this stuff aside, grab the inner tent, lay it out, and peg the corners out. So, let’s get started. So, I’ve got all four corners pegged out now, what I’m going to do is partially pop the frame up, and then I’m going to throw the fly over the top before we extend the legs. It’s much harder to throw the fly over a fully… full height tent than it is when it’s partially up, so we’ll show you how that happens. So, I’ve got the fly thrown over the top, I’ve got it roughly in the right orientation, it’s just sitting loosely on top now, but now I can extend the legs and then put the fly on properly. So, that’s the main bit of the tent set up, we’ve attached the fly, there’s plastic clips on the bottom and you’ve got little Velcro tabs under the fly here to attach it to the frame, all we need to do now is insert this… this new awning pole that they’ve got in these tents now Now, I haven’t done this before so we’ll see how we go. So, we’ll insert that and then we’ll go around and put the rest of the pegs in. We’re as good as done then, we can show you all the features of the tent so, let’s get into it. So, there’s a few poles here, the metal poles with the spigots will be for the awning at the front, which we’ll show you how to set up shortly, so we can put them aside for now. It looks like the poles for the front vestibule are a combination of two metal sections, which I’m gonna assume are gonna be the uprights. So, um yeah and there is… got plastic elbows here and this is a fibreglass section so it’s got a bit of flex to it. So, that’s pretty much it. It’s a calm day here today so I’m not gonna worry about the guy ropes but the tent is as good as setup. There’s three pegs on each side where the vents are which is part of the ventilation on the tent, what Coleman call their Circle Ventilation, we’ll show you those vents inside in a second. There’s just two pegs at the front, so yeah minimal pegging out which is pretty good. I’m gonna roll all the windows up, because being a Darkroom tent it’s very dark inside. We’re trying to let some light in to show you the features inside. There’s a couple of things I’ll point out to you, firstly, the windows, I’ve rolled them up but they’ve actually got guy ropes attached to the bottom of them, so you can peg them out in a semi open state if you like. You might also notice when you open this front door that on the base of this door, let’s just unzip those sides, you’ve got a Velcro strip here. It’s designed to be used with the Coleman gazebos, they’ve got a Velcro strip up under the the canopy, so you can actually attach this awning underneath your Coleman gazebo to create a seamless bit of shelter between your tent and your gazebo. Also a good time to show you this fabric, this is this dark coating on the inside here is the patented Coleman Darkroom coating. Doesn’t let any light through, makes it really dark inside the tent so, we’re hoping there is going to be enough light inside to show you what it’s like but let’s go inside and have a look. So standing inside the tent now, I’m six foot one so I’ve got plenty of standing room, I’m sort of almost at the corner of the tent here so I’ve got plenty of room to get ready. A couple of the key features, if we start at the top we’ve got an awning, sorry not an awning, a lantern clip here, a cord management system that runs down the side here to a little zip in the corner to allow you to get to get power access into your tent. There’s also some attachment points here, which are for this handy little gear loft here so we just hook these in up here. So with that attached there, it’s just a handy little storage spot… head torch, car keys, wallet, most things that you wanna have quick access to in the middle of the night. Working our way down, into the windows it’s got a privacy screen on the inside . You can see we’ve open the window on the outside so we’ve got mesh here on the inner tent, and we’ve also got mesh on the fly on the outer and you’ve got these privacy windows which you can zip up from the inside so you know you can just have them partially open. If you lie down in the bottom of the tent, you can open this. There’s no visibility down here, but you’re getting ventilation in So, down the bottom here we’ve got this curved zipper which is part of the Coleman Circle Ventilation System, there’s one on each side. There isn’t one in the back just on each side of the tent. With it open, you’re allowing ventilation through on a lower level of the tent great for hot nights, it does have a little tie here so you can keep the flap up and out of the way, like so, or on cold nights, you can zip it right up, stop that cold air coming over the top of your body. It’d be good on cold nights, still to leave a bit of ventilation at the top to allow, or reduce the instance of condensation inside the tent. instance of condensation inside the tent. Couple of pockets, one something like this in each corner. It’s a long pocket but it’s divided up into three sections, you’ve got one on this side and one on the other side over here.The only other thing I haven’t mentioned about the interior features is this little doormat, which we showed you right at the start. It’s about the width of the tent, it’s got little peg points. We’ve used a groundsheet here, but you can just lay that down in front of the tent there just something to wipe your feet on before you hop into the tent. So, to set up the awning at the front, we’ve got our two steel upright poles, which have got the spigot on the end here. So, we need both of them. There’s a couple of extra guy ropes that come with the kit and we need a couple of pegs. So, we’ll unroll this, in the ends there’s a couple of little brass eyelets that these spigots go through, so we put this through the spigot, tie the guy rope over the top, and peg them out. I’ll show you how that looks. So, that’s the Coleman Instant Up Gold Series 4PV Darkroom Tent. It’s featuring the Gold Series fabrics, which have been tried and tested for ages, it’s got a heavy duty Polyoxford PVC coated floor, which has got a softer feel, it doesn’t have that crinkly feel of a lot of tarp materials. Extended living space with this extra vestibule out the front here. We reckon they’re the best Instant Up Tents so far. Look, if you’ve got any questions, guys, jump on our website, or give us a call, we’ll do our best to get back to you, but thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time.


  1. Hey Snowys team,
    The audio on the past few videos has only been playing though the left channel not both.
    That's for both the backing track and the Ben's audio.

  2. How cool. Love all the extra storage and ventilation. I have a Coleman tent very similar but a few years older. I do like to sleep in and yeah it can get a bit warm through summer. The darker tent would be awesome. I'm pretty tall and like to be able to stand in my tent and am liking the style of the tent cause I know what I already have would suit me with this one to. It doesn't look too heavy. Is it ok with a bit of rain and wind? Well is it on a par with similar/older tents?

  3. The biggest feature/selling point of this tent over the other Instant Up tents is that it has the Dark Room fabric on the fly. It would have been great if you could have shown us how well this feature actually works. Any chance you can do a video to show us this?

  4. Only issue is there is no front cover for cold and privacy unless you drop the awning back down which defeats the whole purpose. Typical Coleman half thought out product

  5. I just ordered this online from snowys 2 days ago. Wish me luck. 😂 can’t wait to set it up for our camping next week 😁

  6. Hi Snowys, I've just purchased one from your shop and excited for its arrival! Which groundsheet/tarp are you using here and what is the size?

  7. G'day everyone,

    If you want to know how dark it gets inside the tent, click here:


  8. I used a coleman Instant up for 3 years full time as my home …my advice buy heavier guy ropes and pegs because they do move in heavy winds, take an extra set of fibreglass poles because there impossible to find…added protection put a tarp over the whole tent keeps you much drier, warmer or cooler I prefer silver tarps green backs with d rings in the corners as they dont tear, youll need 6 aluminium poles 2 9ft for the front so you drop the awning down and the rest 7ft plus down spring loaded guy ropes on the corners and singles on the rest that stops flapping and lifting of the tarp …about to buy my 2 person dark room and move back in as a home…yah loving these tents

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