Collection Dump Silver Score – Local Coin Shop (LCS) Pickups #2!

Collection Dump Silver Score – Local Coin Shop (LCS) Pickups #2!

did a little junk silver purchase and I
think we scored some nice ones Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and I’m pretty dang excited right now because I stopped at my local
coin shop and this guy’s prices are pretty fair and I happen to call on my
way to pick up my half dollar box let me put this camera around and show you what
I picked up all right guys before we get into these coins let me give you the
little detail so I called one of my local coin shops on the way to get my
half dollars see if he had anything cool I asked what kind of bars he had any
rounds that he had and if he had any junk or constitutional silver because
the last week when I went back to trying to get some more stuff he had been out
for several days I called several times and he whatever he gets in he gets sold
out of pretty quickly and you know what he tells me he says about 10 minutes ago
he just finished purchasing a bag of silver from a lady and her husband they
were a little bit older the husband’s brother had passed away unfortunately
and left a bunch of coins and it was over a hundred and ten dollars in silver
coins and I asked what kind of silver coins it was he says most of it was
Roosevelt and Washington quarters more modern stuff and they were in pretty
good shape but about thirty to forty dollars of it was seated Liberty dimes
Mercury dimes barber dime Standing Liberty quarters barber quarters we had
some barber has he even said so I said I’ll be right there
so I jammed down there and I opened the bag and I pulled out every single half
dollar that was a franklin or alder I even found a commemorative I pulled out
all the quarters that were standing Liberty or older I pulled out all the
dimes that were twenties Mercury’s or older and then I also grabbed this dime
that I knew I needed for my collection and a couple of rounds so bottom line is
thirty-four eighty and constitutional silver he charged me 11 times face I got
a great deal on it I’ll show you why because basically every one of these
half dollars eleven times face is 550 so I paid 550 apiece on these the
quarters I paid about 275 apiece and we got a crapload of standing liberties
right there somehow were pretty bad but again I couldn’t turn him down we paid a
dollar 10 per dime are you kidding me are you kidding me right there and then
I got a couple of rounds that he sold me for $16 he waived the premium because
they had some markings on him but either way either way 415 dollars for the lot
and I’m excited I’ve sorted them by the type of coins they are but I haven’t
separated them by a year yet and looked for any major good dates or mid marks so
we’ll be doing that during this video I know I’ve talked a lot let me go and get
started and I think what we’ll do is we’ll start with the dimes and we’ll
work our way back into history and we’ll pull out the ones we’ve got and then I
plan on updating my Mercury dime album with these Mercury dimes I’m I don’t
know how many of these I’ll actually use because some are pretty toasty but let’s
let’s stop right now I’m so dang excited let’s see what we got all right guys
getting into the dimes the first dime that I picked up was a 1949 I saw that
it was a denver mint and for those of you that know anything about the
roosevelt dimes i’m sure you know that the 1949 is probably as close to a key
date as you’re gonna get it’s not highly valuable 49s are generally probably
three to five dollars it was an acid be worth more and that’s only an extra-fine
shape and this is not extra fine shit but at the end of the day I still felt
like if I was gonna pull any Roosevelt’s out if one catches mine and it’s a 49 or
50 or even a 51 I would buy it so I grabbed it the next stack is going to be
a whole bunch of Mercury dimes and as you know I’m putting together that
collection so I really wanted to take some time and just grab all the record
dimes I can I threw out all the 30s and 40s I knew I didn’t need any 40s but I
only grabbed the ones from the 20s and the teens the first one on was really
excited about more than anything as you know
a 1916 d is a key date for Mercury dimes this is a 1916 and I don’t believe
there’s a mint mark on this one yeah no memoir Calliste not visible so good
pickup it’s just it’s not a 16 d we also picked up this one right here a 1926 so
this is a 26 D now had it been the 26 s only 1.5 million minted but it’s in
pretty toasty shape either way though it is a 1926 D so not a key date but
definitely more valuable than a dollar that I spent on the dime itself so let
me go ahead and grab these Mercury dimes and put them in my collection and see if
we have any updates and I’ll throw you back in so I’m pretty excited guys I was
able to use 13 of those dimes in my book and guess what we had a 1916 s in that
stack I didn’t see that the first time I ran through it I must have missed it but
not that that’s great but still it’s a 16 so I just need that 16 D but we did
find a 16 and a 16 s I found the 17 D in there got most of these on this first
page now that I found a lot of those times I’m only missing a couple from the
teens and a handful from the 20s and then remember I only bought the teens
and 20s so now that I see how many from the 30s I actually need I’m probably
gonna keep an eye out for these as well still Mercury dime books getting close
to being done that was a pretty good buy there for a dollar ten each we had some
nice ones and we had some trash ones as well as you can see by the edges well
add these to the Mercury dime roll and now we’re gonna move on and show you
what I found in the Barbour dimes so I’m really excited about the Barbour dimes
here I’ve just stacked them up but I haven’t stacked them by year yet guys
and it looks like we have some really nice examples look at the back of this
and I won’t even look at the date yet but look at that and you got a member I
paid a dollar ten for these so I’m gonna stack them up in year order that we can
go through them and see what we got so I’m actually really excited about
these as well guys like I said we got a pretty good assortment of dates
now I do know that the barber dime key dates you want anything before 1897 and
our oldest ones that we have is a couple of 1897 s and then if you have any in
the 1900s you’re looking for the S means first and foremost but 1901 to 1903
there’s some semi keys that will check for as well but we have a 1901 there and
we have a 1903 as well so we really want to see if those two have a mint mark at
all so let’s do that first let’s check the back of this 1901 we’re looking for
any mint mark to tell you the truth and no mint mark on this one obviously on
the Barbour dimes the mint mark would be located right generally below the wreath
so that one’s just a regular 1901 barber dime there’s nothing wrong with that
a 1901 there is almost 19 million minted but still we’ll take it and then 1903
same thing this is a another key date we didn’t expect to find key dates and junk
survives but you never know so once again no mint mark on the back of that
one however I’ll tell you that’s a pretty nice 1903 that’s in pretty good
shape you got decent detail again normal we’re
still a 1903 almost nineteen and a half million minted it’s four dollars in g4
it’s five dollars in vg8 and it’s six dollars and f12 this is probably a VGA
to f12 maybe a little bit better because there are some detail on the back of it
might be able to squeeze out an f12 to maybe an f15 but still either way nice
time definitely worth more than a dollar ten I paid for it now that you’ve seen a
few of the highlights of the dimes or at least a few that I thought maybe would
have been possible key dates wishful thinking I think now what we’ll do is
we’ll move on to just showing you one at a time based on these years we’re trying
to find maybe a 1904 s we don’t we only have 104 and it’s got no mint mark on it or maybe it
does let’s take a look it’s just some damaging had it been a 1904 s though I
know it’s in pretty bad shape but only a hundred thousand of these minted it’s
not a key date but it’s a semi key we’re also looking for a 1905 omit mark and
since we’ve got a couple of 5s here I figured we’d take a look at them 1905 s
of course we have an S on the 1905 almost 7 million of those minted pretty
common but you know what that is not in that bad of shape
we zoom out just a little bit that’s actually a pretty nice junk silver bin
pickup for a barber dime 1905 s you know these go up exponentially from $4 in g4
to 6 dollars in VG 8 to 9 dollars and F 12 to 20 dollars and very fine 20 and
maybe I’m being optimistic but to me that’s that’s close to very fine so
that’s a great score in my opinion and then the other 1905 we’re looking for it
oh and there’s no mint mark so oh well we’ll take it and then as far as any
other semi key dates you looking for in 1906 oh we do have to 1906 s so we’re
looking for these to be an O and we have a 1906 D and that’s four million minted
of those but unless it’s in very fine condition it’s really not that valuable
either and honestly this one’s not too bad either it’s a pretty nice 1906
probably not very fine with the rim damage stuff like that but still it’s
got a mem work and then after 1906 really what we’re looking for next is
1913 we’re looking for a s mint mark and I think we have to
19:13 it’s got a little damage on the rim
oh yeah there it’s got a nice big chip right there and United outside of that
though that’s a pretty good-looking dime for nineteen thirteen this is a pretty
nice 1897 as well no mint mark on that one
we’ve got a second 1897 she’s pretty flat pretty worn it does have a mint
mark that’s an 1897 s 1897 s is not a bad point yeah let’s go over to the book
1897 s 1.3 for 2 million minted eighteen dollars in G for condition and you can
see the the midmark you can make out some detail on the date probably G for
if I’m lucky so even if we only cut that value in
half at eighteen dollars at G for called it nine dollars this one here paid for
nine dimes and then we have an 1899 there and really unless it’s an O or an
S it’s worth more than than the four dollars it’s an S so we’ve also got an
1899 s and again 1899 s 1.8 million minted 850 in G for 16 bucks and vg8
and this one’s not as bad a shape 1899 clear date not too bad it back that’s
definitely a G for maybe even a VG 8 so again that’s a couple of really good
pickups the rest of these are pretty common again but we have some good shape
ones wanted to give you an extended look at these Dyson’s we had so many I don’t
have a barber dime album it’s coming in another week and when I get these guys
put it on give you a close-up of what we got in the album let me go and get these
all tubed up and then next move on to the seeded dimes
all right so I’m super excited about the seeded dimes and I was able to pick up
we’ve got a couple of really bad ones down here which I’m not mad at cause you
could see dates on them but we’ll start with this first one this is an 1890
seeded dime and honestly that’s pretty good condition the backs a little bit
less good condition but how often do you find in a junk silver bin seated dimes
with details on the shield clear date even a little bit of detailing on the
clothes and everything not worn flat so I picked it up no matter what it is 1890
there was less than 10 million minted and it’s a 15 dollar coin just in g4
just in g4 and I’m gonna give that a g4 all day
so we’ll take it even some luster to it not a key date of course not even a semi
Akeem we also got an 1887 there’s no mint mark on this one either
but 11.3 million minted $15 in g4 you know it might be a step under g4 but I
don’t care it’s still at least a $10 dime so I think we got our money’s worth
there and then we’ve got two more including them an oldie 1839 and 1877
so the 1877 guys the backs are flat we don’t know what mint they’re from we’ll
never really know what mint they’re from you can barely under certain lights just
make out the one dime on the back of that one and you can’t make out nothing
on that one but you can just see it back there in that light so we don’t know
what mint they’re from 1877 and 1839 the 1877 is still gonna be a variety for
and really the whether it’s a Philadelphia it’s of $15 in G forks
Carson City it’s 34 San Francisco it’s 15 so none of these are in g4 but you
can’t see the date and then the 1839 is intriguing in 1839
they had no drapery from the elbow and I’ll show you what I’m talking about
right here if you look right in here you’ll see
it’s flat from the elbow of Liberty seated and 1840 and above you won’t see
that there you will this will actually when it’s worn away you’ll see that
there’s drapery coming off of the gown of the near the elbow so this is in 1839
no drapery and in 1839 whether it’s if it’s made out of Philadelphia only a
million minted $20.00 diamond g4 and if it’s made out of New Orleans it’s $25
1.3 million minted so we don’t know if it’s made out of Philly or out of New
Orleans because we cannot see a mint mark can’t see it but does it matter
in 1839 worn away seeded dime no drapery in the junk silver I’ll take it all day
so I’m really happy because I only have a handful of seeded dimes and I feel
like we added four more to the collection that two are pretty toasty
but at least you can see the dates at least you can see the dates pretty
exciting stuff let me know what you think about those four seeded dimes
all right guys next up we have some standing liberty quarters here and I’ll
tell you nothing was really that old it would have been nice to find some oldies
in here but these are all 1925 to 1931 we couldn’t get a date off of but
telltale sign you can see below the Eagle back here we have the three stars
and that’s variety – no it’s not a 1916 because only 1917 through 1930 had the
three stars below the Eagle unfortunately no idea the date will
check it under the microscope and the loop in
certain lighting angles and see if we can see something and I don’t see a mint
mark either hard to tell but put that to the side
nothing really diable and these Standing Liberty quarters the only ones that
would be valuable is if you could find a 27 D and s between these years and we do
have 227 s but we got no mint mark on that one the mint mark would be located
right by this star and no mint mark on this one I’ll go ahead and show you one
with the mint mark this 1926 you can see that there’s a mint mark an S right by
that last bottom-left star so nothing that great on the Standing Liberty
quarters they’re all in g4 they’re worth 750 and I paid 275 apiece for these and
we’ve got some pretty good examples of them right here here’s a 1930s and
that’s in pretty good shape still see some feathers detail you could
still see the stars on the shield so not too bad
1930s is worth 750 and g4 and that’s definitely g4 so not too bad whatsoever
nothing amazing nothing really to point out but I love the Standing Liberty
design and I’ve got my album on order we got some toasty ones down here but again
doesn’t matter whether there’s a D of P or an estimate mark on these they’re all
pretty much the same only ones that really matter where the 27 DNS and I
didn’t have any of those in these years of SL Q’s now let’s move on to the
barber quarters so on the barber quarters we really don’t have anything
valuable here as far as key dates you remember on the barber quarters you’re
looking for s mint marks and you’re looking for a handful of years now
obviously there are some diable semi key dates and anytime you have a mint mark
on a barber quarter that is an O or s it’s gonna be worth a little bit of a
premium as well so one of the things that you’ll want to be looking for is
mint marks first and foremost none of these are in great condition but we’re
gonna do the first step and just flip them over and see if we have any mint
marks below the eagle’s tail feathers I can’t tell if there’s a mint mark on
this one looks like it was just damaged yeah ding right there so I don’t see any
on the first couple yeah we’ve got no mint marks on any of the Barbara
quarters and none of the years are keyed eight years but just for fun since we
paid 275 apiece for them we’ll just see if we have anything that’s semi key as
well this was a little interesting it has kind of a gloss to it or a sheen and
it is a philadelphia mint and it is 1900 and 1950 a proof because it did make 912
proofs out of Philadelphia I doubt that it is maybe just has some kind of
coating let me know your guys thoughts on this it just looks different still
I’m happy picking up 6 barber quarters I don’t see a lot of those and I thought
it was a pretty good deal for 275 apiece now we’re gonna move on to the half
dollars so we’ll start with this commemorative only picked it up cuz you
don’t see too many of the Booker T Washington commemoratives out there not
very valuable 1951 I picked it up it’s pretty toasted but I just love the
design on it and I’ll never turn down a commemorative half-dollar especially one
that’s 90% silver and over 60 years old for five dollars and 50 cents I ran
through the Benjamins when I was there and there really is no real key dates
but there are a couple dates to look for and I have them on my silver stacker mat
there’s the dates that you want to try to find cuz they’re worth more there’s a
little bit of a premium on them but look at this a 52 s
and a 54s are two of the dates listed that you want to find and look what we
found here we got a 1952 s and it’s not in that bad of shape so that’s a date
you want to find I needed it for my album and then right below it of 54s so
most of the Ben Franklin’s in very fine 20 condition are worth about 9 bucks and
the difference between 52 s and 54 s is they’re worth about 12 bucks so about a
33% markup from a standard year and the fact that we found two of the dates
defined and they’re not in terrible shape I was pretty excited about that
the rest of them are pretty common coins but I’ll be checking them against my
album and I’ll be filling it up I’ll let you know how many I find and they were
able to put away all right guys for the Ben Franklin’s we were able to add three
to the collection we were able to add the 52 s the 54 s and the 57
Philadelphia so we’re still missing quite a few of the Franklin’s but we
found a few more to add and that’s always good now move on to the walking
liberties so for the walking liberties there is a lot more than this over there
and I didn’t know which years and mints I needed so I did it two ways I picked
up anything from the teens 20s and 30s that I thought I might need no matter
what the condition was as well as any of the better looking walking liberties
that look like they had pretty good detail like for example this 1943 is
beautiful absolutely stunning picked it up for 550 you can’t get mad at that so
that’s just an example of some of the nice ones I picked up that cobby didn’t
need I’m gonna go through my book now and see what we got here just as a
reminder for the walking liberties obviously there’s a few key dates who
want to look for 16 s 21 both Philly and Denver and then of course 38 D I’ll see
if I have any of those I’m not gonna bore you with all the walking liberties
what I’ll do is I’ll look at my book I’ll look for the semi key and the key
dates I’ll pull those aside then anything that
I could put in my book or upgrade show you as well and we’ll see what I
got so first and foremost guys I’m pretty excited I have a 1916 Walking
Liberty here and on the 1916 year the mint mark is not on the reverse it’s on
the obverse under in god we trust’ there isn’t one which is fine because 1916
boom g4 is 50 bucks I got this for 550 now I’m not sure it’s in g4 condition
but it might be it’s not that bad so that’s a really good pickup right
there for sure and we needed it for the book
matter of fact I’m really excited about the walking liberties I picked up we
also got a 1917 I believe that’s just a Philadelphia we got a 1918 s 19 18 s 18
bucks in g4 we got a 1919 I think that’s a Denver yeah 1919 Denver only one point
1 million minted $26 in g4 so we’ll definitely take that we got a couple of
1920s ones a Philadelphia and once a Denver as well and in 1920 the Denver
1.5 million minted no 21s we ended up with a 29 and I believe there’s a mint
mark on it as well yep 29 s and we go to 29 s again better
than what you see on the values we didn’t get a 38d we did get one 38 here
it’s a philadelphia that have been nice to get a 38d but here’s the thing of all
these walking liberties I checked my album only one will not either upgrade
or I don’t need now I needed a lot of Walking Liberty so it’s not surprising
but that’s really cool so let me go and get these in the book and then we’ll
show you the book when it’s completed and man is beautiful alright let me get
into the book and show you what we look like
so are that whole stack of walking liberty is only four
are either not used or obviously these are the replacement ones that are from
my album so pretty good so let’s take a look here on the front page still
missing quite a bit we’re gonna work on that obviously but it’s nice filling a
few holes on the front page second page same thing key dates are missing of
course but we did plug a few more in on the second page on the third page again
still loosing some but definitely plug it away and on the second to last page
we need a couple at the top three at the bottom that 43 is a stunner absolute
stunner for 550 I’ll take it and on the last page again missing a few but man we
plugged in some holes I feel pretty good and now I can take some pictures of the
album the next time I go to the coin shop I’ll know which ones I need so I’m
not playing the guessing game because I didn’t even pick up some of their 30s or
40s that were not in great shape and maybe I should have grabbed them as
fillers now on to the fun ones the barber halves alright guys here’s
the barber half dollars I don’t have my binder yet it’s coming in the next week
as well so when I get it updated I’ll go ahead and show you the collection on
those but we did find a 1915 P a 1912 P a 1911 P we got three 1909 piece and a
1909 s not a lot of extra value in the fact that it’s an S it still had 2.4
million minutes so these are all sixteen dollar coins regardless a 1908
that’s a D and again 3.3 million minted to 1907 one’s a D coins an S 1907 s it
only has one point two five million minted so it’s a little bit more
valuable than the other ones I’ll take it it has a MIT mark in 1906 we actually
got a P an O and a D so no ass for that year but pretty common all of them
nothing nothing major getting older we got a 1904 man it had it been with a MIT
mark on it an O or an S it would have fetched a big trim especially an S with
only five hundred fifty three thousand minted but it’s a P so
Oh 17 bucks or so 1903 we got a Philadelphia Mint pretty toasty we also
got a 1903 s and it’s not in bad shape to tell you the truth that’s a pretty
good shape coin right there 1903 s had one point nine million minted and it’s
$17 in g4 it’s 19 and nvg eight and I think this might even rally up to be an
f12 and if it’s an f12 it’s about sixty bucks
what are you guys’s thoughts I think this gets a fine 12 it’s pretty nice so
jumps up a lot from vg8 to f12 now if it’s a 1903 s and it’s in DF 20 120
dollar coin so kind of wanting to hear your thoughts on this one especially I
think it’s one of the nicer ones of the lot and then finally we got in 1898 just
a Philadelphia Mint and pretty common coin for that year almost 3 million
minted and it’s pretty toasty on the front but either way I’ll take it it’s a
pre 1900s barber half dollar so at the end of the day guys we were able to add
a lot of Barbour dimes a lot of mercury dimes
we added some seeded dimes to the collection we filled up some slots and
the Ben Franklin’s and the walkers especially and got a pretty nice score
for 550 apiece on these Barbour halves again some are pretty toasty some are in
the best shape but it’s hard for me when I see Barbara half-dollars in a junk
silver lot not to pick them up with legible dates and some with mint marks
hope you enjoyed this long version of my LCS pickup I know is a longer video than
normal but a lot of you been asking for me to spend a little more time showing
what I get and I know I rushed through some of the coins and I know I showed a
little bit more of the others hopefully you like this format if you do I
appreciate a thumbs up if you want to see some more LCS pickups let me know in
the comments below as always everyone happy hunting and
thanks for watching


  1. Local Coin Shop Pickup (Collection Dump) and a Junk Silver Hunt!
    Since I have had several requests for me to do a local coin shop (LCS) pickup video, as well as a junk silver purchase and hunt, I decided to go back to my Local Coin Shop and this time I came in at the right time and picked up a TON of early Silver Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars!

    Hopefully you all enjoy this video as I ended up picking up some really cool coins from a BIG BAG of junk silver – which ended up having some really good coins and a few semi-key date coins, including some Barber Half Dollars, Barber Quarters, Standing Liberty Quarters, Barber Dimes and EVEN some Seated Liberty Dimes!

    I may also hit up some pawn shops and thrift stores to see if there are any hidden treasures hanging out in there too!

    As always – Happy Hunting and Thanks for Watching AND keep Stacking that silver my friends!!!

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  2. The state of most coins is very bad, they are not for professional collection. In my country coins of this period in such a state as yours did not even think of collecting. Your hobby is more like metall-hunting.

  3. Amazing haul Rob! You stole the coins at those prices. Haha. Also, I'm confirming as someone else said, your 1877 dime is 1837. You're estimating the grades a tad high on the dimes, but still a great job on this video! Albums are looking good. 🙂 Keep it up! On the 1900 barber quarter, that shiny/yellow toned look generally is from an old cleaning that has tarnished over from being exposed to the air for a long time afterward. It's common on worn barber coins.

  4. And yes, looks like F-12 on that 1903-S barber. That's a great coin. Some light cleaning, hairline marks and a small ding. But still probably worth a solid $40 or so!

  5. Awesome pickups Rob. My last coin shop purchase was the same idea but was mostly Barber Quarters & 1929 & earlier Mercury dimes (along with a few Barber dimes & halves and a couple Walkers & Benji's). I bought all they had but it only came to $11.85 face. Thanks for sharing this with us. Happy hunting, happy stacking.

  6. Hey Rob, fantastic video. You always do a great job. What book identification are you using? Those coin books from Littleton?

  7. Hey Rob, Just wondering what coin books you use for your collections. I like the fact that both sides can be seen in the book. Let me know! Thanks -Brady

  8. My local coin shop is a big ripoff joint. If ever in wpb florida avoid rechant metals at the corner of forest hill and congress. its an awful place run by tony, and sad but he is president of local coin club. I deal with a person out of ft. lauderdale.

  9. I'm jealous bro I wish I had a coin shop in my area I have to buy off ebay or Amazon majority of the time I get ripped off its always a crapshoot

  10. That 43 Half is awesome , I wouldn't be scared to call that AU just by seeing in the video….

    As for as the 03 Barber all the letters in LIBERTY must be visible for F-12…… here's a link to the Barber Coin society……. It's what i go by for Barbers…..

    Plus Tard Mon Ami ~!~!

  11. Love your enthusiasm! But I hope you realize the Redbook, though the printed standard, has always been WAY too high in assigning values. Think of it as the highest price YOU would have to PAY to buy the coin you are looking up. Check eBay sold prices or – these are the best source of actual market value as they show the buying marhjt as it changes. As just one example – your 1890 Seated would probably sell at about 8.00 on eBay (look at sold auctions for this) – taking out the % eBay takes you are looking at ~$7.00. Which means you still did well in buying the lot anyway 🙂

  12. Usa must really like its coins, basically never obsolete? Some coins so bad shape that worn completely flat. During my lifetime (30ish years) there has been at least 3 different sets of money before we took Euros. We always collected the old coins from circulation, maybe few years of transition time
    and after that you could not use them anymore, but could return them in the state bank still. USA still sticks with the useless cents for some strange reason and basically biggest coin common in circulation is a quarter. Well yes there are dollar and half dollar coins but nobody really uses them. You guys with your coins, paychecks, Fahrenheits and imperial units, gotta love America 🙂

  13. I found a 1903 S in a bucket they were selling for melt value only paid a few bucks for it and it was in Ms-62-64 Range.

  14. Must be nice to have a local coin shop that doesn't charge 20% (or $20, whichever is more) above numismatic value. Coins shops in Canada also push a lot of way-overpriced commemerative and bullshit 'collector' issues from our mint. A lot of silver proof commemaratives that are at least 5X the spot price of silver. Now they are even adding crystals to the coins. Sheesh.
    Even junk silver is 25% above spot.

  15. Physical coin shops, I never knew they exist. The only physical ways to buy coins ive seen was a single guy at a festival.

  16. My best pull ever was from a pound bag of old foreign coins that I picked up for ten bucks. One was a British penny that probably has been here since the American Revolution: the only letters you can make out on it are "-GIUS III" which can only be George III, and the date appears to be 1780-something. Amazingly, it's in slightly better shape than the 1839 dime.

  17. I hate when people post frankys for sale on facebook or ebay and they say "key date" i just wana slap them and say no!!! No key dates! There just wanabe key dates. Well ones that u wana find.

  18. 34.80 for all of that???? Man that’s why I hate living in a small town like I do bc I don’t have a coin shop or anything like that ugg I work a second job at a store an that’s how I find a lot of my stuff an that’s why I’ve continued to stay bc I find anywhere from 5 to 15 coins a month ranging from silver to buffalo and ect.. ill never forget this one guy I went to school came in last winter bc here in our local small town thrives on the tourist during the summer so people that work here 70% go without work during the winter unfortunately anyways he was hard up for a pack of cigs and paid me with 5 Morgan silver dollars 😊 that’s been my best so far but I always find silver quarters Washington always lol got over 30 now an even some almost mint condition silver state quarters.. so far one standing liberty.. over 50
    Roosies silver dimes probably got around 15 to 20 mere dimes got 5 Barbara dimes.. got one walking liberty half dollar got a few Ben silver half dollars and got one barber half dollar and got several 90% and 40% Kennedy’s even got one filipino silver half dollar that is 1945 or 44 I believe which is a hard find got one silver half Canadian dollar and Canadian dimes also.. got some German coin that is silver.. that’s just from working a second job lol also I’ve got 20 something war nickels and probably 20 something Buffalo nickels and a few V nickels and also plenty of wheat pennies and war steel pennies and a few Indian heads also.. this all that I found from coin roll hunting while opening the roll of coins for work or sometimes it’s already in the drawer an a lot comes from the customers like silver quarters and half dollars lol which reminds me I got a silver Ike 2 years ago also when a customer was hard up but he already knew it was silver.. he was hungry and wanted something to eat and some cigs.. so I bought him some food an cigs and got him some drinks an ect In Exchange bc I wanted to help him out and I didn’t mind the coin In return lol also some customers know I collect so they bring it to me for free sometimes also once in a blue moon I’ll find someone selling some on Facebook locally and then I got a friend who metal detects an he sales them cheap to me..

  19. Ughhhhh the sound of old silver gets me giddy. Dude i worked at a Giant Foods grocery store and i usually sanitized the Coinstar machine. Not slot of people do. But i always found something interesting in the drop-slots. I had found a standing liberty silver, i damn near fainted.

  20. Lucky 🍀 You!!!! I haven’t even tried to pick up any of the older coins. I would if I could get the kind of deal you got. 👍👍👍👍

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