Colloidal Silver – What They Don’t Tell You and What You Need To Know – Earth Clinic

Colloidal Silver – What They Don’t Tell You and What You Need To Know – Earth Clinic

Hi everyone. Deirdre from Earth Clinic. Welcome to the Colloidal Silver series where you’re going to learn everything you absolutely need to know about this popular supplement. Today’s very important topic is the difference
between Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver. Why is this important? Because Colloidal Silver is easier on human
cells than Ionic Silver. Now for some fast science. Colloidal Silver is a broad spectrum antiviral
and antibacterial. It’s also antifungal and antiparasitic. Now Ionic Silver has much smaller particles
than Colloidal Silver nanoparticles. These smaller nanoparticles can bind to elements
within human cells such as selenium and mercury. Once it binds, it becomes too large and remains
trapped inside the cell. This is what makes it harsher on the body
than Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver also releases ions in the
cells but they are much less than Ionic Silver. Unfortunately, when you go to the store to
buy a bottle of Colloidal Silver, it is virtually impossible to distinguish between Colloidal
Silver and Ionic Silver. This is because most of the manufacturers
label their products Colloidal Silver even though they are mostly Ionic Silver. Most of these products contain a significant
amount of Ionic Silver simply because they have not been reduced — and that’s the key
word — to Colloidal Silver. In this reduced state, much like antioxidants,
it has been proven in studies that silver nanoparticles are much safer for the human cells. I have linked to those studies below. As a general rule, when you are shopping in
the store or looking at photographs online of a product to buy, if it comes in a blue
or brown bottle and is colorless like water, then it’s probably Ionic Silver and best
to be avoided. Now if the product in question is in the yellow
to brown range, as this one is, it is at least partially reduced colloidal silver. Why don’t manufacturers reduce their Ionic Silver so it turns into Colloidal Silver? Because it adds another element of expense
to the manufacturing process. The majority of Colloidal Silver products
on the market are going to be mostly Ionic Silver. This is why the only way you can truly know
what you’re getting is if you learn to make it at home. Watch my next video. Additionally, most generators sold on the
market that claim to be making Colloidal Silver are in fact making Ionic Silver. And now for the million dollar question you’ve
all been waiting to ask. What turns Ionic Silver into Colloidal Silver? You will be amazed and impressed to learn
that it is this ingredient (Karo Syrup) that turns Ionic Silver into Colloidal Silver as
it is used as a reducing agent. Who knew? Make sure to tune into my next video where I
teach you how easy it is to make Colloidal Silver at home using one of the best generators on the market, the Silvertron Elite.


  1. ?Hi, Thank you very much for your information. I wanted to ask if colodial water interferes with intestinal bacteria

  2. I put the baking soda in oven for 30 minutes. Added it in a 120 ppm but baking soda made the entire batch turn black in colour. I'm not sure why I did wrong

  3. Great Work I also Have a SilverTron Elite and a member of CSCG . I do use a 1000ml beaker so I can heat the Ionic silver when I add the reducing agent. I made my own machine I like to produce at 1.50 MA of constant current it gives you a smaller particle size and I use .9999 pure 10ga silver wire it is the pureest form you can buy. I cant believe I found someone else that makes colloidal Silver the way I do Great work. I just knocked out a nasty flu with just 6 tablespoons and my nebulizer.

  4. Collodial silver also feminized cannabis seeds if you spray the silver water on a female flower it will produce pollen then use that pollen on a female flower and it will grow female seeds as easy as that

  5. From my research Silver Sol is the best as its molecular structure is spherical allowing it to roll through the body unlike colloidal silver which can get stuck in the body due to jagged edges. I'm willing to be proven wrong and the research I did was years ago.

  6. Usually (If I recall) you should expect that 10% of your total dissolved solids will actually be colloidal silver and the rest ionic. If you make it at home and your TDS meter says 100PPM then you likely have 10ppm colloids. You can heat reduce or like she said you can use Karo to bind with the total dissolved solids. Personally I believe the best way to make it is with the Spooky2.

  7. To test for colloidal silver, direct a ray of laser light through the liquid. If you see the ray of laser light in the liquid, called the Tyndall effect , then it shows a colloid (medium size particles) If the laser ray cannot be seen in the liquid then it is a solution. It means the particles are very small. The laser pass through without the Tyndall effect. If the particles is big, the liquid is a suspension. The laser beam will just light up the liquid at the point of entry. The laser is block by the larger particle. The laser beam test is to show if a given liquid is a suspension, a colloid or a solution.

  8. Nano is smaller than colloidal and nano or ionic can cross the blood-brain barrier and create problems

  9. i have been making colloidal silver for about 5 years…i use karo to accelerate the process but it can be done without it. timing will be in hours without it. minutes (10 to 20) if done with sodium carbonate and karo

  10. I have learned that although Colloidal Silver kills off infection and harmful bacteria, it also destroys the beneficial gut bacteria. If anyone has input, thanks

  11. Hello can you give me some insight on this product in layman's terms?

  12. I make and use ionic silver everyday 10 to 20 parts per million and it's been hailing me from a very bad mold illness I've had with vertigo tonsil stones and many other problems from it. so ionic silver works .I believe what I have read is there as a lot of misinformation out there ionic silver they came up with colloidal silver to pass the stomach lining without binding and being washed out of the body but you can get ionic silver to work internally. I have I've used it in my nose my eyes mouth on skin take a couple teaspoons a day and it is great. My allergies are omost none. my throat is half the size it was. my tongue has shrunk. I love the stuff I've been looking for the correct information and it's 50/50 so I'm going to say this ionic works and I'm a proven fact. colloidal I had Silver Wings it made with salt didn't do much for me but help allergies .I had Sovereign Silver that I inhaled that's what got me on the ionic cuz I felt much much more healthier after that then started making my own with my generator. Just remember back in the day they didn't make it colloidal they threw a coin and a gallon of milk . they made silver jugs to store water and that was all silver and it all worked that's what I'm going by old school. There could be a reason they made a colloidal when you take it internal to fight some bacteria and it just stuck I believe

  13. Just buy a reasonable quality, CS maker from a reputable outlet & use the correct water etc. I've been using it for 20 yrs, (I also make silver gel) along with my friends whom I make it for. It's remarkable how it works for so many different ailments. I give some to my friends for their kids pimples (3 families with 9 kids in total) And pimples go away very quickly.

  14. On a microscopic level, smaller, more evenly distributed charged silver particles are more effective than globules of large clusters of silver because they are able to penetrate and therefore suffocate pathogens such as e.coli completely and efficiently whereas larger groupings are inferior in this respect. To me, this is more important than avoiding minor side effects ionic silver may have more of because silver should mostly or only be used as a remedy anyway, rather than a supplement, meaning benefits of remedial effects far outweigh the disadvantages of side effects

  15. If you don't make it yourself for an investment of about $30 you are cheating yourself and you can make 100 gallons before you need to replace the .999 silver wire.

  16. My colloidal silver is clear, tastes like a nickle and came in a white jar.. So how do I know this is the silver I need then? 🤔

  17. Interesting; thanks; looks like the "colloidal silver" I've been buying is ionic silver after all ….
    no end to deceptions in the "natural health" arena, it appears … best wishes from Ireland …

  18. I was so sick to my stomach from taking it. Only took it for a couple days before my stomach felt like it was burning up. Went to doc who said that would do it, very hard on stomach. Had to take omeprazole to stop the burn. Thought others may need to know this info.

  19. I just going to make karo mix and add it to my purchase nano ionic silver then.. this is a great info

  20. I have been making my own for over 10 years. I wear contact lens and put about 3 drops in each eye well for overnight soaking. I a easily get 3 months of use out of my monthly contacts. Great stuff!

    Builds immune support & heals when antibiotic or antiviral just doesn't work. 👍

  22. Agree that it should be yellow. But I have no idea how the words are used. Ionic is better in my opinion, but the color is the tale tell sign from what I know.

  23. Almost died from Systemic Candida Fungal Overgrowth that had migrated everywhere in my body, causing severe lung damage +brain fog from fungal excretions. Doctor at the time was in complete denial. COLLOIDAL SILVER, purchased at the Feed&Livestock Store literally saved my life.

  24. have been making and drinking it for 13 yrs only side effect is I'm not sick anymore. nothing can build a resistance to silver because it's killed on contact but doesn't harm good bacteria in the body

  25. I make my own and it is the nano particle type with a generator I bought in Arizona and have had great results so have others that have used the silver I make.

  26. Go to 4 a true colloidal silver 21.-30$ a bottle. Cheaper to buy 4 AT a time…I used this for about 10 yrs…kept my hep C in check. I ran out & of course I neglected to buy more. Today 2 yrs later, I'm stage 4 hcc liver cancer with 2 months to live! OH HOW I WISH I COULD HAVE A DO OVER! I HONESTLY BELIEVE 100% that mesosilver prolonged my life about 10+ yrs! So go to

  27. Does anyone remember your grandmother putting a silver dollar into the unpasteurized milk… even 100+ yrs ago they new the healt benefits. Just saying…

  28. High concentration colloidal silver is on sale at Cheaper than making it yourself.

  29. Diedre! Did I spell that right. Anyway I wanted to tell you how much I love watching your lovely self helping people to help theselves. If I wasn't already married to a wonderful woman I might just stalk you ( in a completely non creepy fashion of course! ) Beautiful and smart…….some people are so lucky!

  30. I have taken CS three times in the last year. No more than a tablespoon mixed in water or tea. Once for food poisoning. Once for an ear infection (not taken orally, but w a drpper in the ear). Just this week for a horrible head cold/throat infection. I took it at night, and by morning I was so much better. The cold lasted 2 days, where it would typically stay around for at least 5. I do not take it daily, just to kill whatever bacteria is sniffing around.

  31. I am having a strange reaction and am wondering if anyone can help me figure out what's going on?

    I have mold sensitivity/allergy (CIRS) and bacteria overgrowths (SIBO, oral thrush, & bloating). I experimented with 2 tspns of colloidal silver (Argentyn 23) for the first time yesterday and I started itching like crazy for hours! I was only super itchy on my upper body and when wearing any t-shirt or sitting near a chair, carpet, etc. Tile was fine. I took 1 activated charcoal and it went away. Thoughts? I'm thinking colloidal silver is working too well and immediately pushing out even the slightest mold in clothes/furniture as I was not reacting before.

    Also, I am noticing it is slightly coming back today when I'm around A/C (prob due to mold). Thanks!

  32. I bought my collodial silver from Purest Colloids company. .. How can I tell if they did it right as opposed to just ionized silver water??

  33. I've sworn by colloidal silver ever since I was a child, I had a huge varucca problem, which doctors failed to sort. Yet colloidal silver sorted it within a week

  34. are you sure this stuff can be sprayed into the eyes ? the eye is so delicate and will it not damage the vision or the skin of the eye ?

  35. So i watch your video about making collodail silver and i have used the same jar with each batch and the side now look like a mirror so now this batch it is flacking off and i have silver flacks in this batch so i am wondering if its okay to use i dont see a problem if anything the flacks will just pass thru the body or maybe gets used in some fashion, is it okay to use?

  36. Actually there is another way that has not became mainstream yet, Im no supporter of big secrets in many areas especially possible ways that could potentially help people, so heres my two cents on it, take it or leave it. And like all things read and learn about it, test things, do trial and error learning, and by all means dont over do anything as to much of something, even a good thing, can be a bad thing if its over done or done to much. And remember nothing is an instant cure all for anything, if you need to see a doctor then see one. Anyway if you want really small molecule size particles much smaller then using electrolysis then use one silver wire in an ungrounded glass bottle of distilled water. Connect an ionizer wire from an ionizer to that silver wire. It puts a charge on the silver wire and the water, with a surplus of electrons causing repulsion of molecules as they dissolve in the water. Its not a super fast dissolving method but works with much smaller particles, you can figure the rest out with trial and error. Yes you can get a small static shock doing this, since an ionizer produces high voltage negative static electricity, look up how they work if you dont know. The shock is not deadly and usually can barely be felt. After this is made let the water set unconnected from the ionizer wire for a bit before using, as otherwise you can feel a slight tingle from it least you drink it to fast afterwards. Because its charged up water and can hold a charge for a while, so let the water discharge first a bit, then thats it. Again remember to much of anything can be a bad thing, and dont expect miracle overnight cures. Silver is just like an antibiotic and to much can damage gut flora, something else to remember. Best wishes.

  37. Took it for 6 months and got absolutely nothing from it. Expensive too. Wishing whomever is taking it a better experience.

  38. I purchased a highly recommended brand of "authentic colloidal silver", which happens to be clear / colorless. Was skeptical at first, but when I applied it to my ears all the backed-up fungal fluid that had been causing deafness and tinnitus immediately (almost instantly) drained out. Most of it drained into my throat, by the way (some much thicker fluid continues to drain every whichaway, as it continues to heal it up). Reduced the swelling and pain, and quickly healed the bloody open sores that were all over the skin inside my ear canals. It's also clearing up the sinus infection also associated with the fungal infection (aspergillus). Hearing has improved quite a lot, too. I really like this product, and something is right with it, for it to be giving me so much relief so fast. But it concerns me to hear that the clear liquid I have isn't the best quality. PS: I only use it topically; I do not take it internally.

  39. Color relates to the ppm (parts per million) of the product from all that I have read. The darker the higher the concentration

  40. I got sovereign silver a lot of people recommended it and it’s clear liquid inside a brown bottle like the one you showed. Does that mean this is ionic silver mostly? Or can it still be colloidal silver?

  41. I tried to do everything natural, but starting believe it's just marketing a product. I've been sick for about two months using colloidal silver everyone I hear online gets better except for me of course. starting to think it's all bulshit. . Same goes with probiotics, all the essential oils everything natural just for some reason doesn't work for me? Coincidence?

  42. Used colloidal silver to treat an in mouth canker sore. I tried rinsing with hydrogen peroxide which helped but the silver was painless to rinse with (HP burned a little). Just one warning using both topical silver and HP. they both can scar so you may only want to use it in non visible places

  43. I had bronchitis since 20 years old. I'm now 42 years of age. Was always subject to Pneumonia and wicked colds pretty much my entire adult life. I went to live in the Philippines for 8 years and my chronic bronchitis eventually spawned a terrible cough that went from productive cough into a dry non productive cough. It was terrible. I felt like Gollam from lord of the rings. It was sooo embarrassing and uncontrollable. Someone told me about colloidal silver and I did my research. After suffering for 3 years with that cough and of course terrible colds and what I believed was walking Pneumonia, I was desperate and decided to take the silver.

    Listen, i'm a HUGE critic of natural remedies. Always have been. Once I took the Colloidal silver all of that changed for me. I kid you not, by the next day my coughing had dwindled down to almost nothing. By the third day I was no longer coughing at all and to this day i'm still cured of the cough and ZERO colds. None. And I got colds EVERY winter. I'm back in the states, and had a layover while reentering the country in Colorado. I was stuck in a snow storm trying to get to a hotel with clothes only fit for tropical weather. I had since been on the silver for about a month and I knew that being stuck in snow waiting for a shuttle bus was risky for my condition. Nothing happened. That was about a month ago now and I feel as strong as ever. I use bionic colloidal silver which is a nano bio technology silver. I will use it from here on out with frequent breaks but it will be a regular part of my supplemental intake.

  44. You said ionic silver is smaller in size then collodial nano particles wouldnt that make ionic silver more effective in fighting parasites, viruses etc in blood cells even if it is more dangerous?

  45. Do we have to use Karo Light Corn Syrup with Real Vanilla? Why we have to use with Vanilla? Can we get without Vanilla and use it and get same result?

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