Colouring My Black Hair to Silver Hair Vlog – Indian Student Monash University

Colouring My Black Hair to Silver Hair Vlog – Indian Student Monash University

hey guys how’s it going welcome back to
my channel I’m Sreerag here right now I’m here at the uni just finished off with
my classes and heading to do my hair colors I finished with the hair color
you’ll be seeing me like from this to so here we go guys so I am back at the
same spot I started okay I’m just gonna meet up with my friends real quick we
just grab a quick lunch oh yeah I just found hey Ishika what’s up
yes and Pat is coming from their Pat! oh look at look at that what’s up buddy
come here what one more person is to join okay my little spicy (restaurant) probably this guy has been here like 10 minutes ago and now he is pretending guys Ishika just join me she canceled her thing for this and she’s gonna help me with the whole process
hey guys Ryan is finally at the hair salon and he’s gonna do something really
crazy you gotta see this yeah that’s right so I’m here at the hair
studio I’m just gonna color my hair to this color so I’m gonna bleach my hair
the first time it’s gonna take three hours and let’s get started hey guys so
you can see my hair now it’s being like All these colores inside your hair. So, we gotta start off with this. Coming down to this and we going down to this Then we adding.. color.. yea Its been 20-25 minutes
it started to turn light brown or golden it’s still quite orange we are almost
yeah not quite there it’s almost there we’ve got to get down to here It’s been one hour now, right? Yea! almost an hour now the colors showing up. let’s go and wash Oh My God! I can see a little bit of reflection there You are looking very Orange Very uneven at the moment Is it ginger? Yes! now you are ginger headed! So, we are going for the second bleach now yeah we’re just finishing up the second
bleach here. we are yet to go on wash but I’m feeling really good I’m not even
feeling itchy or any it’s a sort of discomfort and it doesn’t even smell bad
I don’t know so guys we have to do another one more
round of bleaching it’s still yellow we need to get it lighter than this. It has to be this color! Oh it has to be that color yeah Pretty Exciting!!! we are done guys we just I’m yet to see
it actually let’s go in front of the mirror and see it! Oh My God! I am not reacting I am like 70 years old now This is like I did the FaceApp despite the fact that I am looking 70 at
the age of 27 everything is fine. it guys so I just finished coloring my
hair and back here at the Uni. I went to the city actually, so I’m here at the
Uni. this is the color. I think it’s gonna get better over the course of time
anyway I’m just going back home right now. I hope you guys like this video so
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