Colourpop Halo Eye | Mulberry and Rose Gold Eyeshadow Tutorial | nicqui madden

Colourpop Halo Eye | Mulberry and Rose Gold Eyeshadow Tutorial | nicqui madden

Hey Guys. Welcome back to my channel. Thank you very much for watching. So today I’ve got yet another Colourpop palette. I know! This may be the last one for palettes from Colourpop for a
little while. This is the Whatever Palette. It’s got some stunning colours in
there as usual and they’re really very affordable. So I’ve done this
look today for you. It’s a mulberry, cranberry, rose gold halo eye. So let’s
get started. Alright so I’m starting off with my P.Louise base in Rumour 01 on a P.Louise brush. I’m just going to prime my eyes. I’m going to pop this all
over, right up to the brow, into the inner corner, and right out. And then I’m just going to go in and set that with “Vanilla Bean” from Makeup Geek. It’s a really light vanilla
colour on a Nars 42 large fluffy brush. I’m just going to run over that P.Louise
base. So I’m just going to go into the palette.
I’m going to go into the darkest colour in the palette which is the one on the
bottom here – a real mulberry wine colour and that’s called “Ms Brightside”. It’s
really quite dark. So I’m going to go in with an Urban Decay Contour brush – so it’s really small – nice little bullet head (a rounded head)
on it. And I’m just going to tap into that product there. I want to create a
little bit more of a rounded shape today rather than my elongated winged-out sort of shape that I do out here. So I want to start here and tap that product in and
try and create a real round shape. Now because I have hooded eyes I need to
make sure this goes up higher than my natural crease (which is way down here). I’m going to create another halo eye today; I’ve got a halo fetish going on. So
I need this colour to be high enough so that when I do cut that, I can still see
that colour. I’m going right down into the inner corner. Alright so I’ve got that colour in. It’s
really quite purple (mulberry colour). So I’m going to go into “Maybe Later” which
is a little – oh a fair bit – lighter than that first colour there. And I’m just
going to use a Real Techniques Shading brush – so it’s really quite small. I’m going to go into that colour and I just want to go around the very edges of that,
and place that in; all the way around. So this is a little
bit more of a precise look today. I ordinarily do blow out a lot of my
shadow looks, but I’m trying to create a little bit more of a round, a bit more
precise look today. And then taking my MAC 217 I’m just going to go around
the edge of that colour and just blend out the very edge. Now I don’t want to change the shape too
much at all; I’m just blending. So I’m really just going on the edge of that
colour and just going backwards and forwards – tiny little movements. And then I want to go back into “Maybe
Later” again on that Real Techniques brush. I’m just going to take a tiny
little bit of product and then just blend over the top of that mulberry or purple colour – just right on the edge. And then I just want to blend that edge
out just a little bit more. So I’m going to go in with the really light suede
sort of colour there which is called “Copy Cat”. I’m going to go in on the same
brush – the 217 – and just on the edge of that blend – go in with that. Now I want to make sure before I go in
and cut that halo centre, that the dark colour on both sides is pretty well even.
So I’ve got a good concentration of color in there. Now before I cut my crease, or the halo
today, I’m gonna go in with some Micellar Water and I just want to get off a bulk
amount of that purple that’s on the lid there. So I don’t want to go anywhere
near the outer and inner corners. I want to keep that colour there. So I want to
mainly get it off here because this is where I’m gonna be popping some nice
rose gold shimmer. It’s not gonna show up if I’ve got a really dark colour
underneath. So I’m just going along in a general semi-circle shape and trying to
get rid of most of that colour. And I’m just going to go in with a dry
cotton bud just to dry that Micellar Water off. So you can see underneath that
I’ve got pretty much a clean canvas. Now that gives you just a little bit more of
an idea where to cut the crease as well. So I’m going to go back in with my
P.Louise – same colour. I’m going to use my 242 from MAC. And it’s quite flat
already from washing it; I’ve actually flattened it out after I washed it. So
I’m going to go into the product; flatten it out as much as I can again. Make sure
I’ve got enough product on the brush. And I just want to go in where I’m going to
cut. So ordinarily that would be – if you’ve got really hooded eyes, you need
to look down and make the cut where it’s gonna transfer – which is right there. Push
the brush in and pull it back down. Just get a general shape first up
without being too pedantic about the line that you’re creating. I find
sometimes if I get too carried away with trying to get that line perfect first up,
I can go too high and add too much product on to the lid. Now I want to make sure
that’s generally the same width here. So basically the width of my brush
is roughly the width of my brush where I finish there. Now I can go back in and just tidy it up
just a little bit more. Now I’m not going to go in and do the other eye just yet I
just want to concentrate on this eye so that nothing transfers anywhere else
nothing sort of spreads. So I’m just going to go in again with the – this is the NARS
42 – and I just want to tap off any excess product; making sure you’re staying within
those lines. And then I want to use “TTYN” which is a rose gold colour there on the bottom. And I’m gonna go on to my Makeup For Ever 240 brush with that.
Looks like a beautiful colour in the pan. And I just want to tap that all over the
middle, right up to that line. And then I’m gonna go back in with the
Real Techniques Shader brush; I’m just going to wipe it off a little just on
the towel on my desk and back into “Maybe Later” which was that second colour we put in there. And I’m just going to pop that in that edge – just to blend a little. I’m going in pretty much a straight line
first up to get the colour in. Okay so that colour’s in; I’m just gonna
wipe that off just a little bit as well again on the towel. I’m just going to
diffuse that line. Basically just moving that colour on to the shimmer
colour a little. And then I’m just gonna go between these two colours; the lighter
and the darker colour, just to blend that as well. Alrighty so I have gone ahead
and done some lashes and I put a bit of Marc Jacobs “Blacquer” in the tight line area. And of course I’ve done the rest of my face. So I’m just going in now with a
smudge brush and that dark colour which was called “Ms Brightside”. I’m just
going right along the lash line with that – this is a Smudger brush. Right up
into the inner corner there. And then I’m just gonna grab my E – I think this is a Sigma E47. And I’m gonna go back into that lighter colour “Maybe Later”
and just right along underneath that colour – just blend the edge of it. And then with that lighter colour around
the exterior there, I’m going to go back in with a clean Blending brush from Real
Techniques into “Copy Cat”. And I’m just gonna pop that underneath. And then I want to use another Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eyeliner. This one’s in “Fine Wine”. So
it’s a reddish colour. So going into the lash line there – into the water line. And
then lastly lips. I’m using Colourpop – it’s a rose gold, it’s ultra metallic and
I think the colour is called “Glam”; but it’s a rose gold colour. So no lip liner
today as such; I’m just gonna go straight in. Alrighty so that’s it for today’s video. I
really do like that! That palette is gorgeous! The mulberry and cranberry
colours in there, and that beautiful rose gold – that’s absolute gorgeous. I really love it on my lid – it’s beautiful! Now you can do some more orangey sort of looks with this because there’s a fair range of – like a warm brown there and a
copper. And there’s a real gold glitter in that as well. So an absolutely beautiful palette as well from Colourpop. They’re just churning them out. Fantastic! So if you like my look, don’t forget to give me a “thumb’s up” and
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upload another video. And I’ll see you in the next one. Bye x


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