running over it with your car that’s hilarious you know why is hilarious because I was going to try it I love you guys that welcome back to another Vivian react today I will be reacting to the craziest lady making infomercials these days even though i secretly love her she is cassie mitchell and this infomercial is going to be the red copper pan infomercial and you guys know that i love my copper pan I’m just going to react to the craziness that is the infomercial with tapi Mitchell let’s watch it together okay I’m an apple stock this video so many times they all do this all of the frying pan that’s why i do when i do the vivian tries videos i always do the egg test because they all do this who scrapes their eggs who has a disaster like this with their eggs i mean i’m sure there’s people out there that do the majority of people i don’t think their kitchen is just craziness like this when they’re just frying up some eggs let’s keep watching that shot right there if you look at every influential out there they all have this one shot just burnt on eggs that they are trying to scrape off with a metal utensil that right there is ridiculousness to me do you see she’s using a metal you do not use people do not use metal utensils like come on who does that we put in the comments if you use metal utensil on non-stick pan that’s a no-no well she’s showing you the scrape pants yeah even her pan will be scraped if we use metal you cancel want she always has that blue shirt it seems like you had that blue with that red hair I’m telling you one day we’re going to get Cathy Mitchell Cathy if you’re watching this come on Vivian tries with just some products together because I do love your red copper like I’m teasing you and I’m teasing your infirmary but I do love my red copper pan look at that shit now come on as much as I love my red cover band my eggs were not doing that that is a crock of you know what that they should get in trouble for that shit right there because that is a lie that is not realized that is either a greased pan or those are some fake-ass eggs there’s no way how r AG no come on now and then she puts the bolt in there forever scratch free forever not what the reviews say not what all the people complaining about scratching I don’t use the metal utensils or forks in mine so legs look so silly they do the egg test works they’re not that good come on now it’s lightweight yes but there’s running over it with your car that’s hilarious you know why is hilarious because I was going to try it this is my final test I think for this red copper pan i think i would kill it by running it over with a car lightweight and strong but i might try it see here’s the thing if they didn’t make these infomercials so crazy i think it would even sell more but look at that right there what is this chocolate sauce I mean you can tell there’s some type of oil in there I mean it’s really obvious the pan actually works like I don’t know why in the infirmary feel they have to make it so over the top I haven’t tried the chocolate sauce on mine yet sticky monkey bread you don’t movers red Kabbalism thank you there’s a baking pan with a handle who knew everything right out yeah I have not tried it in the oven yet but that’s a good idea i’ll have to test that i’m sure that’ll work I don’t see why that wouldn’t work no matter that i don’t know i’m not an expert this is my opinion i think that’s a lie the 1i have does not look like true copper it looks like it’s just like a glazed copper color on there copper I don’t even know how to describe it it’s like it’s like a glazed non-stick pan that is copper colored not made of copper don’t get a mistaken it might be infused with copper I am NOT an expert at this I don’t work to them I don’t make them i don’t know but my opinion from what i’ve seen up close and personal there is no copper in that thing i haven’t tried this yet like who would blend their eggs and the ex I mean maybe I guess kind favor lab agent royal one day you go sir I mean I guess right out even Carbonite check without it oh that’s true I i do just wipe mine down like you just saw her Dean don’t egg Gogol’s a suit come on that upside down cake I’m enough to try that I’m hungry those eggs kill it and if you look at the infomercial not only are they using the burnt eggs where they’re scraping it off with a metal utensil but they all have borrowed that those fucking eggs and they’re all using them in those stupid infomercials that is it now a couple of things I would say the product does work I use it I love it I rave about it I think I’ve sold hundreds of these copper pans I think that all people have watched my video a lot of them have purchased this pan I don’t use no utensils on it I decide you want to be a lot of time I’m not telling you to buy the product but my opinion is it’s a great product I just don’t understand what the infomercial has to be so over the top another showing where the eggs have to be flying around like they’re like on air like come on like to need that where it goes wrong if he’s in commercial or just so over-the-top so crazy all right you guys that is it for another Vivian reacts video the red copper pans let me know what you thought down in the comments below give the video a thumbs up if you want me to continue making these reaction videos also in the comments down below if you’ve seen a crazy infomercial that you think I should react to leave me that information not in the comments I will be reading comments as soon as I post this video if you’re new to the channel I put out two to three videos every week for your entertainment subscribe to the channel so that you don’t miss out one of them don’t forget to share the video with your family or friends and i’ll see you guys in the next one bye


  1. another banger video as always vivian!!! a couple of thoughts here… first of all, those eggs in the infomercial sucks face, fake AF eggs, they look like gummy eggs. second, no one should use no metal scrubbing shit on non stick pan, thats the trick for selling, they use some cheap ass non stick pans to destroy them just to show that the product of the infomercial is superior… the red copper pan is a good pan indeed but they're some as seen on tv products that really SUCK!!!!! BTW, im loving this new videos… fuck yeah!!! ohhh, please react to the flippin fantastic infomercial if you find it… good vibes from PR #PRvitchsquad

  2. I have the deeper square pan & I love it! It's my favorite pan ever. I use it more than my cast iron skillet just because the clean up is so easy

  3. I've been guilty of using metal utensils in my pans before, disaster to the pan. I don't anymore and never will again.

  4. as far as the infused copper claim, earlier in the infomercial, they said that the pan is CERAMIC. So Viv is right about these guys being full of it.

  5. The only good thing I got from the infomercial is that is it pfoa free. That means it's safe if it overheats unlike teflon. I may have to try one 😉 I wish the came in bigger sizes. That tiny thing won't cook enough for a family lol.

  6. I have two of these pans. The first one was terrible. It worked great the first couple of times but since then everything sticks to it. After watching your reviews and hearing how much you love yours and how great it works, I bought a second one to see if maybe the first one was a dud. This new one has been awesome.

  7. I just spent Sunday afternoon with Cathy. I was watching all these past inventions. Some great classics! I love Cathys nails! Such a lady.

  8. I have this pan n I did see ceramic somewhere on the instructions, the only thing is the inside is orange not copper colored! I followed the instructions (I have a collection of cast iron frying pans n Non-stick pans n never seasoned any of them, I don't know why I chose to follow these instructions n seasoned mine, I guess because it was a new type pan) it does all it says it does except it does stick so I use a light spray of Pam, works for me. It does clean up just fine. I also use Calphalon utensils only on all my Non-stick pans, metal on the cast iron. Great job Vivian, thank you! 🌺

  9. It really bugs me with the "ceramic" pans, yeah it's made of ceramic and you can hit it with a hammer and it doesn't chip…. that's not ceramic.

  10. I just bought the square red copper pan, with glass lid, steamer rack,and fry basket. I bought it at Rural King for $29.99 when I came home the infomercial was on advertising it for $59.99. So far I love it, but the frying basket is really small. You would have to fill the pan almost to the top to fry anything in the basket.

  11. Too much copper is toxic, and so if it is copper, it can't be used to much. When I worked at a vet, there was a dog that swallowed a penny and died from copper poisoning.

  12. What they don't show is how many times they change the pans after using all the metal in them scratching the hell out of them.

  13. I'm more likely to buy the pans after watching you test them then the imfermecial,I've come a cropper a few times with pan sets because they look amazing on the telly only to find that there shit at least you'll tell us this new little show your doing.

  14. When they drive over it, there's a thick rubber mat that is absorbing the stress. If you search on YouTube, someone does drive over it (sans mat) and destroys it! Maybe you could drive over the copper pan that failed – that would be a hoot!

  15. info crap is 50% crapola and disposable within a few uses 🍳
    keep up the reviews but do read the instructions as you crack me up 😸

  16. Love your videos!!!! Cathy Mitchell is the queen of the infomercial! (Yasss queen!) you should check out the gt xpress 101… I put the link below! Check out @ 6:32-it's a cookie-izza!!!! It is a pretty legit product!!!

  17. Fried eggs that are now cold in a cold skillet maybe ??? They never say they " JUST now cooked them !" OK I got one and seasoned it with oil like is recommended. And it does a great job, I will give it that ! I think the next time I season it I will use an oil soaked paper towel and keep wiping it until it smokes. Just swirling oil around in the hot skillet I don't think really does much.

  18. Infomercials sell these things by getting the attention of it's viewers, No better way at doing this when they can burn and destroy something, Humans are naturally destructive and love to intentionally do things to test somethings limitations, However not knowing most pots and pans are in fact non stick and are just as good or better.

  19. Vivi, "fu**ing plastic eggs? You've probably watched the ashens video I've suggested… Now we've got a "common sense comedian", one seasoned to our own taste… GRACIAS!

  20. I love your reaction and I just think they are not convinced that the product actually works that they cheat to show this extreme. I don't watch infomercials anymore. I think I only buy what Vivian tries.Have a great day see you Thursday. Peace.

  21. Love your videos and thanks for the entertainment. Do yourself a favor and buy either a condenser mic or (better) a lavalier mic; it would be so much easier to hear you. Curious what you are using now. Regardless, keep up the good work!

    PS. I also love anything involving Cathy Mitchell. Maybe it's her crazed expression, her pwnage of Joe Fowler, or that shock of naturally red hair.

  22. Don't know if you guys know. DuPont is has been involved in major lawsuits over the fact that they knowingly hid the fact they knew the Teflon coating seeps into foods and causes serious health issue in people and fetuses.

    You know I loooovvveee your videos Vivian, but maybe you should research what goes into these copper/non-stick pans. Then decide whether you want to review them if you find out they cause serious health issues.

    I know pretty much everything does these days, but Teflon and non-stick pans are major health hazards.

    Don't know if you know about Johnson and Johnson talcum powder lawsuit. They knew it would and was causing ovarian cancer in women…yet they sold it for over 50 years. They've been sued and have paid out like crazy. They're dealing with a crazy amount of lawsuits. These giant corporations suck. Smh.

    Keep up the great work Queen B. 🙂

  23. Vivian, I love all your videos! And I bought a red copper pan because of you! And I'm thinking about the whole gothem set after your video too! Also love the reaction vid, keep em comin!

  24. 😪today, I was making hash browns with onions, and my red copper pan didn't come clean. I had to scrub it with a scouring pad. Had it over six months with easy cleaning.

  25. I used a metal utinsil when I was 15 and my dad was pissed… let's just say as a 32 year old I haven't used one since!

  26. SHIT…SHIT,SAY IT VIVIAN SAY IT WITH ME crock of shit hahaha…love it when your you ,fuck it all up,and have a Cuss fest lmao

  27. I had a really nice Greenlife frying pan,,, Had is the key word. I was blown away how slick it was, no oil and my eggs did what the Red Copper commercial does.. Then,,,, my sister used it,,, burned something it and Destroyed it. Now,,, everything sticks.

  28. I agree about the faking fry eggs.  I have cooked fried egg in one pan, transferred it to cold pan and that how you make it slide or glide over a pan.  so yes, it appeared to be fake.

  29. They’re so over the top!! I actually bought the red copper mug at Walmart (in clearance) before seeing any of the ads and it’s an awesome product and I even bought the 12” skillet but the commercials really cheapen the product to me. The mug one is the worst one, you can see the photoshopped steam on the mug 😂

  30. Hey Vivian😊 just came over from Blindviews👍🏻So I choose this vid to watch, since I just bought this pan,haven’t used it yet😊
    Maybe I’ll use it tomorrow for Taco Tuesdays👍🏻
    Just subscribed 👍🏻

  31. I was wondering if you have ever tested some of the pasta/noodle machines. I was curious about the Popeil pasta machine.

  32. My mum (she's 77) insists that you should NEVER have to use non-metal utensils on "modern" nonstick pans. So she does, and they get destroyed in no time. Please come over and talk to her. 😂

  33. I was going to do the pineapple upside down 🎂 Wednesday but my wife decided she wanted to bake the cake instead.😞 Yep, asked me to do it and then she did it.

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