Confronting Molly for being a GOLD DIGGER!! *exposed* | FaZe Rug

Confronting Molly for being a GOLD DIGGER!! *exposed* | FaZe Rug

station right now to pick up two special guests King Wolfie in this all right i can’t swear yo, what are we doing right now? We’re going to Going to kill rug no wait wait. There’s a light right there Be 100% real with me Are you actually with me for me? Or I don’t want to be with a girl. That’s only with me for my money and my belongings, okay What is going on guys Faze Rug here today bringing you guys a brand new video And I hope you guys are all having a great day as always make sure you smile and be sure you’re happy because life is All about positivity, and if you’re new to my youtube channel my name is faze rug I’m gonna help load videos every single day, so if you’re not subscribed yet What are you doing with your life hit that subscribe button become a rogue rat today the Rugrats one of the greatest fan bases on? YouTube I even have you guys tatted on my thigh look at this that’s dedication right there But anyways today’s vlog is about to be super late so sit back relax and enjoy the vlog I’m actually heading over to the train station right now to pick up two special guests as you guys may know It’s pretty boring out here in San Diego. Not a lot of people live here Not a lot of youtubers, so today’s gonna be something a little bit different I’m about to be sitting in traffic for like an hour, but it’s worth it for these people to come over to my house It’s literally a hundred and ten degrees outside right now keep that in mind It’s October almost November, and it’s a hundred and ten degrees outside What is going on that literally makes me think the world is gonna end soon. It’s okay. It’s all good alright guys I’m gonna go pick up the special guests from the train station. Don’t say who it is yet? Wait you don’t know dad. No here. Let me just say it real quick His friend is coming with him too you guys might be familiar with him as well. I’m about to go pick up the special guests No Jake bail no. I’m just kidding yeah You know who you know who look at the banner above you the phase drug milestones wait. I’m missing two I need a white sharpie I’m missing five million six mil have the dates five mils April 29 2017 and six mil August 12 2017 I think hopefully I got that right that’s crazy that you’re Trying to edit okay any time you and my brother are in a vlog like it’s just such an awkward interaction no anytime you’re right Anything and one of us try to talk to each other? It’s freaking like we don’t know what to focus on yo guys. I just picked up my friends from the train station, holy I’m so excited. What’s up? With your boy King Wolfie in this all right guess where he? Wolfie in the building at the new house, and we got Ryan sways what’s up, boy? You Still could still barely see, bro. That’s from your car. Yeah, it comes from under here. It’s the Range Rover Yo guys welcome to the crib. It’s hella dark, but let’s go inside for Everybody’s won’t be It’s okay he does this for everyone You know it’s a tradition when we have guests over that we have food my mom cooked this all herself Like she literally just went all out deuces It’s some Arabic food right mom Persian food Come on come on kebab chicken and the rice. She cook this all Mom we really enjoyed the food that you bought I mean uh That you cook Yeah, mom thank you We love you guys. We got some chocolates for you dessert. You know knew it was something there’s something up what planned something no me and my mom just Okay now they’re playing this game, huh? Coconut don’t especially yeah coconut coconut and title for today, and I know what brand of the world’s hottest hot sauce did you use the Got afraid of it like I’ll take a bite of it. Just cuz I’m oh my god. Mommy is really gonna do it This is like Paranoid prank gone wrong yeah Like I’m a savage, and I don’t care It’s good hot chocolate I’ll just say you’re gonna be in the bathroom all night Ryan’s reaction to checking my mom’s YouTube channel seeing her subscribers Aussie. I’m coming for you guys Yeah, it’s competition. I got family everyone screenshot Ryan’s face We do a short taste and make a meme when rugs mom has more followers in There what much more followers No worries saying like it’s cool that a mom has more subscribers than amazing Even though Wolfie has more subs than me Yo, what are we doing right now? We’re gonna go troll your brother. Oh, no. I’m never going to oh My god. I literally said I was not going back there, but I feel more safe with Wolfie and Ryan there force them to go See muscular light skins, so let me meet – but like No shadows – oh you sure – Ryan forgive me these shoes to wear there cuz I had my human race they cost like twenty Five hundred so I could you wanted to go the tunnel and you didn’t even bring extra shoes I know I knew if I’m coming here to visit you I’m going to Tony yeah, that’s the signature thing to do guys. This is where Wolfie and Ryan are sleeping They got a TV they got a mini fridge if they want to put like some water. This is my bed I think Bosley left Ryan like a little gift Do I All right guys we just pulled up to my brother’s basketball game usually I’d be playing in these games you guys know me I took a season off. You know bad knees and we’re about to support my brother Hopefully he wins the game. What do you guys think? What kind of jump shot yeah, oh my god, my brother sees this he’s literally not gonna like you guys Gonna step out game like you need to go Watch my brother drop 40 tonight. Why aren’t you in the NBA Brian? I really should right. We’re here to support you drop 40 Doesn’t pop a rug the coach Yeah, Papa rug Motivational words for my dad we got it three to four There we go all right guys the Devin Booker is down by 10 first half is over. What do you guys think of Brandon’s performance? Over here Broke Kevin Hart number five like he’s a smallest on the core, but he’s the best on the court literally Kevin Hart Yeah, bro, it’s so weird like he fanboys you over basketball. It’s just like as I go Brandon whose ball is that? Let me see no no no no no no his his face Roger brah. Hey. Oh my God We’re here at the tunnel guys. I can’t believe I didn’t think Wolfie would ever come dude. You know Ryan I didn’t think we would ever be doing this stop My cousin found it for me, and I wish we didn’t find it in your gun no I don’t have a good yeah, bro you have a gun you showed it flash the light over there Guys I was just here last week man. What are we doing? No, I swear, I was so scared something was gonna happen. No overnight camping. Okay. We will definitely not overnight camp What was that stop we’re not already hearing shit, bro For sure dude Okay listen turn to the right and point the flashlight Yeah, there. It is. No. That’s the tunnel what is that green thing down there look at the time? Yup, that’s where we’re going right now I Wish I Could’ve swore I heard whistling. I promise you. I swear. I am not kidding right now. I’m not trying to like Let’s go down You and Molly one here alone. Yeah, no I swear, we did I thought I wasn’t gonna be scared with Ryan and Wolfie, but I’m so scared right how about we play a game you? know I’m telling you That means someone you’re like that means someone doesn’t want us to be oh that’s actually matt scarier a guy who’s tall? All right That’s two bangs since we touched Our people once you step foot in like they sense that you’re here I don’t know who they is by the way like I just stand up It’s like us all I could think of is the it guy fucking stall that’s going through those whatever The 50th time coming in the tunnel after I said oh, you know how far are you planning on going? Oh? Do it scary I swear, you’re Going to kill drug thank you. Thanks and actually says you’ll please protect me like you’re in the back. You’re in the front I’m in the middle. I don’t know how you guys gonna do this but Why do I always get threatened in here dude? Yo What dude, it’s getting louder stop Okay, let’s go guys. There’s a shopping cart in the middle of the topic wait. What’s this on the ground? To conserve something at me Okay times. I’ve ever walk is to you. I’m quizzing y’all right now wolf and maybe like two and a thousand days I swear there somewhere dude stop I Swear to god you see this number two on the wall. Yeah, it gets to like eight numbers. No net every I’m done. I’m done wait I do hear that yeah. I’m hold on hold on I swear to god. There’s a dead body around the corner Bravo, dude. Give me your camera. I’ll show them what’s around light I Hate guys smash the leg one for what rugs about to do for me whoa Finn he’s stepping through the water Please come back Okay, come back come back come back Bro you’re leaving with the flashlight, okay, let’s cut let’s have a seven-step What is it? I’m oh Yeah Let’s go back. Okay. What the hell? We just made it back out. There’s no way in hell. We could have made it any further Like I’m dripping in sweat. It was so scary legit heard a girl screaming. Oh wait wait. There’s a light right there What is that that’s the most cost-effective ever light shining at us There’s people there Let’s go, that’s the way we came in The cops hello Hello What oh Okay, okay, I can’t see Hey, where did the light go yeah, that’s kind of sketchy, where did the light go be careful be careful actually guys That wasn’t mad scary where did the light come from just get in the car I’m still scared from the wait I’m sweaty. Oh my God look how sweaty. I was yo how is you guys this first experience? That’s My first experience with thermo was my last Like it’s bad. I was sweating the whole time. I have the shivers. I heard ghosts. I heard girls screaming don’t go there Okay guys. I’ve said it multiple times. Do not go in the tunnel if you guys know where it is alright guys good morning How’s everybody doing? I just woke up showered refreshed, and now I am ready to work all day, and I hope that’s you guys’s mindset It’s all about hard work positivity I’m feeling so inspirational Lately and the people that I always want to inspire is of course the Rugrats you guys so hopefully you guys take some inspiration from Me and try to work hard every day and get closer and closer to your goal But basically this vlog was really really fun and to end it off I kind of wanted to do a little prank so you guys all know Molly Eskom and a lot of people Assume that she’s with me for my money a gold-digger basically everyone who sees me in Molly together I think she’s with me for my money, and that’s completely fine That’s understandable cuz look at me and look at her, and I’m just kidding guys I know that she’s not with me for the money like Molly’s a really really nice girl It kind of just looks like it, but you know I have self-confidence like I look good I think I look good, and you guys should have self-confidence as well But like I said everyone thinks she’s a gold digger and today I actually texted her because I wanted to do this in person I texted her in a serious manner saying hey Molly Can you come over like we need to talk and she’s like what what do w go lol yourself I’m two hours away. I can’t make it, but please tell me what do you want to talk about? So I’m basically gonna call her on the phone and kind of confront her about being a gold digger I’m gonna say hey, I’ve seen comments And I’ve been thinking about it like are you really with me for me or my money? And we’re just gonna see how this plays out Molly I’m sorry for pranking you, but the last time you pranked me You said you were pregnant so This is nowhere near that revenge Frank moly like you literally gave me the biggest heart attack This is just a little print you guys know me. I’m a big prankster So this is just something little, but we’re gonna give her a call right now I wish I could do this in person, but if we smashed 200,000 likes. I will do this in person but right now She’s not available to do that in person, so we’re gonna call her on the phone confront her for being a gold digger Let’s see how she react Hey, hey Molly, what’s up? I’m just chillin yeah, I wish you were actually here in person so I could talk to you Um just making a video the usual I kind of just wanted to like clear Something up between us or like something. I’ve just been on my mind lately Um okay, well you might think I’m crazy, but I just think what I I don’t know. I don’t know just it’s okay. Just let me explain real quick Um that you might think I’m crazy, or I don’t know but like lately this has just been on my mind But um you know all the comments like about Oh Molly’s a gold digger Molly’s a gold digger and we just like laugh at them like it’s just like I Don’t know like I just wanted to know like it’d be a hundred percent real with me Like are you actually with me for me or? Or for like my money and belongings like I’m not trying to call you out on that But like I’ve just been thinking about it and like every single person thinks that you’re with me for my money and I always deny it, but like lately I’ve just been like thinking about it I Don’t know I’m actually being dead serious, and you know like Yeah, I’m Not really upset like I just want to know like the truth because you know like I don’t know how else to get it out Of you and I want to talk to you in person today, but you were busy And you know I kind of noticed like some things No no no see that’s the thing I that’s not what I wanted to do Molly no, I know I Know it’s just like okay So like I took my lambo to the shop to get it wrapped and like like our Conversations have been more dead and like like I don’t know I don’t know like I’m just curious Molly like just tell me the truth, please Because like I need to know Yeah, yeah see that’s the thing like and then like I know I shouldn’t let the comments get to me But like the more I read them. I’m just like is it true I Know see like I didn’t want to do this and like It’s just like I think about it so much like every night before I sleep like I just over thinking I’m like Mali with me For me or my money and like Honestly Mali like you could say that, but I just don’t think it’s true. I’m sorry like It’s it’s just my reasonings. I’m sorry like it’s just what I think and like I don’t know I’m just confused right now, but I I just don’t want to be I don’t want to be with a girl I don’t want to be with a girl. That’s only with me for my money, and my belongings. Okay? I Know I’m just like it’s just my thought process Mali. I’m really sorry Molly Honestly Mali, it’s me. It’s not you. It’s just I just feel like the fans are right I’m sorry Molly well Well I’m just gonna tell you I’m just gonna tell you one last thing before we just stop talking again Okay, Molly Molly let me just say the last thing and that’s it No wait is like Ridiculous like I hope you know that I know but let me just tell you that I’m just kidding and I’m recording this phone call And it’s just a prank Molly are you kidding me you think that I even look at the comments that say you’re a gold digger I know for a fact on your person that you are not that type of person. Are you kidding me Molly? Why would you even believe this? Molly don’t worry. I know you’re not like that and the true fans. No you’re not like that I don’t listen to the comment don’t think you’re a gold digger. Are you kidding me? This is nowhere near as bad as the pregnancy print. Okay. Don’t think that you got away with that I’m planning something big for that. This is just something small Guys okay, so I knew at first she wasn’t really gonna believe it. She’s like no like you’re kidding Hahaha blah blah blah and then later on she literally started to get pissed. She’s like okay What have I ever done like I don’t believe this. I’m confused. Oh my god I think I actually got her without one, but guys I’m gonna end the video there I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog Please be sure to drop a like and if you sat there from start to finish. You aren’t a true fan You are a true rug guys smash that like button if you sat down from start to finish and watch the whole entire vlog you Are a real one add me on snapchat the phase drug I post my daily life on there throughout the whole day off-camera if you guys are curious what I do with my life follow me on instagram at R Us page twitter at these drugs I love you guys so much hit that subscribe button to become a rugrat today because the Rugrats are the greatest database on YouTube sorry Logan, I know the low gang is pretty strong too, but the Rugrats are kind of kind of up there But yeah guys. Hope you guys enjoy the video smash that like button other than that it’s been rug and I am out peace NIBBAS


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  9. Jesus ur just a kid wat kinde of girlfred is she ? I dont seen even 1 kiss kid open eyes man even if u have money u need a good brain money cant see or think for you:)

  10. i like how she evades the question instead on answering it XD i do think they are friends but i still think she is using him for fame as well.

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  12. like she might of been with you befor u had the money but when you had the money that's when she became…more like ya know

  13. She a gold digger igz because if she would like you she would presented you to her parent but she always made an excuse because she knew her parents would say that youre ugly not trying to roast you by the way im saying this because i have passed with the same thing by the way im a big fanโค

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