Coniston copper mines project with Eleanor Kingston

Coniston copper mines project with Eleanor Kingston

I’m Eleanor Kingston. I’m an
Archaeologist working for the Lake District National Park Authority. I am
the Project Manager of the Coniston copper project. The copper mines is
scheduled Monument protected by law. It was put on the at-risk site by Historic
England because of climatic pressures and the site deteriorating. Because of
this we needed to find a solution to try and help to conserve the monument. We’ve got about half a million pounds from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Half of that has been used for the practical conservation work on the site. So we have a contractor who’s coming in and working on the walls, the wheel pits,
the buildings and actually conserving those for us. And then the other
half of the money is being used in activities and interpretation. Societies
like the Cumbrian Amenity Trust and Mining History Society were really vocal in
trying to support us and help us to gain the funding. But we’re also working with
the local community. So we’ve been doing surveys that we haven’t really
investigated before and don’t know much about. We’re also doing some social
history research with a number of people in the village, trying to find out details
and information from archives and records that people have. Ultimately what
we’re doing is to conserve the site. And hopefully once we’ve completed the
conservation work this summer Historic England will be able to look and see
what we’ve done and take the site off the at risk register. When the project
finishes in March we’ll certainly hopefully be able to look back and
have sites that have been fully conserved for the future, interpreted for
people to understand, but then also hopefully we’ve got a community who have become inspired and infused about their mining history and and that will
continue by them telling other people about it.

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