Copper Breaks State Park, Texas [Official]

Copper Breaks State Park, Texas [Official]

[music] A few hours north of Abilene
on the banks of the Pease river sits Copper Breaks State Park. Once home to tribes of
Kiowa and Comanche, the park’s 1900 acres are a mix of grass covered mesas
and red rock canyons. The geologic history of the land
dates to the Permean period. About 240 million years ago,
this was the beach and if you look carefully you
can actually see the fossilized ripples
of the sand and the wave action of the
water coming in. So I’m probably standing, oh, about ankle deep in the
water right now. Copper Breaks gets its name
from the rugged broken terrain and the greenish bands of rock
that contain small deposits of copper. It’s just a tremendous
nature park. It seems very harsh but again, there’s a lot of wildlife
biodiversity out here. It was an unusually
wet year for us and so we have a spectacular
bluebonnet bloom We’ve got some purple sage
around us right now, the stuff that turns into
tumbleweeds. And then there’s all the
DWFs… the darn yellow flowers that I
can’t identify for you. Once visitors discover
Copper Breaks there’s a good chance that they, like these Cub Scouts
from nearby Munday, Texas will return to the park
again and again. We camped here about
2 years ago, decided we like it and
came back again this year. It’s real close and it’s
a nice place to go. See that bobber? See how
far I casted it? It has 2 small lakes, the big
pond which is about 13 acres thought to be spring-fed. There’s the 60 acre lake at
Copper Breaks. And there’s bass, cat, crappie
and perch, some good fishing out there. [music] The park’s Visitors Center show-
cases the history of the region. Exhibits honor the
Native Americans that once occupied the area, including Quanah Parker, the last great war chief
of the Comanche Nation. Did I mention the longhorns? We have 11 head of the
Texas State Longhorn Herd. This is Little Bit. He’s the
one that’s spoiled. And we do a program Friday
and Saturday called Meet the Longhorns. There’s 2 of them that will
eat out of your hands There’s 2 of them that will
eat out of your hands Now this isn’t just any cow
slobber. This is authentic Texas State
Longhorn slobber. Cow felt weird! It’s not an accidental
pass-by park. You’ve gotta be coming here. But what’s nice about this park
is it is quiet, which you can enjoy even
if it’s busy, the sense of solitude
and privacy and quiet.


  1. Folks. Copper Breaks State Park is NOT located in the Texas Panhandle. From Wichita Falls taking 287 to Vernon and then 70-west. Is 86-miles road distance and 1:30 driving time. Copper Breaks is only 70-miles due West of Wichita Falls. W.F. nor Quanah is in the Panhandle. From Abilene it is 125-miles and 2:20 driving time.
    Amarillo and all points east, west and north of that city are the lands that make up the Texas Panhandle. Amarillo is 160-miles northwest of Copper Breaks.

  2. Also, Having folk's read and think that Copper Breaks is in the Panhandle. On an "Official" TPWD post/video about the park. Is Misleading to those who don't know the region.

  3. I have a friend who stops there on his travels several times each year. Says the Fishing is Excellent. Lot of large bass in the smaller lake.

    I've heard an observatory for viewing the Sky is there. Some small telescopes you can use? I don't know for certain. But, can say this. That entire area is one of the remotest places left in the State of Texas. I live 120-miles from DFW. Still have light pollution to the south when watching Meteor Showers. Going to CB next time a Meteor Shower comes up.

  4. I just spent a weekend there with my son. We had such a good time. The staff was very professional and courteous. We caught Bass and croppie (crappie East Coast :)..) and had a WONDERFUL view of the stars. I want to Thank the park staff for a great experience. Clean, quiet and relaxing. By the way Kissing the Long Horn was AWESOME!!!…..Thanks

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