Copper Canyon ES Veterans Day Assembly: Honoring All Who Served

Copper Canyon ES Veterans Day Assembly: Honoring All Who Served

(Music) (ANN) Today is a very special day at Copper
Canyon. We have over a hundred kids participating in our after-school choral
programs. And they have prepared an assembly during which we honor our
veterans. Students across the grade levels have invited friends or family to
come and attend, that have served in the military either current or past. (Music) ♫ …at the twilight’s last gleaming. ♫ …and to the republic for which it stands. ♫ …and honor and courage and sacrifice. ♫ ♫ When you hear this song, sing out strong. Sing it for our country. ♫ ♫… for the good of the many. ♫ (TANA) So we are just so grateful that you are here to
allow us the opportunity to honor you today. So, that we can, in a small token,
just say thank you for your service. Thank you for keeping us safe. (BILL) We are humbled by it, I think. Those of us who have served, because we recognize that
while we are a veteran, there are so many veterans out there today who served
our country proudly. (HARRY) It also reminds us of what we owe to the veterans who have paid a greater price than I did. And in some cases the ultimate price. (Music) (ALICE) The importance is to make sure that the people who serve for a country don’t think they’re taken for granted. And so that they know that we really appreciate what they do. (BILL) So Veterans Day is their time for us to honor, not only the veterans who are currently alive, but those who passed away. And also to honor the families of who serve alongside of us. Because they gave so much just as we did to serve our country. (Music)

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