– But I bet they do the same thing. 5.99 or 19.99. – Does this ever happen to you? Pigs in a blanket burn and
stick to a flat cookie sheet. – Oh. Hello you guys and welcome back to another Vivian Tries. Today I have for you a
copper tray, a copper tray. Did we not review that a few weeks ago? We sure did but this time I found
a copper crisper from. – Copper crisper from Copper Chef, the amazing crisping fryer
that works in your oven. – Copper Chef. So, the last copper tray that I reviewed was the Gotham Steel brand and now I have the
Copper Chef copper tray, crisper tray, whatever it is. So, I’m about to open this
and I’ll bet you five dollars they’re the exact same tray. But I have a little
twist for you guys today. While I was shopping for this I actually purchased this at Walmart, and not Amazon this time but while I was at Walmart right underneath the shelf where this one was stacked
guess what I found? This cheap crisper tray. This cost me 5.99. So, we’re going to put
them up against each other. We’re going to put up the
copper crisper by Copper Chef, 19.99 up against this
Wilton Bake It Better oven crisper tray, not copper, it’s black but I bet they do the same thing. 5.99 or 19.99. I’ve had my oven preheating. It is now at 425 degrees. Today we’re going to do French fries again just like we did with the
Gotham Steel crisper tray just so that we can also
compare it back to that guy. Remember, that did not work too well. Alright, you guys ready? You guys ready for the same exact product? Wala, same thing. I’m not even shocked anymore. Like, I’m onto you guys. We’re onto you guys, right? My goodness. The same exact tray. Same itty bitty. I mean seriously. Who are they fooling? Who are they fooling? Not me. I’m onto them. Okay, so here’s the tray. Now, we do know that this
tray works very well. – [Narrator] The air circulates
all around that’s why you never have to flip your food. – I need to this off this guy ’cause you can see this
one’s considerably bigger than this one, look. You see? 5.99, 19.99. You’re paying 19.99 for copper spray paint because it’s not real
copper, we know that already. What do you guys think? Do you guys think that
they’re both going to do the same thing? I bet they do. – Look, here are fires
baked on a cookie sheet. Look at them here in the copper crisper. – Now, the crisper tray claims to turn your oven into a air fryer, which is bull. Somebody said this is such a crock of shit because an air fryer has air moving in the actual machine, my oven does not have air
moving the heat around, so there is no way
possible that this thing is turning my oven into an air fryer, so that right there we’re taking
Vivian heads off for that. This one didn’t claim that. This one just said it’ll
crisp up your food. I have a bag of fries right here, let me go rinse these off
and we’ll get started. Okay, done, done, done, done. And I’m putting them up here on my decks because I don’t want to have
to move my camera to zoom in, so hopefully you guys
can see them right here. I think you can, right? This is perfect. This is gonna work out beautifully. Okay, so I’m gonna try
to put the same amount of French fries in both trays, and I actually think
this might work better. – Other open mesh crisping trays drop crumbs and drip grease. The copper crisper comes
with this handy non-stick Copper Chef cookie sheet. – Look how tiny that is
compared to this one. So, which one has more
space for more fries? Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Yeah. So, I bet this one works better because more heat can get in there. This one like a little
baby family can use that. Okay, so here’s some fries. K, one handful for that guy, one handful for that guy, one handful for that guy, okay, we’re not gonna over fill, we’re gonna have the base, the amount of what we’re gonna put in both of them based on this little baby little tray because I want to put
the same amount in both but this one has limited space, and then they’re gonna go
in the oven 30 minutes. That’s what I did last time. I think, I’m pretty sure it
was 30 minutes in the oven. I’m saying they’re about even now. I don’t wanna put too many in this guy because I just don’t
think it’s gonna work. Anyway, so here’s what we have guys. I know that this one looks like it does not have as much but it does, it’s just a bigger tray. They do have the same amount. Spread them out evenly, okay. We’re gonna put it in the oven and we will be back in 30 minutes. Wala, 32 minutes later,
this is what we have. They don’t look horrible. I think they both need
a little bit more time in the oven but of course, my big tray here looks like it has more
fries that are cooked than this guy does. We’re gonna. The trays are still steaming hot. I don’t know why I just my gloves off. Let’s put the gloves back on and then try to cut one
of these suckers in half to see if they’re raw
or if they’re cooked. Okay, here’s a good one
from the black tray. Nice and cooked, right? Perfect. They could be a little bit crispier if you like them like that. I like them nice and meaty but these are definitely cooked. Now let’s grab one from the copper tray. Okay, there it is, let’s see. Oh. These are crispier. You can’t hear it but
they’re definitely crispy. Hey, not bad, not bad. Let’s take another one
from the copper tray. They are cooked, okay. Not bad, let me get another one from here. Let’s see. They’re cooked but they’re not as crispy. Okay, so there you go. The ones that I have
grabbed from the copper tray are just as cooked as the ones
from the black Wilton tray but the ones in the copper tray are definitely crispier. I don’t know if it’s the
copper tray underneath that is helping the fries get crispier. – [Narrator] The secret is the
elevated non-stick mesh tray allows heated air to pass through and circulate around all
360 degrees of your food. This one obviously doesn’t
have a tray underneath. I’m gonna have to say that the copper pan definitely made crispier fries. So, I’ll shut up now. The copper tray is doing a little extra compared to just the basic tray. So, you wanna cook these
for a little but longer, you might still be able
to make this tray work. If not, maybe you should
get the copper tray. That is it for another Vivian Tries. I hope that you have enjoyed this video. See you guys in the next one, bye.


  1. If you have a convection oven then you DO have air circulation in your oven.
    The cheap pan, you have to supply your own pan underneath it. Either way it takes 30+ minutes to "bake" any "fried" products so neither way is really better or faster.

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