Copper Chef Grill Mat Review | Testing As Seen on TV Products

Copper Chef Grill Mat Review | Testing As Seen on TV Products

– Let’s see what’s gonna happen. Okay. Look, you can see the grill marks! (blender) Hello, you guys, and
welcome back to another Vivian Tries! Welcome back to my channel! Today I have for you, guess what? A copper product! But this one’s different,
it’s probably not what you’re thinking. It’s not a pan, it’s not
a cup, it’s not a tray, it’s not a cookie sheet. Well, it’s kind of similar to
what a cookie sheet can do. It is! It is this thing. Bake and grill copper mat. And this one is by the Copper Chef. And the infomercial is really interesting, because he puts all
kinds of things on here. They don’t fall through the
grill and they cook perfectly with those perfect grill marks. What I’m looking for today
are the perfect grill marks, because we’re inside, right? What’s right in front of
me is my indoor grill. You guys are used to seeing
it back there, but I moved it up here today so that we
can use it with this guy, because it is pouring
down rain outside today. So, I had no choice, I had to improvise, because I had to get a
video out for you guys. So, we’re gonna test
it on my indoor grill. What I really wanna find
out is if we’re gonna get those beautiful grill
marks, just as promised in the infomercials. I’m not only gonna test
this Copper Chef grill mat, I’m gonna put it up against this guy. Both of these going up against each-other, one on each side of my indoor grill. And I even thought, lifehack! Won’t just aluminum
foil do the same thing? The idea is that this
little mat with prevent food from falling through the grill,
it’ll cook it just as well, and you’re gonna get beautiful grill marks like you were cooking
directly on the grill. Won’t aluminum foil do that? I think so. I’m pretty sure. This does say that you can
use it for baking as well in your oven, which is cool. It’s also nonstick, the
aluminum foil is not nonstick, I would have to spray it with something. Still, won’t the aluminum
foil do the same thing? We don’t know. So, what do I have today
to test on this grill, might you ask? I have this beautiful
tray I’ve put together. In the infomercial, he
talks about eggs, hot dogs, he even flipped over a
piece of grilled cheese, and then we have some sweet peppers. So, let’s open– (box rattling) What’s in here? Do I get a special gift? Oh, it’s like a ring. I guess when you’re done with
it and you need to store it? That’s smart. I like it, I like it. Ooh, I love the color. It’s copper colored! Duh, dumb-dumb. Ooh, look how pretty that is. You gotta admit, that
copper color is nice. And you get two of them! So far, I’m loving it. You guys know I love my copper products. This guy just looks just
like a regular black, like, plastic, well, not plastic,
I guess they’re made out of silicone? This one feels like a tarp. That’s what this one feels like. Okay, so we have the copper versus, well, we have all kinds of colors. We also have the aluminum foil, folks. Look at all those colors. So, I have the Copper Chef,
I have just a regular, I don’t know how much I
paid for this black one. Couple bucks? And then I have the aluminum foil. Once I have the grill, I’m
gonna put the black one on the other side, I’m gonna put this guy. One of each of the ingredients will– M*therf*cker is hot,
don’t touch the grill. One on this side, one on this side. Boom. Perfect. Is it hot? Aww, yeah. Whoa, it’s really hot. We’re gonna start with our weenie dogs. We’re gonna see, uh, I
forgot some utensils. F**k. F**k. So, we’re gonna put ’em like this. One. Ooh, I hear it sizzling. Do you guys hear it? (sizzling) Okay. Okay, I just f**king moved that. Come on, grill marks. I just wanna see some
grill marks on this guy. These guys, I was gonna cut them. If I cut them, though, we
can’t see the grill marks. He’s actually grilling some
cheese in the infomercial, and he flips it over. So I thought, I’ma try that. And then he said something
about an egg, I can’t remember. In the infomercial, he had
an egg, I think he did. How’s my hot dogs? Come over for hot dogs, guys. I’m gonna go ahead and
put these on here as well. One on each side. One right here, press it down,
and one right here, okay. I think I’m ready to flip. Let’s do the weenies first. We’re gonna do this black one first. Oh, it’s stuck. Grill marks! You guys see that? Look at that! Let’s do the Copper Chef side. Ready, flip it over. Hey, they look almost identical. Now, time for the sweet peppers. Let’s turn this guy over. Little bitty grill marks! One, two, three, go! What? What’s happening here? Wasn’t impressed. The black grill mat seems
to be working just as well as this red copper one. Mhm, it smells like
grilled hot dogs in here. Smells yum, smells like a barbecue. Okay, this little weenie right
here just moved on its own, it just kind of flipped. Look, it’s still moving? Do you guys see? It’s alive. It’s alive, it’s saying,
get me the hell off this– Look, it’s moving! That’s okay, motherf*ckin’ what? Is that some kind of witchcraft? You guys see that? Looks like the dark
side is pulling it over, saying, come to me, come to the dark side! What is happening with this weenie? Look, it’s still moving! I’m not even touching it! It’s moving on its own, it’s saying, get me off this red Copper Chef sh*t. Put me over to the dark side. ‘Cause you know what they say. I’m just sayin’, I’ve heard that. Ooh, look at those. Okay, I’m gonna flip this guy. Ooh, wait, he’s moving. It’s like when I get
close, they start moving. Oh my God. There you guys go with those d*rty jokes. Why is this m*therf*cker alive? Do you guys see this? Is this some kind of a
magical Copper Chef grill mat? It, like, has some kind of unique powers. Like, it literally will
rotate your food for you. What kind of dark magic is
this sh*t happening in here? What. Dude. What is happening, somebody? This fool is alive. Are you? Now, this, they’re both alive. I’m glad I’m catching this on camera, ’cause you guys were not gonna believe me. And they’re both m*therf*ckin’ alive! This is like a crazy science experiment. What? What is this? You guys are buddies? You stay over here, and you… Did you guys see that? My goodness, okay. Y’all need to stay on
your side of the bed. But I’m gonna say that both
mats did the exact same thing, there’s nothing really
special about this guy yet. This weenie on the Copper Chef side is completely out of control. He’s a rebel, he does not
want to stay in place. This is so nuts. What do you guys think we’re
gonna get out of this cheese? I think it’s gonna be a cheesy mess. But in the infomercial, he literally flips a slice of cheese. There’s one. Bam, there’s number two. I’m an official pit master. Isn’t that what it’s called? Barbecue guys? Aren’t they, like, pit masters? I don’t know how I’m gonna flip an egg, but then, why would you
cook an egg on the grill? That’s kind of weird. So far, the black mat is
doing just as good of a job as the Copper Chef. Why do I think this is gonna
turn into a gigantic disaster with this cheese? Okay, flip it. Do you guys see that the black
mat is cooking things faster? Look, I think this, oh, it’s sticking. Oh, wait, no it’s not. I don’t know how he did
this in this infomercial. It makes me think it was
a fake piece of cheese. Okay, flip it. Ooh, look at that piece of
cheese, can you guys see that? It has grill marks. Who knew you could grill a
slice of cheese like that? Ready, one, two, three, go! This cheese literally
has grill marks on it, and it’s the one that’s coming
from the black grill mat. Now, the Copper Chef is
not getting grill marks as fast as the black side. What is happening? But I am so impressed that I can flip over a slice of cheese. I mean, half of it is right here, but. Who knew? Okay, now I just have
a little bit, I dunno, it looks like scrambled eggs now. Okay, we’re done, we get the idea. I’m still impressed with the black mat. I’m sorry to say it, because you guys know I love my copper stuff. Now, let’s try the egg test. We’re gonna do the black grill mat first. Okay, go. Let’s see what’s gonna happen. Okay. Look, you can see the grill
marks underneath the egg! Oh, fuck! Okay, let me get something
to flip ’em over. So far, the black mat
has totally let me down with this egg test. Ooh, copper chef, wait a second. Lookie lookie! Perfectly cooked egg. This black mat has failed. Gonna still go with the Copper
Chef grill mat as the winner. And while we wait, let’s
see what this little thing is all about, I wanna roll it. Fuck. Okay. This is cool, I like this. Oh, they thought of everything. It’ll just store your
grill mat in the drawer! I love it. It’s like a little napkin holder. Can you guys hear that thunder? Like, it’s literally, like,
pouring down rain outside right now, it’s thundering. Can you hear it? So far, I think the Copper
Chef is gonna take the win. So I’m gonna give this
guy five Vivian heads. I’m gonna say this guy is
totally worth the money and it totally passed the test. It’s nonstick, it does
give me grill marks inside and things won’t fall through the grill. Alright, you guys, that is
it for another Vivian Tries. Thank you for coming back week after week. See you guys in the next one! Bye!


  1. Vivian you are the BEST! You make me laugh and I love watching your tests. You bring truth to the infomercials!! Thank you

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  3. I laughed until I had tears when those hotdogs went crazy. No lie. I friggin cracked up! ๐Ÿ˜‚ As always, you were so funny! Love your videos Vivian!

  4. First, use the mats like they're supposed to be used, on an outdoor bbq grill. They work, I cook hamburgers, veg., hotdogs on them all the time. Only question I ask myself, what's the difference between these things and a frying pan? When you use these items you are basically frying the burger just like you would do in a frying pan, grease and all.

  5. I see a lot of kitchen gadgets on your channel that would be great for people with Celiac disease, this mat would be great as far as cross contamination is concerned.


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    We've got honest evaluation, new lango, comic relief, and now magic tricks! What is next from "The Amazing Vivian!" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™Œ Luv U girl!!!โค

  8. Lmao! Girl, whenever I struggle with my depression and anxiety, all I have to do is watch your videos! Thank you for sharing!

  9. I think you forgot to test the foil. I bet the Black mat is much cheaper then the red copper mat. The black mat was doing great until the egg test.

  10. Vivian Tries I have informed all my Facebook Family and Friends to watch you… You are the funniest Girl… By the way what happened trying the aluminum Foil? By the way I love your F-Bombs.. So true to hear a real live human woman… No fake chit here.. LOL

  11. I can explain why the hot dog was moving sometimes little bubbles of air get trapped inside the meat during the manufacturing process and when exposed to heat those little bubbles will try to escape true the skin which generate a movement and I think that you're not leveled Grill did help the little weenie to roll over in to the dark side ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    Oh I almost forgot I did like your review but what about the aluminium foil ? ๐Ÿ˜•

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  15. The black mat was better because the informational for that black mat didnโ€™t say anything about a egg. It did even else better.

  16. Oh come on the black mat did an awesome job even better than the copper so it failed the egg test but not horribly and what happened with the foil test????

  17. I have this item and I never get grill marks on anything I grill on it IT SUCKS it's the copper one that I have and you can't use metal utensils on it

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