Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker As Seen On TV

Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker As Seen On TV

Hey guys tonight I’ll be reviewing an
ass seen on TV item this is the copper chef egg cooker this is an item that I
picked up a Walmart tonight for $19.99 the box claims that this thing can
hard-boil up to 14 eggs at one time I’m only going
to be trying about six tonight we’ll see if it lives up to what it says it does
I’m kind of excited about this I’ve been eating a lot of low carb lately
hopefully this will save me a lot of time okay so we’re gonna look at the box
here and see what it claims shows on here that it makes perfect boil perfect
hard-boiled eggs it also makes omelets and it says that it makes me coach two
eggs two tonight I’m just gonna be trying to boil some eggs in it because
that’s what I’ll be using this thing okay so let’s unbox this bad boy see
what it really looks like and yeah we don’t care about that crap that’s a good sign
kind of scary sometimes when you buy something cook with you don’t want to
give up you don’t want to get a used item right and this does look like it’s
yes and as I’m bagging I see it comes here
with a little bit of a little bit of measuring cap here it’s kind of a small
one I don’t know this incorporates into the
cookie somehow okay so we look at the items here looks like little trays here
and they are not copper they are plastic ironic huh I guess I guess copper chef
just means copper colored all right then here’s another little tray almost looks
like something you’d see in an easy-bake stop the dome lid kind of reminds me of
the Stephen King TV show that dome it’s at the copper chef’s logo right there and it’s got some tape on here I’m gonna
let that don’t you love it when the plastics all mixed up in the core here okay so I have liberated the thing from
the plastic now and it’s got two egg trays here so they’re not copper either
they are plastic and the base here is plastic as well so nothing here is
copper I’m gonna get washed up here and then we’ll get to cooking okay so now
I’m looking at the instructions and I’m doing six eggs so it’s telling me that
five to seven eggs I’m going to want to put 65 milliliters of water or four
tablespoons of water in this okay so I’ve got the water up to 65
milliliters that says that’s for hard world-level
we’ll pour that into the heating element I’m just following the directions like
it says so now we’ve got one of the egg trays put it on here and it Pierce the
eggs on the bottom here they’ve given us a little pointy thing to Pierce ooh I
almost Pierce me if you gave us a little pointy thing on here to pierce the eggs
with and these are poultry eggs they come from chickens
I had them shipped here special by Federal Express and get it Express says
that we need to pierce the bottom of the egg and then we’ll put the pierced end
face up it’s telling me to plug it in now that’s
plugged in it says I’m supposed to push the power button and it says that once I push the power
button the unit will shut off once the cycle is complete so we’re about a
minute into cooking and I’m noticing that Chef is starting to steam up and I
can hear a slight humming noise coming from our knot humming but like a steamie
sound almost like a rice cooker or something we’re about four minutes into
this now and it’s still cooking the copper chef just kicked off so it took
about 17 minutes to cook the eggs okay so I let some of these eggs sit till
they were cooled down a little bit and I want a crack one another one he’s open
just to see how well they were cooked inside after letting them sit till they
cool okay so this is one of the exiled check out the middle and it is fully
cooked it’s good and solid good solid light yellow color so that it is a
perfect hard-boiled egg it did a very good job
so this copper chef is it lives up to its name is it quick not really but it
cooks a good egg and you don’t have to worry about the time one so you can just
put them in there and let them cook okay all in all after using the as seen on tv
copper chef I have to say that it does a really good job with eggs does it save
time no is it made out of copper no it is copper color so they’re not lying but
yes this thing does cook eggs really good it took about 17 minutes to cook 6
large eggs but it cooked them perfectly so when they turned out I let them sit
and cool and after letting them sit and cool then I rinsed them off the cold
water and broke them open and they were perfectly cooked a good light yellow
color solid all the way through so I definitely will be cooking eggs in this
thing from now on so this happens to be one of those as seen on TV items that
didn’t turn out to be a dead thank you for watching tonight folks please don’t
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  1. lol I was just looking at this trying to figure out if it really works. wow I was impressed lol 17 minuets is not to bad I might have to try this

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