Copper coins color: Coin values pennies, copper penny, us penny, and wheat penny value.

Copper coins color: Coin values pennies, copper penny, us penny, and wheat penny value.

hi everybody Gary from Land of coins .com today I want to talk about the differences between the copper coins the color of rare copper coins meaning the colors red, red brown, and brown. What determines if a coin is red, red brown, or brown. PCGS we’ll take that grading company first, They determine a coin to be red, the most expensive version of copper coins, they determine it to be red if it’s ninety-five percent or more red copper color. Meaning the color of the coin when it was first minted. If it still has ninety-five percent or more of that original color, it’s considered a red coin. Below ninety five percent it’s considered red brown coin and that goes all the way down to five percent. So if a coin has five percent to ninety-five percent of the red color showing, it’s going to be considered red brown. And then brown means less than five percent of the red color showing. so I hope this explains the differences it can be confusing for some people but really it’s the five percent less than five percent red on the coin it’s brown. Between five percent to ninety-five percent red on the coin is red brown and if it has more than ninety five percent red color original red color left on the coin it’s designated as red. Again this is gary from land of coins .com I hope this video was helpful and please go to land of coins com check it out you can buy and sell as many coins as you want rare coins for only fifteen dollars a month with no added transaction fees. it’s just fifteen dollars a month you


  1. I have a rare maroon color or dark pink kinda looks like, it's 1987 Elizabeth 1 cent..these must be the only coin in the world that has the rarest among rarities…I would definitely compete with this coin even against the gold coin

  2. I have a Lincoln coin red and good condition 1944S and 1954S….I wanted to sell it.. but thanks for your video information two thumbs up.. 😎😎😎😎😎.. it's not a fake coin.. I searched at the bank for some value coin box of penny and found this two coin…

  3. Hey I have a 1981 Lincoln and its red colored also two 1964's wich look red and a 1980 and 1961 and 1972 that all look red and possibly another 1971………but then I have a 1964 I guess you could say its green ……. and one last one I have a 1999 dime wich looks like it could be one that was messed up and got smudged but it could have also just been messed up from people

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