Copper Corners Art | Business Member Spotlight

Copper Corners Art | Business Member Spotlight

At Copper Corners Art, I create pieces of artwork that are super unique, super versatile and we also do wallpaper, jewelry, pillows, clothing… All sorts of things that totally revolve around art. The reason that I got into doing artwork was because I was looking for the perfect piece for our house, and I couldn’t find it. And, over the years, after creating so many phenomenal pieces for clients, I now have this gallery which happens to be in the same location with my husband who has a car dealership. Consumers has been awesome, because I mean they’re here today recording videos of our business and doing podcasts with us, and giving us such an awesome experience that you don’t always get from a big box bank. So, we’ve actually loved banking and doing everything with Consumers because we get that small, hometown, we’re your friend feel. One of the most special pieces about creating artwork and why I love it so much is because artwork seems to be the thing that passes through a family. It becomes an heirloom. It’s not like a couch or a coffee table, it’s something that’s really, really special and meaningful to everyone who gets it.

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