1. This game looks like the next step right after a gateway game. Kind of like Coal Baron. Good strategy but easy to pick up and play.

  2. It's funny. My enjoyment of this walk through is just like the game itself. I found it really hard to follow initially but by the end it was engaging. Excellent stuff

  3. Great review as always Rahdo!  😉  I really like unknown elements in Worker Placement games, they give you different challenges and boons that you can't predict, much more interesting than working out a perfect formula of turns which is usually why some worker placements have a short shelf life.   Also really dig the choices on the cards that help mitigate the potential problem with bad draws, and give more choices.

    Totally off subject, but that comment about your teacher really irked me because it's exactly what's wrong with the public school system.  The kids that are properly self motivated by tests and homework and get good grades are put up on pedastals and the teachers invest all of their energy in them and tout them as an example of "their" good work.  Those students are encouraged to go on and become great things.  Meanwhile the students who aren't properly motivated by the one-dimensional school system are ignored and left to dwell where they are and left aimless.  Really THOSE are the kids that need the teacher to reach out to and find out why they aren't engaged.  Not ignored and handed a C that tells them they are just average.  Teachers should be striving to turn those students into A students, or find a method of learning that will excite them.

    Anyway, side rant about a subject that bothers me, sorry.  I'm sure Mrs. Smith was a nice lady that meant well. 😉

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