Copper Country Gameplay Runthrough

Copper Country Gameplay Runthrough

hey everybody today righto runs through Copper Country which is a game on Kickstarter right now all about mining copper I believe in the Michigan area I’m not quite sure if it’s in Michigan but I think I read that someplace basically in the late 1800s and early 1900s during the you know the birth of the copper mining industry in that area and in this game each player is running their own copper company and trying to get as much copper as possible I know how many times I’ve just said copper in the space of one paragraph but well that it’s copper country so let’s jump right into it now I’m going to be doing a two-player run through the day of this prototype I’ve got by the way don’t be a fool I mean this is a really high-quality prototype they sent me some really nice components although it is still just tip card stock but I think it does get a pretty good idea of what the final look of the game is gonna be which is very very nice the art is great the presentation is fantastic and enough about let’s just actually start playing so in this game I’m gonna be a Copper Age consolidated company and every time you get a different car a company car and it means a couple things first of all the specialty of my company is personnel whenever I claim copper whenever I successfully mine copper using personnel it has the potential to earn me extra points at the in the game there’s no guarantee but it has the potential to also this is the symbol for explosives we at the copper range consolidated company are very good with explosives beat which means basically two explosive cards can be used by us as a wildcard anytime we need to so we’re always on the lookout for explosives if we can get it Jen she’s the Tamarack mining company she specializes in explosives constantly so we both have a reason to one explosive cards and she can use equipment as a wildcard so and we also Lisi start with a way with five unskilled workers but we’re gonna train two of them right now and put them out on the board in work in in mining camps I’m first player so I’ll go first so I could place one and now really you know all the spaces same every one of these four mining camps is surrounded by six potential strike so I’ll go ahead and place there now Jen gets the place one she you know we can be she could be pretty aggressive she wanted she could just jump right into the same camp as me and then kind of be trying to ride on my coattails and benefiting for what I’m doing but I think she’s gonna go her own way and be on the other side of the world and now the same is true I could cut land where she is or I could kind of muscle into her area but I think we’ll just in this game looks kind of keep to ourselves a little bit but really obviously with more players everybody gonna put two down you are gonna get situations where people might be overlapping each other and you know grabbing claim being the first to grab a particularly good claim so that’s always something to bear in the back your mind now we’re starting here in the era of exploration which means we have a hand size of four and we can only build company houses we can’t build one of the other things called the shaft house or the the hoist house that will come later in eras two and three and last but not least each of us starts with a hand of three cards one two three put that back all right I have no idea of what we’ve just gotten well look at that in a second so I’ve got a hand of three wow that is a lucky draw two explosives which is exactly what I want let’s see what Jen got she got two Underground’s and a personnel right and she really wanted to have equipment if she could ideally anyway that’s quite cool because basically you know I can play these separately you know which means they’re full power but if I’m in trouble and I need something I could play two of them as a wild card so that’s pretty cool alright now that we’re set up a ready to go and let’s get going now every player’s turn they are going to do two management actions and you know there’s several to choose from you’ll do two of them any two you want you can do the same one twice or two separate ones and then after you do those two actions you will do one labor action and then your turn will be over and we’ll go on to the next player it’s really simple very straightforward and the actions you can do are well the management actions I can do a capital call which means I can get some more of I can draw from the capital deck and get some more cards now these cards yeah they actually describe a lot of so there’s a lot of really interesting information here about the realities of mine equipment about now nitroglycerin oil is used or what tamping rods do or what a baler is or you know an added or a tail or horse swim or a drift you know there’s actually it’s interesting all the flavor text on here is just describing all these different conceits and you could learn quite a bit about mining through this game but struck or functionally the only thing that matters about these cards in my hand is the icon I have two explosives and a transport card and I use those cards I use the icons on those cards to successfully mine by drawing cards from the production deck and trying to match the icons against what I find when I go mining so before you go mining you want to have as big a hand to cards as you can because you never know exactly what it is you’re gonna find if you can have wild cards and stuff like that so a big part of what you do is hand management cuz you’re always trying to get the right cards in your hands so I could with my two actions I could draw two cards I can either draw a blind from the deck or I could draw from the ones that are face up out there it’s very ticket to ride style because this game does feel like kind of like a ticket to ride plus there’s having a lot of time trying to get a good hand of cards that will let you do a big action then you go out and do it the tricky thing is there’s always a bit of push your luck cuz you never know exactly what the action is gonna be until after you draw the cards but in addition to drawing cards I could survey and now what that means is at the beginning of the game we don’t really know anything about all the potential mind sights that are throughout this area they all say you know they’re all secret and what that means is as long as it stays facedown you could only do one shift of work in this mine if you want to be more effective you want to flip these so we find out what’s on the other side but to do that we would have to survey and you know I think that’s what I’m gonna do to begin with my to manufacture so first of all what I do is I’m gonna survey by flipping one tureen token face-up and I guess I’ll go on ahead and survey here let’s see what I get okay I got a nice one about half of these are good and about half of these are kind of in and I got a good one this is a mine where actually that’s kind of interesting explosives can be replaced with anything so if you go in here and you find the need to use explosives to get one of the cards you could use any card in pit in place of explosives so that’s actually really nice to me because I’d rather save my explosives to use as wildcards so that’s pretty cool so now I’ve done one of my to mining actions I could a survey again another place but I think my second action I will go on ahead and draw another card so I don’t want to go mining without at least four cards so what am I gonna do there’s there’s two Underground’s and above ground and another explosive on display right now and the interesting thing is all of the good copper deposits that are in here because these are era one cards to be able to mine those copper veins we need to have either a combination of labor and surface equipment and underground or explosive and transport it’s in ero one it’s always going to be one of these three combinations and now so I’ve got these explosives they combine well with transport so that’s quite nice actually I’ve got this nice little transport and but I could also use this explosive so if I could get another transport that transport could you know work well with this one however transport is not out on the display but you know it is another explosive so I think I’m just gonna go ahead and grab that now in my and my hand is secret by the way I’ve got these two this is a wild card I’ve got these two that is one of the potential pairs I need and so I’ve got drawn one a new one comes out and it’s old it’s that transport I want it okay so now there were other I could have built a building I could have prospect it I could have negotiated or emigrated but I’ve done my two actions my management actions now I’m going to do one labor action and there there’s four to choose from I can work which means I’m actually going to work one of these mines I could stockpile which gives me an opportunity to get even more cards in a given turn if I’m low on cards I could you know spend my entire turn just drawing up four cards into my hand to prepare for a following turn I can relocate which means you know if this whole area is dry and I’ve mined it out I could send this guy over into Jim’s territory and start mining you know working her area I can payroll what will happen is every time you for most of the actions when you have your guys do something you exhaust them I the term is I don’t know exert them you put that you lay them down to indicate they’ve done work that means they can’t work any more until you do payroll which we need to payroll you get to stand everybody back up so they’re ready to work again and you get to add another member to your workforce they go from unskilled labor to skilled labor so obviously I’m gonna start out mining this thing that I surveyed so let’s look a little bit more to do work you exert your miner at a mine site or adjacent that means before I work I can move him one space for free and then have him work there and then I get to do two shifts plus or minus depending on my modifiers so now I don’t have guys on this space but I’m gonna have this guy move one space member I get to move for free then I’m going to exert him and he is going to get to do as it said two shifts takes two shifts worth of work plus or minus modifiers now the modifiers are all listed right here on your player board it’s actually a really cool player board it gives you it’s at a glance gives you a lot of information and it also stores your extra stuff so you know as it says here whenever you go mining you get two shifts because your miner generates two shifts plus potential bonuses or penalties if you have built these other ones the these other buildings of shafts house and the hoist house you could potentially get plus 2 or plus 4 shifts and that means you would draw the unit two plus two you’d get to draw four or even six cards that’s it you know and that’s a lot of mining you’ll chances are you’ll find a lot of good stuff if you’re drawing six cards but early on we haven’t built a of these buildings so I only get to draw two now there’s also potential – if there has been any poor rock found and currently there hasn’t you know it could have been there when I revealed this I would have revealed poor walk Rock and that would have meant I would get one one less shift from the port saying I found a good thing so I’m gonna get to do two shifts and you do a shift by just drawing a card and see what you find while mining and these can be well there’s no bad cards in here at all they’re all either good or great but there are only great if I’ve got the right icon so let’s see what my first one is I found I got barrel copper okay which is smaller pieces of pure copper which are packed into barrel for shipping okay so doesn’t matter what card you get when you do production when you go mining you it’s works the same way you always have to pick one row and activate it and so in this case I have three choices I can do this row which means if I give up explosives and transport plus I generate some poor dirts I will get two points to copper points at the end of the game and that’s probably what I’m gonna do because it’s all about getting that copper and when you know I haven’t have an explosive a transfer remember how I said you know I knew if I was gonna find bare copper or the other type of copper it would be one of these three combos and it was the combo I had but if I didn’t want to do that say I didn’t have those cards what I can do instead is I could stake a claim on this vein that’s what this icon mean so I choose this row if I stake a claim I put it down here and that means I could actually you know dig up this copper later in the game when I’ve got the right icons but as it happens I’ve got them now now the other thing is I could just pass I could say the heck with it I don’t care about this I’m now gonna go on to my second ship because I’m going to do two shifts and I could ignore this card all together now our early in the game you’re not going to do that because early in the game things are going really good things are really simple it’s just a quick cash grab but later on in the game when the situations get much more complex you have much more complex collections of cards you have much more complex targets you’re trying to hit and you’re trying to get those specialties you might decide hey you know what I just don’t care about this two pointer I’m just gonna pass on this because I’m saving my cards to dig deeper and deeper and you get this whole push your luck mechanic but in the early game you don’t see much of that it’s much more straightforward and in fact I’m gonna do exactly this I’m gonna pay I’m gonna use some explosives my tamping rod and I’m gonna use my baler which is a transport so I discard both of these and I have successfully gotten barrel copper which is worth two points so I put this facedown in my copper pot because we won’t actually score until the end of the game so you know unless you’re a crazy memory guy you’re not gonna know exactly how many points everybody has because we all kind of hide our points whoa but there’s one thing I did here I also have to add some poor dirt to the board all right and you won’t you this happens a lot all of these icons are portrait and they count as a timer you always take Porter starting here and going in this particular order and win this last piece of poor dirt or poor rock or whatever it’s called is added to the board that triggers the end of the game so I’m gonna take the first one and because I’m digging here I can put it in this spot this spot or this spot now I’ve got these two guys here so I don’t want to put over here because now there’s four dirt here it affects both of these places and I can’t dig as well and this guy wouldn’t you know currently if I put the poor dirt over here that won’t affect this guy who can now go here or here and not be affected so I think I’ll put the poor dirt over there somebody’s called this is called portrait isn’t it or a poor Rock I forget it’s basically bad you want less of this on the board but there’s no stopping it it will fill up and it makes mining tougher over the course of the game it just kind of represents your you know you know digging up all the stuff and you have to dig harder and better with better technology to be able to dig deeper in all these areas anyway remember I had two shifts and that was my first now before I move on again I could pass I don’t have to keep digging there’s kind of a push your luck thing because I mean in fact actually I know for a fact that if I dig again it is impossible that you know if I found another copper float or you know I think that’s one of them too if I found bare copper or copper float I wouldn’t be able to get it because they will always be one of these two combos and I’ve got two explosives and these are supposed to be a wild card but that’s not that’s not a sorry gonna do it but I might find something that I could claim and use later but on the flip side I might find some kind of emergency or disaster that could hurt me and so it’s kind of dumb I probably should walk away and just not push my luck but I’m crazy what the heck let’s give it a go I’m gonna do my second shift of work and see what I get and I got okay yeah it’s a bad thing beyond simply although actually that’s it there’s no bad cards in this game there are just different opportunities this this beyond civilization which is a bad card still offers me opportunities now again I have to choose one of these four rows and you can see I get still or two points here but to do it I’d have to give up any two cards I want so I could give up my wild card ability here and I have to give up two cards and I have to put another poor dirt on the table that means I’d have to put another one down here and that’s gonna affect my ability to dig in these areas later and one of my workers would go on strike that’s what this strike symbol means because basically this means we’re pushing way beyond civilization and they don’t like working out this far so if I force them to work they’re gonna be disgruntled and they will strike so that’s why I haven’t but I’ll score two points I’ll push them and I’ll still get some points alternatively I could just give up one resource they’re gonna strike but I could finish a claim I could remember I could lay a claim earlier and now I could complete it now that’s not really I’m saying cuz I don’t have any claims so I can complete all so I could just pass I could walk away from this and not no harm comes of me but I’m walking away from two points or and now this is most interesting if I had built a company house that was one of my options as a management option I could have built a company house if I had put this here or here that means my laborers are let are you they they wouldn’t be quite so prone to striking it would have protected me from striking and I’d be able to do this action get the two bucks and nobody would go on strike but unfortunately I did not spend half of my management resources building this thing I took a gamble and instead try to you know do survey and draw more cards so now I have a choice do I want to lose one of my workforce to get two points and I’ll lose my wild card as well which would you know I might have used bet to more effect later maybe to get a specialty so I lose the workforce lose my wild cards or do I walk away and get nothing to heck with it I’m gonna do it anyway I’m gonna give up my wild cards probably quite silly and and now I’ve got to put another poor dirt down which again is only hurting me because now this guy if you want to go here there’s poor dirt now I’m kind of limiting the areas he could go to and as somebody now is going to go on strike and then I’ll score my two points now you might think it has to be this guy the guy who is actually doing the mining but it’s still up to me this game gives you a lot of flexibility of how you want to mitigate disasters and setbacks I could have this guy be the one who goes on strike and that actually since he’s he’s spent I can’t use him again anyway so maybe I just want to get rid of him or I could have it I’m sure I don’t want this guy do it this next round I could have him still mine someplace but here’s the interesting thing I’ve got these unskilled laborers as well these guys may not be expert miners who are digging but they are still supplementing they are still part of my workforce and if I want I could have one of them be the guys who go on strike and that’s what I’m going to do this guy just went on strike and I lost 20 percent of my total workforce sooner or later I’m gonna have to negotiate with these guys to get them to come back to the table so I could get them back to work mmm okay and that was it that was my first term I did two management actions I surveyed a site I did a capital called the drawn to the card and then I went in mind and I did two actions and I got four points but unfortunately I also completely almost wiped out this area and I’m done now it is Jen’s turn so she’s gonna start she gets new management actions let’s see what she’s gonna do okay so she’s got two Underground’s and she’s gonna draw cards he wants underground to match equipment because again that’s gonna be likely now unfortunately there are there’s no equipment on display there at all she does have Labor and labor needs to match her surface and there is a surface so Jen’s first action is she’s gonna draw but she gonna do a cup of call and get this card and let’s see what she reveals she reveals ah another guy all right she would have liked to have seen equipment but you know this is like I said this portion of the game feels very very Ticket to Ride if you’re drawing up you’re trying to get the right hand at the right time so like Jen now could go mining and she does have a pair she’s got an underground in a laborer but there’s no guarantee that’s what she’s gonna find she also doesn’t have any equipment which you would love to use she doesn’t have any explosives because he’d love to be able to get an explosive mine so what are you gonna do now maybe she’ll just take a break she could draw more cards and you try to get a better hand and then go mining next round if she wanted she could also build you know what she’s gonna do that Jen she just saw that disaster I got hit with she doesn’t want to deal with worry about that so she is actually her second action is she’s gonna build a house so that she runs into need any disasters she does not necessarily have to give folks up to a strike she could keep her work force this guy shouldn’t be standing you should be standing up so Jen’s two management actions were she drew a card and then she built now she goes on to her labor actions so she could work and now since she hasn’t surveyed she could work in any of these spots but she doesn’t he since he hasn’t surveyed she doesn’t know what they are and that means no matter how many shifts she could run she could only do one let’s see now alternatively she could do a heck of it I’m not gonna dig it all she could stockpile get two more cards now at the end of the turn she’s gonna have to discard down the floor but but when you stockpile it’s very powerful because you get to draw four and keep two so she could guarantee she has a really strong hand and then start digging next round she could relocate if you know she wanted she could move her workers over to my area she’s not gonna bother with that I see is she gonna work yeah you know what she’s gonna work she’ll work one of these mines if she doesn’t know she’s just gonna kind of work blind and she could have this guy go or this guy go now this guy is interesting in that he’s kind of in the same area you know these two guys kind of share we call it access to these two areas so the first person who surveys and reveals what it is might be tipping their hand so does Jen want to get in there first before I do but unfortunately since she’s not serving she’s not serving on a turn she won’t really benefit from it I think she’ll just come over here and leave this guy available just to see whatever to respond to whatever this guy’s gonna do so and Jen just knocked on the door and she’d like me to let her in apparently so you guys are gonna get to see how our door works sorry folks she has a key I don’t know why she can’t be bothered to use it but there we go as you can see – looks quite happy that she’s coming home as his dog everybody’s very excited all right and now we will get back to filming okeydoke by the way for Kickstarter backers Jen just came back from the post office where she sent off I believe 48 of her 49 lucky dips something like that is that right yep all right so you should be seeing those in the mail shortly Kickstarter backers anyways sorry wow what a segue let’s continue I totally forgot what was going on Oh Jen built a house she’s gonna dig here and also this guy is exerted and now normally this guy would get to do two digs but because we didn’t reveal this Julie gets to dig one let’s see what she finds and again if she finds a disaster she is prepared because she decided to take the safe at route and get a house and she didn’t find a disaster she found mass copper which requires equipment underground pour dirt and will score two points and unfortunately Jen can’t do it she has no wild card she has the underground but she doesn’t have the equipment so Jen has a choice she can’t do this role so she could do this row and stake a claim she’ll do exactly that and that means on a future turn she when she has these icons she’ll be able to claim this and get her two bucks two points yeah okay so that was it that was Jen’s turn so and at the end of her turn she still got four cards her hand sizes four so she doesn’t have to discard down and now back to me back to my turn and I’ve got nothing I’ve scored four points Jen doesn’t have anything but now I’m probably going to spend a whole turn just kind of rebuilding my capital so that I can go digging again plus I am I’ve actually also lost a guy I’m I I’m down 20% of my workforce so what am I gonna do I got two management actions I could I could draw more cards I could serve a although it’s not coming to go mining let’s draw some cards let’s start with that now remember I want to get explosives if I can because they’re good wild cards for me none of them are on display but no no and in fact of the cards are on display none of them match the little pairs that we’re really trying to shoot for so I think the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna draw a blind and see what I get and I got explosives ah very nice now explosives as we saw before work well the transport so I think I’ll do a capital fall again I’ll get this kibble along to go with my black powder and now I’ve got a nice pair and a new thing comes out and that was two management actions I’m done now I can go on to labor I can do one of these actions so I could work and you know I’ve got two things although here’s the problem um you know say I wanted to work this area I got my guy still standing he could jump over here and he could work this area and you know nice thing is working here as well if you run into the cards that require explosives you can use anything as an explosive although the problem is there’s too poor dirt here now if you look for dirt subtracts three shifts so to be able to dig this site the two shifts I get from this guy won’t be enough we’re not gonna be able to dig here anymore until we start building shaft houses which won’t happen until the second era so I gotta ask myself do I and now and because I drew two cards I can’t survey so do I want to come over here and dig blind I don’t think so I think for my second action I am gonna stockpile which means I’m gonna have to exert this guy so he’s done you know I’m not gonna he’s not gonna be able to go out and do work if he’s in a camp I exert him and that lets me stockpile and draw for more cards I draw from but only from the Capitals I can’t draw face-up I have to draw blind but I draw to keep one and then repeat it so let’s draw two cards I see okay and I got a personnel and an underground and in fact actually these work really well with each other I want to keep both of them but I can only keep one I’m gonna see there’s a personal Island display so I mean I cuz I know I’ll be able to get that personnel Jen doesn’t take it so I’ll get rid of this one and I’ll keep the horsewhip and now I get to draw two again one two and oh look at that I got all right I got my personnel song keep that and that was it that’s my whole turn and this card and now it’s Jens turn she hasn’t done anything yet other than get a bunch of cards but I think this turn she’s nothing gonna mine now so for starters her first labor action I believe she will do a survey and I see this guy is spent he can’t do anything but Jen from this guy could survey any of these spaces and since my guys are knocked she want to survey one next two meters he want to still be off on our own Wow that she will be off on her own she’ll survey this one and she found ah very good okay not the poor dirt that’s what she didn’t to find this is a place where if when she’s digging she finds that she needs transport she can use anything as a wild-card so that was the first of her two management actions now for her second one now she could build another house she has four cards does she want to get some more cards still oh yes she does because there’s equipment out now she is her second action she’s gonna do a call and she’s got equipment now unfortunately she only has one equipment so she cannot use it as a wild card which is a special power but equipment plus Underground is a good pair so now Jen has a working she has two working pairs she’s got you know a personnel Plus surface and she’s got equipments plus underground so she is very well prepared to go digging and so she’s done or to action she’s surveyed she did a capital call another equipment comes out and now for her action she’s gonna dig she’s gonna come over here now this guy will benefit from the company house and Jen gets to do two digs let’s see what she finds first of all boom bedrock now this is this is about the worst card you can come across at the beginning of the game because it only scores one point you can give up anything and do some some Oh some what do you call it whatever I can’t think of the word you the poor dirt to score one point or Jenkins can get a claim that she states she can complete a claim that she earlier stakes or she can give up any one card and redraw this you know and so she’d still have another shift after this or she could say to heck with it and go on to her second shift now that’s really interesting Jen’s got these two pairs and she has this odd card out it doesn’t assert you so she could get rid of that extra card to redraw and find something else or she has what she needs to get this to you know to finish this mask copper claim I think that’s what she’s gonna do of all these rows she’s gonna choose the one that has no downside because she’s not having to create poor dirt she’s gonna complete a claim that mean she had to give up these two cards to complete this claim and now she will she scores two points unfortunately yes she does have to put Porter bound and with like she will put it out here kind of farther away from her guys okay so that was her first dig she still got three cards the bedrock is gone now let’s see what her second shift brings barrel copper okay and wouldn’t you know Jen does not have the icon she needs to do this she needs explosive and she doesn’t have you either the icon she this was the 3rd combination she didn’t have that but shove on ahead and lay claim to that and she’ll be able to grab it later okay as that was her second choice and at the end of all that she’s still got three cards in her hands and um yo she’s starting to catch up she’s got one I’ve came to but I’ve lost some guys and I think I’m gonna stop right there because that kind of about a half an hour that shows you all the basics although the game has barely begun now what’s gonna happen is the next time we lay down pour dirt we’ll use this one and that means hey you know this this represents progress that means our first local business is going to get set up and this will have a game-changing effect it might give us special powers it might change the rules of the games you can see there’s quite a few and you never know what’s going to come out that’s gonna come out soon and then after we do a few more Porter ox we will end ero 1 and get into era 2 where we start drawing from a different deck and things get a bit more complex they get a you know there’s a lot more stuff going on now if you’d like to see that you can hit the button on screen or fall there’s links in the show notes just to my extended playthrough or you can go to final thoughts you’re chill although if I go through the exam playthrough I think I will definitely play at least to get to era two so you can start to see what that’s like after a or two then we have the first event the event of the 19th century happens and it could be one of several things it could be a good thing or bad thing it could be the Industrial Revolution it could be you know the the onset of World War one it could be all these and then later on another business will open up will start there’re three another event will happen this could be World War two that could change things you never know and then finally we’ll get to the end now I’m not gonna play here at all but like I said if you fought you extended I’ll definitely get to era two and or you can go to final thoughts your choice at five five four three two one


  1. This game looks like it's right up my alley – and what a beautiful board too. Definitely a grab for me πŸ™‚ Thanks Rahdo.

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