Copper Creek 2 Bedroom Cabin (Copper Creek Cabins)

Copper Creek 2 Bedroom Cabin (Copper Creek Cabins)

Welcome to this episode of Beth’s Best! Your home for room tours, reviews, and guides. We are at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge about
to check out the new Copper Creek Villas & Cabins. The new DVC units here, and we’re going to
see two bedroom Cascade Cabin. One of those cabins everyone has been taking
about! So, let’s go. We are in a cascade cabin here at Copper Creek
Villas and Cabins and this place is gorgeous. We have just finished our tour of the new
cascade cabins here at Copper Creek Villas. We hopped over to Geyser Point to have a drink
and catch you guys up on what I thought of the new cabins. Absolutely loved it. I mean, how could you not? Its a two bedroom cabin. Really nice use of space. What I really liked about them is the outside
space. The private feeling that you get here at Wilderness
Lodge in general. Its really intimate and you feel transported. But you’re really close to Magic Kingdom so
you’re away while still being close by. Definitely something that you should check
out. If you’ve stayed at Wilderness Lodge before,
you’re going to love Copper Creek. If you haven’t stayed here, you should because
its that good. Well that’s it for our room tour, if you thought
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