Copper Creek 2 Bedroom Villa (Copper Creek One Bedroom + Copper Creek Studio)

Copper Creek 2 Bedroom Villa (Copper Creek One Bedroom + Copper Creek Studio)

Hi everybody and welcome to this episode of
Beth’s Best. your home for room tours, reviews, and guides. we are at Disney’s Wilderness
Lodge. we are about to check out the new Copper Creek Villas & Cabins, the new DVC component. We are going to tour a two bedroom lock-off
villa which is a 1 bedroom and a deluxe studio that lock-off together to make a two bedroom. You can also book either the 1 bedroom or
studio separately. Let’s check it out. We are in the deluxe studio right now. The door is behind me. The kitchen is right here. I am loving the sliding drawers, like what
they have at BLT in the 1 bedrooms and studios. There’s a large barn door separating the bathroom
area. Really nice counter top and drawers for storage. Not the largest studio on property but these
rooms are really nice. Really light, clean, nicely decorated. The couch pulls out into a queen/full sized
bed. Each studio has its own balcony. We are now in the beautiful 1 bedroom villa
at Copper Creek Villas, and I have to say I am really impressed with their use of space. If you’re familiar with Disney’s Wilderness
Lodge, you know that these rooms were converted from regular cash rooms. The rooms are a little bit smaller but it
doesn’t feel small and they’ve really maximized the storage space. There are drawers everywhere, I don’t think
any other DVC units have this much storage. It doesn’t feel cramped, they did a beautiful
job. So we’ve just finished our tour of the 1 bedroom
and studio, two bedroom lock-off. Both room categories can also be booked separately
as well. I love the storage in those rooms, they are
not huge in terms of square footage but the color palette and the sleek/modern built-in
furniture makes it feel a lot more spacious. A family would definitely be comfortable in
those rooms, absolutely loved them. If you haven’t stayed at Wilderness Lodge
before, you should. If you have, you will definitely love Copper
Creek because its a really nice addition to what’s already here with Boulder Ridge. Of course, Wilderness Lodge has fantastic
pool and there is a separate DVC pool as well. There’s Geyser Point, which is where we are
right now having a beverage. And you’re only a stones throw away from Magic
Kingdom so it’s definitely something to check out. Well that’s it for our tour of Copper Creek,
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