1. parris I'm not sure if you knew but your water slowly disappeared almost half in the time ur video.. illuminati confirmed.. haha hope that gave ya a chuckle

  2. If I remember my Home Ec cooking tips correctly, when you put a lid on a pan that you're trying to fry something in the way you did, it will become/get soggy, cause you wind up "steaming" the food. Hope this helps.

  3. Wow Parris, I"m really digging this video! And you've lost weight huh? Looks good buddy! I really liked this video, man you went the mile to test these all equally, well ok, maybe just the ones in the oven, lol. I think I'm definitely going to do enter the giveaway but meanwhile I'll check out the link for buying that crisper as well. Thanks man, cool video! Loved watching your faces that you made from injesting what was on the fried items plate, lmao!

  4. could actually hear the crunching of all the foods on the copper crisper side Thank you for this review Parris

  5. I was thinking the fryed foods would come out soggy cuz you 'steamed' the food with the lid on… Maybe too much oil too, as you stated. I have found that with the non-stick foil, that food does not crisp up as much. I specially find that with tater tots and fries. Fixed hubby onion rings with tater tots today, I had some of the onion rings laying on the side of the baking pan and other half in. I use the toaster oven so not a lot of space. The part that was out of the pan crisped up before what was touching the non-stick foil. Also noted is the foil is kinda… greasy?? when take food out. But hey, it works great to keep the food from sticking lolThe air crisper is open all around therefore gets air all around the food, and not sitting in it's own oil that's baking out of the food… Just a guess as to why it was crisper. I've done my own experimenting between baking and frying, and best was off baking, and trying out diff appliances. I prefer the healthier baking also. Great review. I've seen several reviews on this product and this was the best :0)

  6. Excellent review Parris. You obviously put a lot of work into it and it shows. Great to see something perform as advertised for a change. 🙂

  7. I am really intrigued by it. I would mainly use it for French fries and chicken wings (my husband loves them really crispy) if I don't win I'll definitely buy! thanks for the review 😊

  8. OMG. I'm teared up from LOL. I so enjoyed this video. I'm going to try this item out because we don't fry anything in our house. 👍👍👍🤣

  9. I didn't even know I wanted one before now! I love fry/baking our food, this looks like a great product! I'll definitely be buying one April 8th if I don't win one on April 7th, plus I'm super excited for my new YouTube subscription! Looking forward to binge watching some review videos! Here's some more exclamation points for good measure!!!!!!!

  10. Thank for the review. Still a bit worried it will be harder to clean than a pan with non-stick foil. I wonder if it would be useful to reheat pizza… trying to find an easy way to keep the crust from getting soggy. Pan frying then baking seems to work, but that is a lot of work.

  11. Now I want one, I never cook with oil , that would be great my family loves french fries!

  12. Hello Paris, this is a garden hose suggestion my friends have heard of a hose called felxzilla it says it can't get tangles or kink can you please review it.

  13. We have couple Nuwave ovens however they are small. Something like this would be great to use for multiple items. Im really interested in this.

  14. try the copper chef pan they have the xl copper chef pan as seen on tv informercial it in bigger then the original pan paris i don;t know if it is in stores yet the copper chef pan xl

  15. I love my veggies! I will eat any vegetable and I normally dont like them fried. When I have salad I also normally never use dressing so I dont know if I would use this for my vegetables but it might be good for french fries and things like that.

  16. Could you please answer a question for me? Do you put this on the second or the top rung of the oven to cook in this? Thanks. Making chicken wings and yes flipping the wings over for even crisping.

  17. You did a fantastic job on this video you actually read the instructions thank you two thumbs up and I will subscribe to your Channel once again Bravo!

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