Copper Crisper Tray Gotham Steel Nonstick Pan | Testing As Seen On Tv Products

Copper Crisper Tray Gotham Steel Nonstick Pan | Testing As Seen On Tv Products

– Look, they’re not
crispy, they’re just blah. (clicking) (static) All right you guys, welcome
back to another Vivian Tries. Today we are trying this
copper Crisper Tray. – Hi, Chef Daniel Green here, back with my Gotham Steel Crisper Tray! – I was trying to find
the Copper Chef one, but I did get the Gotham one, I could not find the other one anywhere. So what it is is a copper tray, similar to the same copper material that they’re using on the copper pans, but this one goes in
the oven and it promises to turn your oven into an air fryer, making crispy French fries. Not only that, they say that you can use the tray underneath as a cookie sheet. – [Narrator] Sick of foil
that sticks to your food? Or baking sheets that burn the bottoms? Well not anymore! (twinkly sound effect) – So we’re testing two things today. We’re gonna test the cookies
on the actual cookie sheet to see if they will stick without any butter or nonstick spray, and we’re also gonna test the French fries to see if we really do get crispy fries, and if it really turns my
oven into an air fryer. Let’s see what comes inside this guy. (box rattling) (Vivian hums) The little tray, I think
the little tray’s in here. See, here’s the nonstick pan. They’re saying that,
on this, you can make, it’s a cookie sheet, pretty
much, is what they’re saying. I’m not gonna spray anything on it, I am gonna rinse it off, don’t
worry, I’m gonna wash it. I am going to bake two cookies on here. Why two? Just because. I just picked that number out of the sky. So I’m gonna use this without any butter, without any nonstick spray, to see if our cookies will stick. But first, before I do that,
we’re gonna use the tray to make French fries! And what? Gosh. Wait. It doesn’t, why did I think this was
gonna be this big tub? Really deep? It’s not, look how thin that is. It’s like, what is that? An inch? If that? Well, okay. (clattering) Whatever, let’s just go with it. – [Narrator] The new nonstick baking rack that fries food right in the oven! The secret’s in the elevated cooking rack that allows air to circulate around all the sides of the food! – That’s how you do it, you
just place the little basket on your tray, and you
throw your French fries in, and then you put it in the oven. So let me zoom in so you guys can see me
get it all together. ♫ Voila Okay, it’s clean. I have my fries here. (bag crinkling) I’m not putting any kind
of nonstick anything, I’m just gonna (fries clatter) throw some fries in there,
my oven’s already preheated. Should I put the whole bag in there? The picture shows a lot of fries in there. (fries clattering) Is that good? I think that’s good, right? One more handful. (bag crinkling) And we’re done. I’m gonna say that’s good. I could fill it up to the top, but, so there you go. Fries are ready. I’m gonna put ’em in the oven, and we will be back in 25 minutes. (pan clatters) All right guys. (tapping) When I pull out my fries,
they better look like this. The packaging said that I should cook them
between 25 and 30 minutes, they have now been in
the oven for 30 minutes. I don’t understand the idea of this pan. Can someone explain it to me? Should it be speeding up things? Because it says, no oil or butter. That’s it? Is that it? Can’t you get any old little tray thing and do that without oil or butter? No? Am I missing it? I’m missing it guys, I don’t get it. Sitting here thinking about it, I’m like, what’s the big deal? You can get a tray and do this as well. – So stop the sticking! And say bye bye to burned food. – [Vivian] You guys ready? ♫ Ta-dum! There it is. What do you think? – [Chef In Purple] Make
air-fried fish and chips with no oil or grease! – I think it’s a fail, oh my God. They’re cooked, but they’re not crispy. I mean, they’re not raw, they are cooked. Do they look like that to you? No. What’s going on here? My fries don’t look like that. I just think you could probably do this with just the regular little tray. Let’s try the cookies. Two cookies, coming up. No nonstick spray, no nothing, boom. I’m gonna put ’em in the oven,
we’ll find out what happens. (tray clattering) Here we go, big reveal. Yes, I almost burned them,
but that’s beside the point. Oh! Look! No spray, no nothing, did not stick. Impressive. So, complete, I almost burned
’em, don’t judge me. But look at that. Chewy and completely nonstick. I’m impressed with the cookie sheet, I’m not impressed with my French fries. Look, they’re not crispy,
they’re just blah. This little tray here is just a gimmick. All right you guys, I’m
gonna give this guy two Vivian heads. (pan clattering) It was somewhat of a fail for me. All right guys, so that is it for another Vivian Tries video. I hope that you have enjoyed it, I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye!


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  2. Secret Life of Vivian love your videos .. I can't wait for more . I watch your live feeds, But am I the only one who can barely hear you? Keep it up ~Secret Life of Vivian fan club member

  3. I love how you roll your eyes when you said we will see if it turns your oven into an air fryer, as if you already knew it would be a fail

  4. Hey Vivian the fries that you cooked were thicker than the ones shown on the package and the ones that they demo in the video they did shoestring fries you did thicker fries try the shoestring fries or cook you're thicker fries for a longer time

  5. The raised Gotham French Fry Basket allows the heat in the oven to go underneath the french fries and up the sides of the french fries as well as the top so that the heat circulates. if you did it just on the pin part or flat sheet the French fry bottoms are on the pan that raised above it. But I think after a half an hour those things should be golden crunchy. Another uncooked noob product! Not total fail but not worth the extra money!

  6. You don't use spray or butter for those fries or cookies anyway. I am so confused lmao!! Also how would people in infomercials even live?!?!?!

  7. your videos are so relaxing to listen to….you don't scream like most youtubers, you just talk soft and natural. I love your videos!!

  8. I want you to try vegimite. my friend from Australia says it's delicious on toast! I just know there a video of you trying never to my would be a screaming laughfest and your fans would love to see it!I would. The Vegimite is a staple like peanut butter in Australia and kids are raised on it.

  9. I love watching you try stuff out 😉 As for the product, I think it would work well for cooking bacon in the oven.

    For a Vivian Tries, could you try the Perfect Slicer? It's supposed to cut a watermelon, or any large fruit into 12 slices all at once. It's even supposed to be able to cut cake into 12 even pieces. I can't cut an even piece of cake for s**t, lol. I'd really love to see your take on it.

  10. omg so much fun the other night with the live vid an now I see why you told me to wait before I bought it now lol!,

  11. hey Viv! I like idea but I think u need less 🍟 and more time. I'm sure the box art is lying about there pile of 🍟.

  12. I just want to say thank you Vivian for your videos. They help with knowing what as seen on tv products really work. They have saved me money. Thank you again and keep the videos coming. 😀

  13. have you heard about the suddenly salad bowl your supposed to put all the ingredients for you salads in the bowl slices everything up

  14. if the tray was supposed to make it seem as if it was fried in like oil then yea that was a fail. if they were on a regular cookie tray they would of gotten crispy and not mushy. the cookies turned out good and nonstick. thanks for the review

  15. Does it say anything on the box about the fries? As in, raw fresh home made fries, or frozen fries?
    It seems like a gimmick and I never freaking burn my fries to the tray. I use a little spray but, excuse me, so what? What's wrong with using a little non-stick spray?

  16. I've been watching your vids for a couple of weeks and now I got my niece, who lives with me, into your videos! I am such a bad influence… What is the music in your videos? I can't get the whistling out of my head!

  17. mmmm, French fries! I don't get it either. I just put fries on the cookie sheet and it never sticks. in 20 minutes the fries are done. but 30 minutes in that basket. takes longer and, like you said, looks like a gimmick.

  18. Vivian, you put way to many fries in that basket. I saw another video of this tray & basket, you have to have a single layer of food in the basket so the air can circulate around it. The basket works perfectly fine. Try again & try different foods too.

  19. I have watched several of your videos. Does anything work? So far  all of the videos I watched all of it fails…

  20. Other questions for you. How much per month do you spend on this stuff?  And also do you return the products and get your money back? How do you find these items to test?

  21. Well that was not an unexpected disappointment. I don't get the " Air Frying" thing. It doesn't seem right to me. "Air cooked" yes, but "Air Fried", nope.

  22. Amigaaaaaa          your too generous   myself would have given  it  half a Vivian head..but  maybe for cookies might work …Keep Being You

  23. I just had a really really rough couple hours. I was thinking what to do to cheer me up so I said …he'll yea. I need some Vivian right now lol it worked

  24. cookie looked crispier than the fries. when I was a kid my mom would make fries in the oven and they got crispy on a cookie sheet.

  25. That tray probably isn't necessary for fries. It's just so they can charge more money. There are fry crisper pans that are basically cookie sheets with small holes in them.

  26. Another great vid! You should try this!! Looks like it another 'useful' tool for your collection!

  27. I dont think you gave the pan a fair try because the pre-made cookies say dont spray the pan. Maybe use bbq chicken something that has stickyness to it.

  28. I'm thinking that a convection setting on your oven might make a difference. . . or maybe not.  My wife uses convection for everything – even TV dinners

  29. Maybe they needed a little bit more time in the oven and then turnes up the broiler for the crispy factor… what a waste of copper… that same process can be done in any old tray… but as always, loved this review

  30. There's no way the basket could ever work, it's just a basket. Have you tested the vertical egg cooker? I have one and they're fab. Can't wait for your next vid xx

  31. First the packaging is misleading so I cannot fault you for not putting the fries on it as a single layer. However in order to get the air fry technique down, you really should put the fries on a single layer. If you pile them on top of each other you are actually blocking the hot air from circulating the food properly.

  32. Love ur shirt..looks like we're going yachting..leave that copper oven fryer home girl! Ur copper skillet would be more successful..In essence u got a little cookie sheet..idk w/that dang basket tho!! Concept makes me think of (a $200 fries/onion ring air fryer..makes nice roast chicken..pain to clean..sits in a cabinet~ok enuff venting!!

  33. Hi Vivian my name is Jeff Rose. I'm watching an infomercial about something called a Range Mat. You're supposed to be able to grill foods in your microwave with this Range Mat. Can you test this on one of your Vivian Tries videos. Thank you I'll be watching.

  34. You could try fresh potatoes rather than frozen fries… That might make a difference (I wouldn't know, I don't own one)

  35. I did 2 chicken breasts in mine, last night. They came out wonderful. Crispy and brown outside, and best of all done on the inside. No oil, just some spices rubbed on. They were good. I guess you just need to experiment with the time factor.

  36. 25 to 30 minutes.. I have frozen fries in 10 to 15 on a regular flat baking… Major rip off.. Cookie Tray worked though..

  37. Me encantan tus videos y aunque no entiendo nada por el idioma ya me he vuelto especialista gracias a tus gestos ja ja . Según la cara que pongas o los gestos sé si sirve o no. Eres súper original . Gracias

  38. Hi Vivian, listen, it does work but like an Air fryer you must flip the food. From experience I know. I'm cooking chicken wings. The results are the san as an Air fryer. Fries, tater tots, perfect and not burnt which is so cool. I think cooking a little longer and flipping yield you the results you want.

  39. Neither product has any copper in it. They are the same product made of steel and coated with a copper colored ceramic. They are the exact same item sold under different names, made by the same manufacturer.

  40. I have this tray & basket, Mine works perfectly. French fries are very crisp, Egg rolls are crunchy & it the best for frozen fish fillets are crisp, You must have done something wrong.

  41. Only 2 heads? I'm disappointed. I hav e this, love it. Works great in my convection oven. I make sweet potato fries, I do use some oil, they come out really crispy. Wish I could share the pics of them. Ya gota give this a second chance. I bought mine at retail, in case I wanted to return it, I could h=just take it back to the store. $20.00 it was worth trying. The Copper Chef versioni is exactly the same. All 3 should getvtogether and have a product smack down. Copper Chef, Red Copper, and Gotham Steel lol!

  42. Vivian, the Gotham Steel and the Red Copper products both use some sort of new chemistry that Gotham claims "Tri-Ceramic" and Red Copper does not directly state what their non-stick formula is based on but sometimes Cathy in her commercials has said "ceramic". I use the Gotham pans and they perform stunningly good. Nothing sticks. I do use some veggie spray for the egg preparations and the pans cook very nicely. My humble opinion about the Red Copper pan name implies the pan has copper in it, it does not. I am certain you know as well as I do the element of copper is toxic to humans depending on the dosage consumed. I would hazard a guess that both of these pans are manufactured in the same Chinese factory but under different names and marketing.

  43. I wanted this just for the rack. If it crisps, it crisps. lol Do you know why I wanted the rack? If you just put chicken on the pan, the bottom side is moist because of its fat while the top part is crispy. The selling point is the Gotham steel.

  44. umm the fact that the fries arnt crispy is your own fault…cook them longer and you will get crispy fries…not a product error this is user error.

  45. The picture on the box is so deceiving. It shows the basket is an inch thick but they show the fries to be deep and covered in layers.

  46. Possible the worst piece of crap ive ever owned. Pure garbage. It took 65 minutes to cook french fries. some still raw.

  47. Thank u for testing.Now i won't waste my money on this,i picked it up and looked at it when i was at Walmart too.

  48. We have this, and I love it. We haven't used the bottom individually. I like that it makes it harder to overcook the food. And it Cooks more evenly.

  49. I wanted my fries to be crispier! I love my fries crisp! Gotham Steel should do something with this gadget!

  50. It probably would have worked more like an air fryer if you turned your oven to convection. Assuming you have an electric oven.

  51. Your fries look really thick and needed to bake longer. Our Copper Chef Crisper works wonderfully! We do have a convection oven and that helps.

  52. It said in the one I got get to know your air fryer oven a few try’s and Get to know your cooking times may take a few time to get it your way

  53. I've never used their Crisper mesh tray in a common Large Oven. It's always used in my smaller Oster Convection Toaster oven. That's a more confined space and hold the heat better. Then I add 5 or 10 minutes over the package Oven times and might Increase the temperature a little bit for more Crispy results. Sadly, the Cookie tray has tiny light brown grease droplets that are stuck on the Non-Stick coating surface!

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