Copper Filigree Earrings: Easy Jewelry Tutorial

Copper Filigree Earrings: Easy Jewelry Tutorial

Have you ever seen one of these filigree
pieces in the beading section of the craft store or at a bead show and wondered what to do with them? Well we love using them in all kinds of jewelry pieces and today
we’re going to show you how to turn them into a beautiful pair of earrings. Super
easy! The first thing we’re going to do is take a head pin and we’re gonna feed
on a couple of crystal beads. This is a six millimeter a faceted crystal bead.
It’s got a pretty AB finish. We just like the way it looks with this aged copper.
We’re gonna add a crystal bicone on top. And we chose a clear crystal just
because we thought it looked pretty with this AB finish of this the green here.
And now we’re gonna make a partial wrapped loop to connect it to our
filigree piece. And to do that we’ve got round-nose pliers. We’re gonna grasp the
wire of the head pin right above that bicone bead make a 90-degree bend, like
that. We’re going to reposition the pliers to the top of that bend and pull
the wire around the top jaw of our pliers. We’re going to reposition the
pliers to the bottom jaw and pull the wire around to make a loop. So there’s
our loop. But we’re not going to close it yet. We’re gonna feed it through one of
the loops in our square filigree here and now we’re gonna wrap our loop. And to do that we’re going to use our round- nose pliers again and we’re just going
to grasp across the loop like that, then pull the tail around the neck of our
head pin twice. Just like that. And then we’ll trim our wire. And we’re using
flush cutters. Flush cutters are flat on one side and angled at the other side.
We’re going to use the flush side against the project and that way we will
get a little pokey end that sticks out. And there is our little dangle on our earring and if you end up with a little bit of a tail
sticking out, if you don’t get too close of a cut, you can always use a pair of
chain nose pliers, which are the pliers that are flat on the inside, and just
press the end down. Or you could actually use a nail file and file it. That’s
another little trick. Here we go now to turn this into an earring, we’ve got a
little earring wire here that’s the same metal finish. We’re going to use our
round-nose pliers. You could use your chain-nose pliers for this too. And we’re
just going to open the loop that’s on the earring just by bending it out like
that. And then we’re going to slide our earring onto our earring wire just like
that. And then we’re going to close the loop back with our round nose pliers
just like that. And there’s our first earring. So pretty! We’ll just do that again real quick so you can see it again. We’ve got our head
pin. We’ll feed on our focal bead, followed by our bicone bead like that.
Now we’re going to make a wrapped loop. So I’m going to use the round-nose
pliers to grasp the wire above that bicone bead, bend 90 degrees,
reposition the pliers, wrap around the top jaw to make a partial loop,
reposition the pliers to the bottom jaw, and finish the loop. There’s our loop. But
before we wrap our loop, we’re going to slide on, slide it on to our filigree, put
that into our filigree like that. And now we’re going to wrap that loop by
grasping across the loop with our round nose pliers and then wrapping the tail
around the neck twice. And we’re using square filigrees, but you could use a
round filigree or an oval filigree. Just as long as you’ve got a little hole in
the top and the bottom that you can feed your head pin of your dangle and your
earring wire through. Now we’re going to trim. And there’s our
dangle. And now we just need to attach our earring wire. Open up our loop on our
earring wire and then we’re going to slide on our filigree and then close the
loop with our round-nose pliers. There’s our beautiful pair of filigree crystal


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