Copper Foiling Tools for Stained Glass : Loading a Foiler with Copper Foil

Copper Foiling Tools for Stained Glass : Loading a Foiler with Copper Foil

Hi. Today, we’re talking about the toils that
we’re going to be used in our Copper Foiling Project. This is called a Foiler. Right here
we have two different ones. The reason being is because these handle little tools also
come in different widths. The same as your copper foil, which I was speaking of earlier.
This one comes in the seven-thirty-seconds and this one is three-sixteenths. And the
project that we’re working on today, we’re going to be using the seven-thirty-seconds
and I’d like to demonstrate how to go about loading one of these. I would suggest, before
you start to load it, you take and cut a piece of the backing, paper backing and leave it
attached to the end which would make it easier to insert underneath your roller when you
get to the edge. You take and put this through the little slit at the back, paper and all.
Bring it up through the top, then where you’ve made your cut in the back, take and separate
your paper from the copper foiling. You would take your paper, put it back through the hole,
in the bottom which comes out this way. Run your copper foil through the channel. See
how nicely this comes off of here so you don’t have to remove it by hand and then you would
take this part and run it underneath your wheel just like that. I’m getting my fingers
stuck. Okay, so now, we have this filled in our channel and we remove this and we are
ready to burnish our piece of glass.


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