Copper & Gold Metallic Smokey Eye | Easy Makeup Tutorial

Copper & Gold Metallic Smokey Eye | Easy Makeup Tutorial

After priming and setting the eyes, begin
by applying a matte yellow-orange shade above the crease. This is our transition shade. You can find my product list in the description
box. Next I’m placing a matte brick orange into
the crease and blending that into the transition. Deepen the outer corner and crease with a
matte cranberry. Blend with a clean fluffy brush. Optionally, you can use a white sticky base
to increase the pigmentation of the next shade. Pack a metallic coppery sienna shade onto
the lid. I like to use my finger, but you can also
use a wet brush. Go back in with the cranberry to deepen the
outer V and crease. Clean up any fallout and apply your usual
facial routine. Sweep the matte orange all along the lower
lash line. Concentrating right at the base of your lashes,
deepen the outer third of the lash line with the cranberry. Be sure to connect everything to the upper
lash line. Blend one last time. Highlight the brow bone with a shimmery champagne,
and the inner corner with a metallic gold. Begin your wing by following the angle of
your lower lash line. Starting not quite at the tip to keep the
point nice and sharp, connect the wing to the upper lash line. Beginning in the inner corner, draw a thin
line along the base of your lashes. Finish connecting the wing to the upper lash
line, slowly thickening the line as you go. The goal, for most eye shapes, is to create
a straight line when the eye is looking down. Finish off the look with some mascara and
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  1. Someone requested a look using Thanksgiving colors, so I created this easy look that you can quickly do while your turkey's in the oven. Let me know what you think and what other kinds of looks you'd like to see!

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