1. Hi UH, I have never heard that this could be carcinogenic, although I don't use copper grease alot (mainly on the car for wheelnuts etc) I will be more careful in future. Even if it turns out not to be I suppose it can't be that beneficial to skin. Cheers pal.

  2. we have stopped using "copaslip" at work due to its carcinogenic properties, however as you said i dont know if there is any modern formulations

  3. Copper grease is impossible to get of clothes I still have a stain on an old tshirt that happened two years ago! Been washed plenty of times and never fully went away!

  4. Use this on tyres and with ours winters here your struggling like mad if you dont use it. I buy in a spray tin and just give the bolts a tiny spray when i change from summer til winter tyres.

  5. Should be mandatory on bolts securing close coupled WC pans-I wish I had a pound for every time I've had to saw through them-come to think of it I've made more than that,so keep it to yourself!

  6. Copper grease is not meant for use where it comes into contact with aluminium as it reacts and corrodes the aluminium, we use tefgel at work but it's very expensive

  7. What is the difference between copper grease and just using regular grease? I have been using the red Lucas anti-seize grease for bolts.

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