Copper Joint Knee Sleeve Review – Ask Doctor Jo

Copper Joint Knee Sleeve Review – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. It’s product
review time again. The folks at Copper Joint sent me the Copper Knee Sleeve. One of the
neat things about this is it has infused copper in it to help kill 99.9% of the microbes that
sometimes makes sleeves kind of stinky and wet and all yucky. So this is really great
to keep things healthy while you’re working out. This is a sleeve and not a brace, so
it’s a compression factor and it helps promote circulation in the body, but it’s not gonna
actually stabilize your knee and prevent you from doing things that might end up injuring
yourself. So out of the box, you have this really neat sleeve. I like it. Its texture
is pretty cool. It’s a soft texture, but it’s thin so you’re not gonna get really hot in
the sleeve. And it has this silicone lining on the inside that helps keep it in place.
Now if you have an allergy to silicone, you might not want to use this one, but it does
keep the sleeve in place very nicely. And then it has a band at the bottom to help keep
it in place there. Now it’s nice and long. One of the things sometimes people think is
it’s too long, but it’s good because when it’s long, it helps get the calf area and
again works as a natural pump to get swelling and fluid out of your leg and back up in to
your body to work it out. So if you put the sleeve on, with the bigger part on top. The
logo goes about over your knee. So it’s gonna be just slightly above, right here, and then
all the way down as you can see. You can bring it up just a little bit so when you start
moving you have some room in there. But look how, see it’s nice and tight there, and it’s
nice and tight there, so it’s not gonna slide up and down when you’re doing a lot of movement.
And it’s really smooth and nice, and what it almost feels like when you have it on,
is it gives off a cool feeling, so it feels good on the knee. It gives a lot of feedback
too. Like when I rub on it it just feels nice. I always call compression sleeves like a hug.
Somebody’s giving you a hug. But that keeps everything nice and tight in there and helps
promote muscle movement in the correct way that it’s supposed to do. So let me show you
some exercises real quick just to see how it stays in one place. So as you can see,
the sleeve is nice in place, snug so it’s not going anywhere. Just doing some marching
it’s staying in one spot. Even some squats, staying in one spot. Kicking out, so I really
like it stays there. It doesn’t roll. It doesn’t fall down, and you can do a lot of movement.
I went through an hour workout with it and it stayed in one spot, so really nice that
it doesn’t slide. And it’s got that infused copper in there to keep it mice and clean
and healthy for those of us who sweat a lot it will keep us clean. And what’s even nicer
about it is you can wash it, it shows up to 40 washes it still keeps that 99.9% killing
of those microbes. So I really like that aspect of it too, you don’t have to worry about it
loosing it compression if you wash it. If you have any questions, leave it in the comments
section. If you like to check out some other videos, go to If you want
to learn more about the sleeve you can go to And if you’d like to purchase
it, you can go to our product store at and there is a coupon code in the description
for a 20% discount. So remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.


  1. Thank you so much for your review. There were so many choices of knee sleeves. I had looked at this before, but you sold me. Thanks for the great discount code !!

  2. That was such a great review…I don't know if you can answer this or not…but when I run…at around Mile 4, the outer side top part of my knee/calf starts to hurt…it doesn't feel like a muscle cramp, it starts out slowly..where you can feel the pain slowly coming in..then it really hurts…do you know what that could be? It only happens when I run far. Do you think this knee sleeve would help? Thank you.

  3. i ha a total knee replacement on sept of 2014, i walk but my knee hirts as im half way on a mile….can i use this sleeve, do u think this might help relieve some pain? Thanx in advance!

  4. Hi, i love your video , i have a question i deslocated my knee 2 weeks ago and i would like to know if this knee sleeve will give me some protection while practicing Karate.
    thx in advance

  5. I got mine last night and i slept with it over night. I feel honestly a lot better. I hope this sleeve is the trick.

  6. You're kind of sexy! 🙂 nice video . I'm going to purchase one tonight on Amazon. Should I buy one or two of them ? Thanks Matt

  7. Hey, thanks for the review! Just wanted your opinion, whether it would be helpful for me. I am in my 20s, and wanted to use these for support in my knees. They are pretty scrawny and when I run or squat I feel pressure within the inner part of my knees. It's just uncomfortable. Everything else feels stiff however, it just feels 'sore' on the inner part. Thanks, and that 20% was helpful!

  8. Will the copper oxidize (rust) over time? How can I tell it's rusting? And will I have to replace them after a while?

  9. Hi. my knee cap moves a little to the side where it shouldn't be moving. Will this help me keep it in place so I can train it to get back to it's its original movement?

  10. Thx for the video. I have this bad pain in the back of my knee and I think I pulled something in that area. Do you think that the copper joint knee sleeve is good to use during basketball practices and games

  11. I am wishing I had the money, I grew up with Epilepsy and I just recently broke my right knee I broke the top of my fibula attached to the knee on the right side of the leg

  12. Can I put a brace on top of the sleeve or does that defeat the copper’s purpose? Btw thanks for the coupon code 👍🏼

  13. But what about all the claims they make about arthritis and injury and pain relief I think it's nice that it won't get musty as fast as other materials but is there any truth to any of the other claims and why people are buying these things opposed to buying one that was made of neoprene or whatever? that's why I chose you being a doctor over just and unboxing or review. I'm not trying to come off harsh I'm really just curious @askdoctorjo

  14. Hello , would you recommend to use these on a hiking trip while hiking and then removing them at night for recovery? I did not know if there was any benefit to maybe do the opposite and put them on in the evening after a long day of hiking. Thank you for your thoughts

  15. How tight does one of these bad boys need to be? I bout one but i feel its too big and im not getting the “compressing” effect

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