Copper – Kate Woodman Photoshop Action Walkthrough I PRO EDU

Copper – Kate Woodman Photoshop Action Walkthrough I PRO EDU

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– Hi, I’m Kate with RGG EDU and I’m gonna show you how to install and run the Copper action. So, if you’re unfamiliar
with actions in Photoshop, there are a couple ways we
can get to the Actions panel. One is to select our arrow over here, which will pop open the panel, or, alternatively, we can
go up to our Window tab, scroll down to Actions, and
our Actions tab will pop up. Now, you’ll notice that
we don’t have anything loaded into the Actions panel right now, so, we need to load the
action in, and to do that, we’re gonna click our tab here,
scroll down to Load Actions. Now, you’ll see that I have my actions saved into a folder on my desktop. If you haven’t used the actions before, or you’ve just downloaded them, they’ll be in your Download folder. Now, I’m gonna select my Copper
action here and click Open, and you’ll see now that our action has been loaded into the panel. We can expand our set here
and select the actual action, and to run it, we just hit
this play button down here, and there we go, our action is loaded. Let’s take a look at our Copper action and see how it’s affecting our image. If we turn this off for a second. This is our original image, here, and this is with our
Copper action turned on. Now, you’ll notice a couple things. For one, it’s reducing the contrast and the luminosity of the image, so, we have a little bit more
of a darker, somber feel. It’s also sort of unifying
the colors within in the image so they’re more in this
sort of brown tone. Let’s go into our action and break down exactly
what we’re doing here. If we expand our actual action here, you’ll notice it’s comprised of all of these different layers, and each of these individual layers is named according to its function, so, depending on the image you use, you can go into these individual layers and toggle them on and off, or, you can adjust the opacity, as well, whatever suits the image. This also works really
well for studio images, so, if we pull up a studio
image here, for instance, and we run our action, you’re gonna notice how the tones are compressed a little bit together so we don’t have such
a huge, dynamic range. We have a little bit more
detail in the shadow. The highlights are brought down. You’ll also notice that
the orange in her skin tone and the orange of the dress are brought a little bit closer together, so, we’re sort of reducing the saturation. We’re adding this vintage-looking brown effect over the whole image. Here’s just another
example of a studio image. For this particular model, she has a little more magentas
and red in her skin tones, so, if we run our action here,
it’s gonna neutralize that. It’s gonna bring this nice
brown into her skin tone, as well as the background. It’s gonna reduce our
luminosity just a little bit, and it’s gonna create
this really classic look. This action is not
necessarily for something that you’d want to have
a lot of high saturation. This is really meant for images that are a little bit more
serious, a little more somber. By bringing in those brown tones, it really solidifies those colors and brings them closer together, de-saturates a little bit
for that really classic look. This is a great action for that. (calm music)

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