Copper knife with maple burl handle

Copper knife with maple burl handle

this video has no talking and is hearing impaired friendly


  1. love how the copper looks and whike its not the most hard wearing of materials i would love to see you working with it again. keep up the awesome vids 👍

  2. Really cool concept man I really dig the look. I think copper gets hard if you heat or work harden it, which makes me wonder if it will hold an edge better. I don't expect it to get as sharp as steel but curious to see if work hardening it will make sharper. Nice job!

  3. to get a longer lasting and harder edge, think about peening that cutting edge. Like a scythe. It will pull a little material out making it thinner and harder. Then run a stone over it once or twice to fine tune the edge, and you will be good to go.

  4. This takes the whole ‘1000 Degree knife’ fad to a new level! XD

    Seriously mate, amazing video! Your skills make me sooo jealous!

  5. Yeah man I like the idea! Great look, probably won't hold a edge for more than a minute, but as a show piece… very nice! Copper is such a pretty metal.

  6. I personally thought it was awesome, especially when you patinated it to looked aged. Well done.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻let the trolling begin 😂

  7. Hey bud just wanted to let you know I am uploading a video of my ribbon burner forge at the end I gave you a shout out. check it out it should be up by tomarrow. Martin M&S Blades

  8. Dear
    What is the best leather to make knife sheath because I used cow leather it was too strong to cutting
    Waiting your advice regards.

  9. perhaps some sorta work hardening on the edge would get it to hold a better edge sharpness?
    you could work it like a scythe maybe?

  10. What is the purpose of the liner? Is there oil in the wood that would be bad for the copper? I was also thinking about a decorative copper knife one day. Just trying to get info and technique.

  11. While not really important for a display knife, it'd definitely worth it to toy around with hammering the final edge to shape to take advantage of work hardening.

  12. Looks sick man. You could’ve gotten the edge harder and sharper by work hardening though, since you can’t quench it like steel alloys

  13. I love this build. Just watched it again with the wife to show her your cool craftsmanship. Great stuff! I was curious though, do you think this would be sharper if you peened it like a sythe?

  14. Wow I really like that copper knife pretty cool idea used to be used way back in the old days before iron come along but they added nickel to make bronze with it held a better Edge

  15. Why didn't you make the blade longer instead of wasting all that copper that could have been used for the blade?
    Seems a waste to me, anyway!
    Thanks for the videos! Always something to think about!

  16. I saw that there are a good many varieties of copper where some have phosphorous, or lead or silica even manganese to give it certain properties for conductivity or machineability. I always wanted to peen out a copper knife. Good work.

  17. Great craftsmanship, you should think about selling them, would like to have one of your copper ones, as seen in this video.

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  19. Really beautiful! What oil is that you soaked the handle in and for how long? Handle looked nice and shiny at the end did you put something on it after whatever was in the jar? Really like how it turned out, only thing I would change would be the blackener I think it detracted from the over al look of the knife. I would maybe move dimpleing process with the ball pin hammer to before the sharpening sand down or somewhere in the middle of all that and also a bit less black if possible, maybe the sanding would accomplish this. Copper tones naturally over time so maybe not needed at all? Idk just a few novice ideas. Nice knife. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Novel Idea. I like copper and I knew before I searched for a copper knife it would not be as
    edge worthy as steel. Duh.

    All the complainer's… to hades with them. They just dont understand the creative mindset.
    But I do… Keep on Bro ! The silver knife could be real cool. If you don't have the silver yet you CDC an work out a nice design worthy of the silver. Can you turn silver into a "damascus" ?

  21. Very Cool Copper Knife. I would like one lanyard hole, so that if I needed both hands I could let knife go and dangle on wrist and use hand and then easily, with a flick, retrieve the Knife. —mww

  22. The knife looks nice but as a newb to knife making videos I am wondering what are the pros and cons when using copper? To date, this is the first vid I have seen where the maker is using copper… My first instinct is that this knife will not be as strong as a steel knife and will not hold an edge very well… Am I wrong?

  23. Gorgeous. I want to make a copper blade for my Svord Peasant Mini folder. Simple friction folder. Just need some 1.5-2mm sheet copper

  24. Very nice. I’ve never seen a copper knife unless you consider a copper letter opener shaped like a sword as a knife. I love copper and silver. There’s something so warm about both metals.

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