Copper la Perle EDS COLLECTION 2017

Copper la Perle EDS COLLECTION 2017

Copper la Perle is a talented ten year old son of Scandic. Copper la Perle’s dam Tanja competed successfully in Z2-level dressage, after having scored 80 points in the IBOP test. He is a full-brother to the Small Tour horse Rembrand, ridden by Diederik van Silfhout. And a half-brother to both the national Grand Prix horse Fox d’An and Unique,
who is classified at the ZZ-advanced level. Copper la Perle gets noticed as soon as he enters the ring. With his size and front, he commands attention. The gelding demonstrates excellent focus in the pirouettes, half-pass, and tempi-changes. In addition, he is very easy to train. His canter shows remarkable power, this facilitating his talent for collection.

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