Copper Linked to Alzheimer’s?

Copper Linked to Alzheimer’s?

(Image source: National Institute on Aging) BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN It’s found in everything from drinking water
to red meat and nuts — but new research suggests copper buildup in the brain could
be tied to Alzheimer’s disease. “Researchers say the common mineral could
prevent toxins from leaving the brain. The findings were published in Proceedings of
the National Academy of Sciences and recorded after tests on lab mice.” (Via WMMT) University of Rochester Medical Center researchers
gave mice low doses of copper over a period of three months. (Video via WBRZ) What they found was a buildup of the protein
beta amyloid. (Via Wikimedia Commons / Ed Uthman, MD) That low dose of copper made the brains of
the mice overproduce that protein, which is a big part of the plaque in the brains of
Alzheimer’s patients. (Video via WKRC) So how low a dose did researchers give the
mice? Tiny. If you converted it to human levels it was something like one-tenth of what’s
allowed in drinking water. But before you go worrying about your copper intake — the
study issued this warning: “Researchers don’t want you to stay away from
copper. The mineral is important to the nervous system development, bone growth and hormone
secretion.” (Via WZVN) Before real conclusions can be drawn, more
research needs to be done in both human and animal models. But this wouldn’t be the first
study to link metals and alzheimers. A 2007 study suggested a link from copper,
zinc and iron ions to Alzheimer’s disease as well.

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