Copper Maker Dancers – Kwakiutl Indians´ culture

Copper Maker Dancers – Kwakiutl Indians´ culture

Within many performers invited to
the Birgitta Festival in august 2011, there was a group of very exotic guests
almost from the other side of the world. From the western coast of Canada,
Northern part of Vancouver Island came the Copper Maker Dancers who
carry on the Kwakiutl Indians´ culture. They performed some traditional sacred
ceremonies of dance that are practiced during the gift-giving festivals. Such festivities
are called potlatch in kwakwala language. The indigenous people of North-America
shared with us their concern about keeping the Kwakiutl culture
and the kwakwala language alive. They also shared the joy of demonstrating
their ancestral songs and dances and told us how they try to preserve
their heritage and even make it flourish.


  1. soo many of our people , Indigenous people are not full blooded …i half some white blood and cuzins are half but still have status card…pretty cool…

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