Copper Mountain Technologies: Cobalt

Copper Mountain Technologies: Cobalt

Need to test up to 20 gigahertz or make
measurements fast without sacrificing dynamic range? Cobalt is for you. Cobalt series VNAs
offer an unmatched size, price, performance combination for S-parameter measurements
between 100 kilohertz and 9 or 20 gigahertz with a dynamic range of up to
160 dB and sweep speed as low as eight microseconds per point, they’re
optimal for modern applications like fast production environments, SAW filters,
and 5G BTS filter tuning. These compact high-performance VNAs incorporate
several new proprietary manufacturing and test approaches that contribute to
exceptional speed and metrological accuracy. One of the models C1209 is
half rack in width. Cobalt VNAs are our top of the line series. Want to know more? Speak with a CMT sales representative
today. Copper Mountain Technologies. Extend your reach with USB VNAs.

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