Copper Mountain Technologies: Compact

Copper Mountain Technologies: Compact

The compact series offers powerful VNAs in tiny packages. The performance of our compact family rivals mid-range
conventional VNAs at a fraction of the size. Our most popular VNA series,
compacts offer a broad set of features, and are automation ready, and have been
delivering highly accurate test results to a wide variety of users. From R&D and
college labs, like Johns Hopkins advanced physics lab, to production floors, to miles-long particle accelerator CERN, and more. Compacts are available in both 50
and 75 Ohm impedance options. They are all two port and come in TR (one
path; S11 and S21 measurements) or “S”: 2-path (all 4 S-parameter measurements) modifications. They’re small enough to fit on your desk
or even in your briefcase when you visit a customer or travel to perform on-site
testing. want to learn more? Contact a CMT sales
rep, downloaded data sheet, or try our demo software today. Copper Mountain Technologies: extend your reach with USB VNAs.

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