Copper Mountain Technologies: Reflectometers

Copper Mountain Technologies: Reflectometers

Do you need to make one port VNA
measurements? Our 1-port VNAs– –reflectometers–are the smallest
instruments available today that measure the S11 parameter. These VNAs can
connect directly to a DUT without a test cable. Connecting directly to a DUT
improves measurement accuracy by eliminating instability introduced by
test cables, which is a major breakthrough in increasing 1-port VNA
measurement accuracy. This breakthrough earned CMT and our
engineers a US patent. Our reflectmeters can measure return loss, cable loss, impedance and more with an extraordinary level of accuracy. Reflectometers with the standard capability of time domain can effectively measure
distance to fault, and are ideal for cable and antenna testing. Our customers use
reflectometer for cable and antenna testing, materials testing, and many other
applications requiring one port VNA measurements. Our reflectometers
fully programmable and ideal for test automation. Using two reflectometers
together also allows for measuring the scalar transmission coefficient. That is:S21 and S12 parameters. Want to try one out? Contact the sales rep or download our
demo software from the website today. Copper Mountain technologies: extend your reach with USB VNAs.

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