Copper Overdose Mod by MCV Philippines Review

Copper Overdose Mod by MCV Philippines Review

Hey whats up guys? from Grand Vapor Station and today
I will be doing a short review on the new Overdose Copper Mech Mod by MCV so there’s a couple cool features I
wanna go over I just started using it and first feature i want to talk about was what it is made of. you see on the other views on all the
other MCV mas my scene I’ll Mac pastor Black hawk panzer, stainless steel panzer and that maybe the Golden Army Panzer but MCV actually did it different on
this one and actually went with a copper mod which is the hot stuff right now I personally have never had a high end copper mod but this being my first copper mod and I was not dissapointed. so MCV Philippines did it again and and they went ahead and made a copper
mod called the overdose and it is a full copper mod from head to toe copper pins, contacts and out of the packaging it does have a patina effect and as you use it and as you hold it vape with it it’ll eventually to fade more and MORE which i think is pretty cool but if you like more the shiny side she go
ahead and I’m and use different products like mod shine or different metal polishes even use vinegar just give it a minute here for 15
just dip it in vinegar for 15 seconds pull it out on what’s taken apart and
clean it up and it will give you a brand new shine
stock Tina back all over again but personally I think it was critical with Tina back up comparison actually to hear camera in the Topkapi here it
looks release I that’s how home on Highland my
K street out of the packaging but as you can see on all the
high wear areas where I when I have held it it started to have a cool fading and patina effect and eventually it’s gonna look like a really dole he’s a copper that’s what I’m going
for sale personal preference you what’s I’m you’re signing up are all over again you
want cool whole penny effect like I D go ahead and
use it right out acting due to its up next thing I want
to talk about most other models there either
telescopic work to Miller with different team sizes
for the batteries this bad boy justice my fear a battery 8650 so there’s actually only one battery size which I mention
that it’s been here so I’m if you like the smaller batteries eating 3 the 8500 I you’ve had a handle on this mod 8650 me is that my fear about personally so
the next fall being on the overdose I wanna show you
was course uploading man amber firing by contact on the
bottom gotta so the flooding numbers so I gotta
take this off so this is the top I bloody and so it’s gonna have
adjustable osgood have adjustable bloody and many
will come about only happened to screw it up he’s down bill in the space in for yeah laptop wonderful style
battery I’ll talking to be on you to customize
and I the route which how time of battery in
there if you want any shape around which most
people don’t like the take it to the bottom it the other firing button on the bottom
and the other copper contacted on crossfire but im touches battery creates the I causes the modifier another cool feature about overdose mod is gravy so usually haven’t used to the serial number be at
the bottom joy did it different this time this cool
little its goal Yen Yen style design I was pretty
close different and outside right here yeah cool overdose by MCV Philippines and the
serial numbers now on top also here at the top of the body
as you noticed they have the was passed out in the body for betty for battery so mad about it gets hot
holes actually function let’s keep this page
out at the mock watergate Sujoy actually still went with
her classic lottery for the iron but is not
a clockwise and at Las fired turn it back have a clockwise and buyers sake of for your pocket back traveling personal opted roundtable while up firefighting spring style and it’s still
very few friendly see that PQ family a saucepan cool design appear on the top
half as well up wrong people that like of the Fleshlight MCB actually made this twenty-millimeter which is pretty much
standard for our TA’s I’ll J stop tanks twenty-millimeter blessed sunny put on there that’s
twenty-millimeter twenty-millimeter well actually sit flush well that really
nice so let me go ahead and show you what it
looks like with 22 mil mere just started advocacy left right there religiously left holy plus not sticking out I know
you got used to the the Panthers a little wider but this one
relieved last look 22 millimeter style overdose the way to go top that copper so my personal opinion on overdose I love
this thing its really hard hitting release Lee the cravings really nice the serial
number on top really nice change I love the place
looked at long last West Loop and firing but im really P friendly person it’s my favorite battery like I said you haven’t had a copper
mine yep the MCD overdose is the way to go and in
general you know MCB makes quality products an I wouldn’t carry on the site or did a
review on it unless II was quality product so get this have seen the overdose and
other premium products you go to our website WWW dot perhaps
it’s not complicated follow us on Instagram Akram devastation
with us up on Facebook efficient an I to spur contrast bills showcase for masakela
following me at bill underscores GPS I’m on Instagram
so yep what’s up regular some premium hacia next time


  1. Just got my Overdose from GVS and I got to say its a very stout hitter and works with all my RDAs.  I installed magnets for a Panzer mod in the switch and it got even better.  Now if I can get a copper TugBoat to match.   

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