Good morning plumbers as you know, we do everyday plumbing the good the bad and the ugly and for today’s adventure We have a leak coming down in the heater room We’re not sure if it’s a heat line or water line So stay tuned and we’ll see you when we get to the job There’s our hole in the ceiling all way up there Here’s the vanity that’s gotta come out so we can expose the pipe Guess who’s helping me today? BR1
“There you go fellas back together since ’93” I like that! “Oh it’s melting” It’s better than a razor blade though
“Yeah” I just decided not to caulk vanities anymore. Look at this How hard was this to get out?
“Not hard when you have your handy tool!” Oh my god “What do they say Charles?” “The proper tools reveal the fool” Right now I’m a fool for caulking vanities because this is insane too much caulk on the vanity install Look at all this caulk, that’s crazy Here’s where the leak is downstairs baby, oh it’s gonna be this pipe right here It’s right there dude My saw’s right there bro We found the pipe it’s right here And this is in that ceiling down in the heater room So all this work to fix one pipe behind the vanity This is fun Hand me that razor please, because I’m trying to break this sheet rock Oh we got to tell everybody where CB2 is “He’s in school right?”
CB2 is in school- oh guess what, wrong location, oh geez Ayeye, it elbows over Alright, it’s still behind the vanity Here it is Look at all these pipes Oh, there it is! Don’t ever let your pipe rub against the corner of the tile cause that’ll happen. Let me get my pointer for the people
“Nice, okay where’s your pointer” Here you hold the light.
“Yes, I got the light.” Come right over my head I wanna see down here. No, there it is, other side Bill It’s squirting against the tile right there, end of the screwdriver It caused a leak in the copper We’re gonna cut it right here and down in a heater room. So now we gotta shut the building off “Ladies and gentlemen stay in school! You don’t wanna be the Skip!” Come on Skippy you’re doing good PR1
baby. Look at the caulk job above your head! “Alright, I know!”
Look at it! A little too much caulk Milwaukee pack out! Going into effect! Time is money!
“That’s right, improper tools reveal the fool.”
That’s right “And he ain’t no fool cause look at that”
Look at it, how pretty is that? “Take a lesson Bernie!” Here it is Half-inch ProPress, battery
“Is that the same tool you just put a different end on it?”
Yes. “That’s the cutter” Alright baby we’re ready We got the pipe located, now let’s go up under the gas line up into the corner which this is like a 14-foot ceiling I think it’s under the subfloor too. So I’m gonna make a precision cut Right here cut here, ProPress coupling, prefab with 90 to upstairs That is the plan Hot Here’s the main She’s off Here we go, we’re plumbing away
“Plumbing away!” Let’s get the light back up in here like so Here’s the question, can I get the cutter on the pipe? Bill go get the sawzall. We’re gonna cut this piece of subfloor out. I got a bad bend right here I got soft copper right here I might be able to get right here There’s some real plaster right there “Chuck, that cold’s still running” Is it really?
“I’ve seen something”
I got the valve off, see if that meter’s moving down there I think I can get it right there, let’s pray everybody.
“Ok here we go” “Kumbaya, my Lord” That should be done by now Come on “You get it?”
No Oh there we go Come on baby, get an angle! Alright here comes all the water, baby What’s happening here? What’s happening here? Why am I getting so much water? The water’s off dude Here’s what we got, our water meter’s off and there’s no way that it’s still- Is that kitchen stink still running up there? “Let me go look” This has to be a pipe tied in before the meter, which I’m not surprised in this building We got the water meter off And we still got water “When you turn to hot-” “When I turn it off, you get nothing” Hi puppy! This is Mellow, she’s being very Mellow today “Turn it on Chuck?” Yeah, go ahead Shut it off! Didn’t have no water at all cause this building’s all tied together Oh am I gonna be able to get this in there? Let me see something dawg, nah Slide that tray over here “Nice” Now I wanna get this outta here in one piece To reveal the leak There it is, where’s it at “It’s right there”
Oh here it is, good eye Right here’s the leak, see where it wore against the pipe?
That’s it That was thick copper right there.
Thick copper, Cheap copper, there it is. M L We don’t know how we got cold water over on that side of the building must be a different main somewhere But now if we shut that kitchen sink off, it doesn’t mix with the hot So we’re gonna just leave that off at the faucet Due to time constraints We’re fighting the animal We’re trying to get the shots the best we can. Where’s my pencil mark? “Ladies and gentlemen watch how he does it” This is the piece going up Here we go “There’s the money maker” “It tells you when it’s clamped?”
It stops automatically The press
“Need that? Ok. Need the coupling?”
No, I got one up here already “Want me to get up there to hold it?”
“Ok” Tell you what, bring that 90 with you, cut a piece 6″ and a quarter
“Got it” I forgot that Ladies and gentlemen, this is one tight spot. Ah, there we go So I pressed it now I just gotta do the coupling Clean it up with sandpaper, ok? BR1 helping me today
“BR1” CB2…
in school “And AB1 will soon be here” We ready dawg? Is that pipe’s straight? Good enough, right? “Get this wire out of here?” If you can make the connection go ahead. I’ll press it then I’ll come up Hey Bill, here’s what I’ll do it. I’ll do the coupling then I’ll come up. And then all the works up there then, ok? “I got ‘ya” Hold on baby doll. Hold on baby doll. Are we straight?
Alright, stay on tight This way I’ll come up and help you Now we just wanna make sure the fitting is all the way down Let’s get the wire out this way, watch this “Want me to hold the pipe?”
Just like that, yea, right over my head. There you go Oh there we go Pull it back up It just brings the copper to where it gotta go “There we go, the money maker” “Ladies gentlemen, now we hope it don’t leak” Now the fun part, putting everything back together. Water’s on, so I opened it real slow, so it doesn’t shake up any debris on the inside of the pipe and clog up all the aerators Shower heads clog easy, I always like to use the tub We’re on… what, an 1/8? So now I put it all the way. It’s already been on, pressures already built Now it’s full blast, full pressure “Now look what you got” There it is Bill, we’re all done. No leaky leaky
“No leaky, ok. CB2 keep studying” And there goes another satisfied customer! “You hear that AB1?” There you have it. Mr. Rogers stepped in for CB2 We tried to get the best shots we could under them conditions. A really tough situation between floors and up high, so I’m hoping I got some good shots for you guys And it all worked out But you can see how a little copper rub on a corner of a brick or a corner of a tile overtime will rub a hole in a pipe That’s what caused that leak. And I got the shot on the video of the pipe itself. Hopefully that turned out too Until then we will see you at the next one. Have a great night


  1. First time I have seen that kind of blade in the saws all. Pretty handy…..
    Nice work!
    Did you put up any Sheetrock and replace the cabinet?

  2. This works great on a sawjaw for drywall. Milwaukee Electric Tool 48-00-1640 Reciprocating Saw Blade, 5 TPI, 6", Carbide

  3. I would of had a melt down with all that water dropping on me. lol Hey Chuck…don't forget you had that multi-master tool to cut that copper if need be.

  4. Did your Milwaukee power cutter stop working after all that water was pouring into it I know mine always shuts down if I get crazy water in it. they need to figure out a way to make is water tight I have got so much in mine that it pours out where the battery is I have about 6 of those cutters and use only one when its going to get soaked. that looked like a fun repair keep on plumbing CB and Mr. Rogers !!!!!! ๐Ÿšฝ๐Ÿšฝ๐Ÿšฝ๐Ÿšฝ๐Ÿšฐ๐Ÿšฐ๐Ÿšฐ๐Ÿšฐ๐Ÿšฐ๐Ÿšฟ๐Ÿšฟ๐Ÿšฟ๐Ÿšฟ๐Ÿšฟ

  5. Thank you Siri that was a good video showed a lot of action going on there hope you're having a great day and week Luciano

  6. you two together, with that east coast, "forget about it"accent remind me of mobsters sidelining…Mr. Rogers is a good hand to take along…on your tombstone it will be written, "i loved plumbing"…

  7. CB-1 and BR-1 you all did a great job. It looks like some idiot used a whole tube of caulking on that sink and vanity that's insane LoL. Peace brother

  8. kick ass. propress saved the day. i love how you use type L. I ONLY use TYPE L. you could have changed the sink shotoffs with dahl valves while you were there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Like when have to search and โ€œdestroyโ€ to find the problem/issue….. I just like solving puzzles, especially when others canโ€™t(just so much more satisfying, lol). Am so not surprised to find Romex (12/2 looks like) run next to water lines….see all the time. That repair was such an interesting one to find, & pretty cool to fix๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป.
    Had a pipe leaking on me, even though water was turned off also. Finally went to curb & shut off water to house that way, to finally stop water โ€œrainingโ€ on me, lol (ended up being 6 gallons worth after vacuumed it all up….gotta love shop vacs!)๐Ÿ˜†

  10. Chuck,

    Business ownership is an aspiration of mine in the future, and I watch your videos and canโ€™t help but notice that you seem to love your job. My question is, does owning your own business take away from the actual plumbing aspect of everything?? How do you feel being the boss affects your views of the trade? I love the actual work side of plumbing and I donโ€™t want the business side to ruin the trade for me. Thanks in advance buddy.

  11. I love Milwaukee packout! I put all my copper fittings in those containers and Milwaukee Packout has a rubber seal around the lid to seal it from moisture insuring that your copper fittings won't tarnish. Don't buy the Ridgid version as they came out with there own packout the same as Milwaukee but the Ridgid brand stinks! Literally they smell bad from cheap plastic.

  12. mr chuck, tell cb2 my dad and I have been working together on and off since I was a kid I'm 23 ..and just these past 3 years I've finally got my interest in it and I'm loving it..super stressful at times but it's always fun helping people out..I've learned I want to be a service man instead of a rough in plumber anyways. dont worry about what people think of you ..give it an honest try. u will enjoy it after awhile..your dad is a great teacher. I wish I had the chance to work with you Mr. Chuck!..

  13. Sup with BR1? You only let him work part time so he canโ€™t get benefits?? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ mah Iโ€™m playing big dawg… love that pro press dawg…

  14. the caulking was probably the only thing holding it in, not the first time I've seen that and for sure not the last…. the other thing is often a small number of brad nails angled into drywall only.

  15. I don't know how tall the building was or layout of it all, but if there's other hot water tanks on floors above, they can siphon out the dip tube or bottom feed(commercial) and flow until dry.
    could be old ball-cock toilet valves and other things with tanks siphoning off, not good =p

  16. when using that miluakee pipe cutter and the pipe has no spread after cutting it the reverse doesn't seem to want to work. Just keep it in forward and give the trigger a couple more bumps and it should align the opening to where it needs to be.

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