COPPER PIPEWORK – Measure and Fit – Plumbing Tips

COPPER PIPEWORK – Measure and Fit – Plumbing Tips

– Hold tight, and welcome to today’s video. My name is James, and
this is gonna be a really, really quick video, just, I’m filming. – [Director] Take two. – That’s what happens when
you’re trying to film onsite. People just keep interrupting. Come on, you just might
as well be on it now. No, come on. – [Female Voice] No, I’ve got to go. If anyone comes in, shout for us, okay? – Okay well… – [Female Voice] See you later! – Anyway, we’ll start that one again. Firstly, number one, if
you’ve been lucky enough to stumble across this video, (laughs) If you’ve been lucky enough to stumble across this video, all about how just to
lay out and do pipe work, then great, we’re gonna
go to that in a minute. Before we begin, it’d
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Facebook and Twitter, where we retweet and post pictures that you guys have sent us of all the plumbing disasters that you see on a daily basis. Anyway, I hope you enjoy today’s video, and I’ll see you in a minute. Thanks ever so much, bye! – …all of the tiling work
and all the building work, and you’re now bloody recording… – [James] I’m not
recording! I’m not! Arlee! (laughing) – Ey I got a text, he’s in it. Hold tight! Welcome to today’s video. Someone’s out there
hoovering at the moment, and ruining this take. Anyway, let’s have a quick
look around this job. What we’re doing here is we’re piping up two basins and a toilet,
a gents and ladies toilet, and all I wanna do is just
show you the pipework. So we’re gonna do a series
of videos every time I’ve got some pipe work to do, I’m just gonna come along
and show ’em to you, okay? If you can hear all
that in the background, there’s kids, people goin’ mental, people who don’t care about
the fact we’re filming. Anyway, so let’s have a
quick look ’round this job. Right, so we’ve got flame
return there for the radiators. These are gonna run down this wall here. We’re gonna have a radiator go on here. We’re gonna punch through
the wall into here and through there to another radiator on the other side of the
wall in the ladie’s loo, otherwise known as “the realm
that no man should go to”, because they always smell funny. And then we’ve got the
hot and cold pipes here. They’re gonna run down here as well, but they’re gonna tee through
this wall at high level, so they’re hidden underneath
here by the basin, and we’ve got, also, drop
down to those two pipes there. As you can see, we’ve
got temporary flexies just goin’ up here so they
can still use some of the services for the pub while
this job is goin’ on. That’s what we’re gonna do, guys, and it’s gonna be amazing. Roland Tings, so then,
I’m gonna set my level in the centre of the furthest pipe. (upbeat music) (whistling) Then I’m gonna use my ruler here, to make sure that these
are spaced out all the way. Got a little bit of flex in
these pipes here as well, so we can make sure that
these are gonna come down nice and straight together right now. (upbeat music) (singing) Boys, we’re using lovely
little Munsen Rings on this, so the centres of our pipes
are obviously going to be the centre of that Munsen Ring, which means when you’re marking up, you’re to hang that
over your centre point, and then mark your holes to
drill with a little wee cross. Also gotta make sure that our clips, are level as well, it’s really important. So I’m gonna grab my little level here, and we’re just gonna
mark where they’re level. Just like that, tiny little marks. Arlee, the decorator who’s
here, who’s very camera shy, is gonna love the fact that I’m using level pen on the bits that might be seen. (chuckles) Right, lemme just… (muffled mumbling) Yeah thank you, ohpff! Hey, I’m doin my best mate, I tell you. (chuckles) Right, with Munsen Rings as well, this is sort of one of the obvious bits, but make sure that you leave
the tightening up screw facing you and not facing the wall, otherwise, what’s going to happen? So I’m just marking that up like so, and this is where I’m gonna start off a new catch phrase, right, for marking up and doing pipe work. It’s gonna be “Clips Come First”. Yeah? Do you like that? The only thing being is, if you want your pipework to be straight and level, mark out your clips straight and level, and then do your pipework
accordingly to those clips. Pretty obvious, I feel, but you know, there’s plenty of dunces out there who don’t know what they’re on about. So look, we’ve got our clips there and what I’ve done, I’ve run down from the centres of those pipes there. Some of them are a bit out of centre but as we can see they can move a bit so we’ve gotta wiggle it. A lot of pipe work is also
about wiggling about stuff. So we’ve got our clips marked here, and then I’m gonna run down and mark another gang of clips along here. And then, obviously, because we’ve got our wall down here, and then we’ve got the step where the tile is, we’re gonna have to bend
four sets exactly the same, all of about five mil, and then that will look absolutely amazing. Won’t it? Look at him. (Laughing) (digital sound effects) Right, so now we’re ready, drill out! ‘Bout to give this girl a shout and see if she had a good
time uptown last night. So yeah, here we go. Worth saying, while we’re
drilling these tiles, number one, these are
quite soft, these tiles, which means I can use a masonry bit like the one we’ve got on here. Basically, use it off hammer. If you use it on hammer,
what’s gonna happen? You’re gonna crack the tile. (drilling) Right, so if you look now, we’ve got our clips here and here. What I need to do now is figure out where we’ll drill these holes through. Now, the reason I put the clips up first is because then I can now know where I’m gonna drill the holes. You can’t just up randomly say, “I’m gonna drill the holes here”, without whacking the clips in first, and you’re never gonna
really know, are you? So yeah, it’s real simple. So now we’ve got our clips here, I’ve got my smaller spirit level here. I wanna be bringing my
pipes round this course so I know that I’m gonna be
on this course here somewhere. So I can just prop my spirit
level here and get my centres. Now I know exactly where I
wanna drill my hole, then. Annoyingly and quite irritating as well is that I’ve actually run out
of little Munsen Ring clips. Problem is as well, is
that this is a Saturday and none of the bloody suppliers are open and you know what it’s like, going down to the suppliers when
you’ve gotta get something, it’s like, I dunno, it’s like having to go to the bar and buy a round. It’s something you know you have to do. If you don’t do it, you’re never
gonna get anywhere in life. So anyway, I know where I’m
gonna mark my holes now, so I’m gonna drill these through. I’m gonna get these pipes down here now, get these holes drilled
through the wall just here, and you can just watch us to that while we listen to a lovely
little bit of Roland Tings, all the way from Australia. Tom! I’m here mate, I’m here. (Roland Tings music) Yeah, it’s fine. And also, when you’re finished as well, you should get yourself
a bit of gaffer tape, run the gaffer tape over the top, and that keeps the copper
away from the concrete, which can eat through pipe, can’t it boys? As is always the way, just
clean your pipes off as well. Right, I’m just gonna get
a rough length of the pipe, we’re gonna go right into
those compressions at the top. Do you hear that? By the way, it’s the customer Chris. You gonna be finished today, he just said. And what did I say? Well listen back, just listen back. – [Chris] Is this gonna be finished today? – [James] No. There’s too much to do and it’s gotta be done properly. It’ll just take time, that’s all it is. It just takes time. Every plumber understands that one, I mean, ahhh bloody hell! (laughs loudly) Alright mate, okay, I’ll see you Monday. Have a good one. So we’re at that stage now where it’s going to upset most
of the people in this pub because these two here feed
under the pub basically, and then over to the bar. I’ve got about an hour
to get this lot done before the actual pub opens. So yeah, it’s gonna be a bit
of an up against ye moment but we should be okay,
with any luck… I hope. Right so we’ve got those two
clips off and out the way, let’s run these up into
here like that, right, and then we can see exactly where we want our bend to start. Now the thing is, a lot of
people just leave it like that, but that means this pipe is gonna be out of level with this
wall, and I’m the one who’s gotta sit on that toilet when I’m out in the night having a beer who’s gonna have to gawk at
that for the rest of my life. Also, that pipe at the top there is just gonna need a
little set over on that, make that straight as well. First thing I do is really simple, just mark where you wanna do our first set on the same pieces of pipes
so they’re exactly linear. So when we push it up, we know that our first set
was to be on here like that, just hold that one up in there, same on there. To be honest, this shouldn’t really need much measuring, these sets,
’cause they’re so shallow. So yeah, right, shallow
sets on the head, joy. (chuckles) Right, so I’ve got my mark there, and I’m just gonna put that
on here like that, like so. Seriously, the shallowest
set in the world, this is gonna be. A nice confined space to
do it in as well, as usual. Right, we’re just gonna
pull that to there. It’s always a good idea
to whip your pen out and just mark the back of the former and then we know that all our bends are gonna be the same sort of shallowness. Now because it is such a shallow bend, the space of these is gonna
be a whip ’round like that, spin it over, right, just clip that up. (bright music) We now are fine to pull it ’cause we’ve already made our little mark, out to there. Now we can see how it fits. Right, so we’ve got that first pipe here just coming down through our clips and into our half clip just here. So now we know exactly
where to cut our pipe. Gonna pop our thumb here, and that’s where we’re gonna make our cut, just on there so we’ll get our nice in about on here. (bright music) So this is the sort of
effect we’re going for here. We’ve got the hot and cold coming down, we’ve got our lovely little Munsen Rings, What I’ve done here, we’ve just
cut this piece here as well because we have to do another set just up top there. Sometimes it’s easier, rather
than doing two shallow sets, saves time and pipe if you just make sure you do one set up there, then
have a cut right on here, our other set there, and there
we are going down through. So we’re underneath our basin. So now, I’m just gonna pipe this lot up and you can have a little
look at this as well. Let’s go, kickin bum here. So here we’ve got a bit of
a difficult one to do here at the bottom because our
hot’s coming up on here for the basin, so is our cold,
lets just turn that down. We’ve got a hot and cold coming out there. We’ve also gotta feed a hot and cold but the other way ’round down there. So this is going to be a little bit higgly-piggly under here. Fortunately we’re gonna
have a big top on here. The basin’s going to cover
a lot of our pipe work up but we’re still gonna try to make it as beautiful as possible,
as if your teacher, or God was looking under there and marking how good it’s gonna be. I’m filming. (laughing) You’re always goin nuts! Jimmy’s lost it! It’s happened at last! (video arcade music) Such a good tune. Ah, yes! Whoo! So boom! There we go, all done with. We’ve got this lovely unusual pebble basin that we’ve got on here. We’ve got these two beautiful
outdoor bib taps to go on. You may also notice that
we’ve got this lovely copper 35 mil pipe that goes down, but you’ve probably seen as well that there’s no trap on that. That is because the trap for this is an in-line trap just down there. So it’s effect to be a length
of pipe ’bout that much from the top of the basin
here to the trap down there that hasn’t actually got an air lock on it before the main bit. I’m hoping that’s not going
to be a massive problem because the customer wanted
to save a bit of money and not have to buy a bronze trap that was visible down here. If you head over just next door here, you’ll be able to see all the pipe work and the radiator we fitted as well for our mates Trade Radiators on a video we’ve done for them. I’m sure they’ll be very
happy with that as well. Beautiful work all
around, nice simple valves bits bogs there as well. There’s just one thing, I dunno, that really could just make this, I dunno, finish off nicely, I
dunno what it could be. Ah, here we go, yeah definitely. I mean, it is a bib tap. It’d be sad not to have it on there. The customers are currently
away on holiday as well so they could come back
and, as a joke, you know, I might just put a garden sprinkler in the middle of the toilet as well. (cackling) Wouldn’t that be good. So anyway, I’m just giving you an idea. I mean, I know you were
kinda just watching us over the shoulder there
about what we were doin’ and that sort of thing, but I’m just giving you an idea about how you plan out and do pipe work. Sometimes, it’s not easy to make the pipe work look good regardless of how long we’ve been doing
plumbing for or whatever, but we’ve done our best
here, it’s hidden away. I mean, what they wanted was for there to be no pipes visible whatsoever or as little as possible,
and I think we’ve managed to sort of nail that one
on the head here as well. Anyway, I hope you’ve
enjoyed today’s video. Please do subscribe to this beast and remember everyone what you’ve gotta do until our next vid, and
that’s to hold tight. I’ll see ya later alligator.


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