hello welcome to tonight’s demo my name
is summer and I am a independent distributor for lip sense and sentence
cosmetics tonight I’m going to show you guys a video on how to apply our shadow
cents and do a really easy and basic eye shadow look that will last you all day
it’s not going to crease it’s not going to go anywhere it won’t smudge eyeshadow
doesn’t fall below on this part of your eye make like raccoon eyes it’s really
amazing and we’re just going to use a couple colors so let me show you what
we’re going to use to start off and then we will get going so the first colors
that I use are candlelight and sandstone shimmer pearl candlelight is what I’m
going to use over my entire eye sandstone shimmer pearl is what I use on
top of that to give it a little bit of a shimmer the color that I use for my
light contour is copper rose shimmer and then for my dark contour I use Garnett
last but not least for my eyeliner I use onyx so these are the five colors that I
use on a daily basis for my basic eyeshadow application and then we’ll
finish off with some mascara so I have everything already on I have my
foundation in my blush and I’m actually wearing the Hobby Alip cents you can see
it doesn’t go anywhere doesn’t smudge doesn’t get on your finger and it’s
beautiful vibrant color so we’re gonna get started with our eye shadow
application and these are really beautiful Browns that work for any eye
color so whether you have blue eyes green eyes brown eyes whatever these are
going to be good for everybody and I recommend using these brushes are
from Coastal Scents you can find them on Amazon and these are synthetic hair
brushes they work best with our shadow scents because it’s a cream to powder
eyeshadow so you need to use synthetic brushes and I’ll share a link to those
as well so first color up is candlelight it’s a
matte cream color and the great thing about our eye shadow is a tiny bit goes
a really long way so that means that this little tube is gonna last you at
least six months if you’re using it every day I’ve had mine for over six
months and there’s still a ton of color in here so what I do is I take my brush
and I use a separate brush for every single color let me just show you
brushes really quick this is what I use for my all over base color this is the
brush that I’m going to use for my light contour and then this is what I’m using
for my darker contour I like to use different brushes for each color because
then they don’t get your colors don’t get muddy and kind of like blended
together you want to have a really clear separation of color you’re gonna blend
them together but you want to see the true color and if you’re using separate
called separate brushes for each color that’s going to help out with that so
first up candlelight and one of the things that I recommend when you’re
using your shadow scents is that you want to have a clean eye so you don’t
want to have any lotion or foundation or anything on your eye when you’re
applying your shadow sense it has the same molecular bond technology that our
lip sense does and so in order to get a really good bond you have to apply it
directly to your skin anything like a lotion would break down the color faster
it’s just not going to last quite as long and I’m just tapping my brush onto
the little applicator stick and then applying instead of taking the
applicator and wiping it because you really just need a tiny tiny bit I’m
going all over my eyelid all the way out and then all the way into the corner of
my eye candlelight is an amazing color because you can use it for highlight
underneath your eye you can use it for concealer on blemishes and you can also
use it for like a highlight highlighter down your nose and on the top of your
forehead so candlelight all over then we’re gonna take sandstone shimmer
pearl I did not love shimmer colors before I discovered these because
everybody knows when you use a shimmer color you end up with shimmer and
sparkle all over your face so because our colors are a cream to Matt you don’t
have that problem so if you have a sparkle or shimmer eyeshadow it’s gonna
stay exactly where you put it and this one is a very subtle shimmer I know
Jackie it’s not very practical but when you have kids and you need to film
videos you do your makeup at 10 o’clock at night and I could actually sleep in
this makeup and it would be totally fine tomorrow another really cool thing about
our makeup is it’s not comedogenic which means it’s not going to clog your pores
should you fall asleep in it on accident accident and it has our anti-aging
technology in it so it’s actually a skin care product so you don’t have to feel
as bad falling asleep in your makeup okay so again sandstone shimmer pearl
over the entire lid make sure that you concentrate right here in the corner of
your eye and then down a little bit underneath right Amanda you can totally
fall asleep all of our creme Cosmetics foundation eyeshadow anything our blush
is it all has the anti-aging complex in it and like I said doesn’t clog pores so
now to the other eye and this just gives us a subtle shimmer it’s not a crazy
Sparkle it’s not really gonna highlight those fine lines or if you have crepey
skin on your eyelid it’s not gonna accentuate those it’s just gonna catch
the light and kind of pop and make you look more awake
Amanda says I literally never wash off my makeup and so it’s okay I will tell
you that it’s not so good because what’s happening during the day is free
radicals are attacking your skin from like the Sun and pollution and your
makeup and skincare breaks down throughout the day and those free
radicals get on your face and if we don’t wash off our makeup more than we’d
like more often than not you are leaving
those things those things that age your skin you’re leaving them on your skin to
sleep in so that’s why it’s important to wash your face at night and put on new
skincare and new skincare products like your lotions and things like that
because that helps create that barrier again for when you’re sleeping against
free radicals so just so you know it’s not terrible just don’t make a habit of
it okay so now that we have sandstone shimmer pearl all over the lid we’re
gonna do copper rose shimmer this is a really beautiful copper color and again
it has a little bit of a shimmer but it’s not this crazy Sparkle I’m using my
angled contour brush and what I like to do for my eye shadow is they work at
like a gradient so I have my owl oh okay it’s ten o’clock I have my all-over
color and then my next color I’m going to bring it from the outside of my eye
and I’m going to stop about two-thirds of the way in then when I use my last
color my darkest color I’m going to start that on the outside of my eye
again and I’m gonna work it about 1/3 of the way in that way you have this really
beautiful gradient that goes from light to dark and it’s really going to open up
your eye because you have that lightest part in the center of your eye so I’m
going to wipe off my excess just so I don’t have too much I’m going to use my
angled brush and I’m just tapping and brushing and you’re going to start from
the outside and work your way in because you want the concentration of color on
the outside of your eye and you’re just kind of window-washing all the way
across and you’re going up on your brow bone but not all the way to your eyebrow
you’re gonna leave some of that space with that highlight color and again
going two-thirds of the way in and the great thing about this is you can build
your color you don’t want to stick a ton of color on your eye and then try to
blend it in you want to go little by little and build your color up you can
always add more you can’t take off it it just makes a
mess so there’s one eye and then we’re going to do the same thing on the other
side so starting from the outside corner and working your way in and then adding
color as you go just wiping on your applicator and bringing it in make sure
you’re going up the same way up towards your eyebrow bone and coming in
two-thirds of the way in and you can see especially for blue eyes how that makes
your blue eyes pop because it’s kind of a coppery like orange color and the
opposite of blue would be orange and if you wanted to stop right here you
totally could this would be a fantastic daytime look I happen to just really
like how it looks with the darker contour on the outside that I’m gonna do
but if you’re somebody who likes a more subtle look during the day
I know Lucy I can’t believe you don’t have it it’s my absolute favorite it’s
out of stock right now you guys and it makes me want to cry okay so there is
copper rose shimmer and to add a little bit of interest just a little tiny step
that makes a big difference I’m using this small flat brush you can see it’s
flat and I’m just gonna take a little bit of that copper Rose shimmer and put
it on my bottom lash line I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with
eyeliner and I have found what I like best is not a thick black line for my
eyeliner I will build a little bit of color so that it accentuates my bottom
lashes but it doesn’t make my eye look smaller and now for our second contour
color this is Garnett it’s a NAT dark brown and this is also what I use for my
eyebrows to fill in so this is my smaller pointed fluffy brush I think
that’s the like official name for it and again just
tap tap tap and I’m going to wipe a little bit off on the neck of the
applicator because you’re using a dark color you don’t want to go in there with
a big dark spot and then have to blend you want to go light handed and I’m in a
deposit color on the outside so deposit that color and then start to work it in and once you learn how to blend this is
going to be really easy and really fast for you so now that I’ve deposited my
color I’m going to take my lighter brush and I’m going to just blend in the
middle a little bit and help that transition smooth out so there’s what
that looks like on that side and we’re going to do the same thing on the other
side and don’t worry about this color falling below like this angled line
we’re going to clean that up so again deposit that color on the
outside and then work your way in and you’re just going about 1/3 of the way
in you don’t want to go too far because then it’s just a big dark eye okay so
there’s that taking our lighter color and just
blending in the middle and then I’m going to take a small flat brush again
and I’m going to use this darker brown to just fill in in between my eyelashes
so again I’m not making this dark bold line I’m just filling in under my
eyelashes and that just helps lengthen and make your lashes look thicker and it
creates kind of a smoky eye instead of this harsh line and I told you we’re
gonna clean that up so what I use is my I’ll use a foundation brush usually like
a flat foundation brush but all I have is my lighter color brush so what I’m
going to do is I’m going to go up at an angle and clean up that line a little
bit and you can see right there it just takes that excess off
and lift your eye up and then I’m going to go to the other side and do the same
thing and a little lift up and then just clean up underneath and your eyeshadow
is done so here’s what it looks like candlelight all over shimmer sandstone
pearl all over then we do copper rose shimmer and then garnet I’m going to go
in one more time with my copper rose shimmer and just highlight the corner and then the other side here we go and I’m going to use onyx
which is our black shadow sacks for my liner I use a small angled brush and
this makes it really easy to get a smooth line so I’m just tapping again
I’m gonna close that up so I don’t get it on myself and I’m doing a very thin
line across my lash line and I’m just tapping across I’m not trying to be
perfect and make one smooth line I’m just tapping across my lash line all the
way into the corner and then I’m going to take that line and bring it out
slightly my lashes have mascara on them so they’re moving around and then the
other side again we’re just tapping across and then into the corner and then out aside there we go and then if you want to
blend again and there’s our eyeshadow so I’m gonna go through and I’m just going
to clean up my mascara a little bit I have mascara on so they’re a little a
little wonky this is our lash sense it’s an amazing mascara it’s waterproof and I
feel like it’s it’s more of a gel based mascara instead of the mascara that
dries and gets flaky and then you end up with flakes below your eyes later in the
day this does not move it wraps and coats
each lash and helps separate it lengthens it makes them thicker and it’s
waterproof and then we’re going to tap on the bottom other side and there you have it there is an
everyday eye shadow look that is super easy to do you only need a couple of
products so again I used just these for my entire eye look so you don’t need
this giant palette all you need is just a couple of eyeshadow colors and you’re
totally good so you can use this for your entire face I would add in one of
our blush colors so we have a shadow since it’s called mulberry and we also
have pink Posie that are amazing for blush so you would do eyebrows and
shadow this would be your highlighter and then you would use our pink ones for
your blush and you can get your entire face done in just these this would also
be really good for your contour so that is today’s look thanks so much and I’ll
talk to you guys


  1. Great tutorial, but when you say all you need are those colors, that’s well over $100. I have palettes with more colors, staying power, and a fraction of the price. Don’t get me wrong, I love those colors. It’s the cost that’s tough.

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