Copper Stackers from PC Heat Sinks

Copper Stackers from PC Heat Sinks

G’Day Scrappers, Just wanted to talk about Copper Stackers Uhm, The Copper ingots we get out of Alluminium heat sinks That are on top of motherboards out of computers A lot of times the heat sinks actually can be just solid Alluminium Sometimes they can just be solid Copper A lot of the time , we get these Half and Half Where you have got extruded Alluminium on the outside And you’ve got a Copper ingot inside They come in all different shapes and sizes They’re usually, these ones, Are the solid ones The first ones I showed you here, The goblet ones I call them Goblets Because they’re like a little goblet As they are, we can sell these as Copper Alluminium radiator And you get an okay price for them, But we can add value to these by removing the Copper ingot And turning the regular Alluminium into extruded Alluminium Because when you sell this as a Copper Alluminium radiator They just consider it as regular Alluminum, and regular Copper When we remove the Alluminium, we are actually improving the value. Because it is actually extruded alluminium It should be the highest priced Alluminium The way I used to do it, if you’re only doing a small amount of PCs And you only get a few of these every so often You know, you might get one every so often, the way that I used to do these Used to go through the vice And i’d get my Heat Sink and put it in my vice And then I’d get a bloody hammer This is one of the printer rods, a nice thick one And I would just put the rod there and I’d *hammer sounds* I’d belt it down like that, with the hammer A lot of times the Copper can be really stuck in there really tight Sometimes you end up smashing it and smashing it and they won’t come out It’s a lot of work to do So, another way I decided to do it Just by using a cutter, a lot of people might use An angle grinder or a *unintelligible Aussie mumbling* Or whatever they call’em I’ve got something like that. So I just pop them into the vice Tighten them up All I want to do is cut the ring of the Copper out of the Alluminium So All I want to do is just cut through this thick part And then we should be able to separate it, and get the copper out I use one of these, sort of like a sawzall, sort of like an angle grinder Kind of thing It’s got a round blade You can use anything you like, angle grinder, the flat ones (sawzall) So what I do Is just to get into the round thing, I just open up the fins a little bit You’ve probably already seen that Get myself some glasses *IMPORTANT* Okay, so, I’m just going to cut through this little piece of Alluminium here so we can get through and get that Copper *Loud sawing noises* Okay So it’s only a little cut As you can see, I’ve got a whole pile of them here so I usually wait until I’ve got a few of them that I need to get rid of and then I’ll do them all in one go Using this cutter So we take it out of the vice And we can We can just get a screwdriver if you like, I probably cut into this a little too much So we can just Pop out the Copper! And so now we’ve got Straight, extruded Alluminium Which is here in Australia at the moment about a dollar thirty a Kilo So that’s top grade Alluminium now And now we’ve got a straight handy Copper Some call it ‘Number Two’ Copper Some call it ‘Number One’ just depending on the different grading It’s basically candy Copper Where I cut it as you can see it’s got a little bit of a groove where I cut a bit of copper off A little bit too much, but that’s just how it goes So that was a round one We got square ones We’ve got these goblet ones This is steel this really downgrades the Heat Sinks because it’s Irony Alluminium or Irony Copper In this case when we cut this piece of Alluminium to remove this Steel bracket, this is the only way These ones are very hard to pop out with these bars But they also come out, and you’ll end up pushing out this whole through the plate So in this case we’re just going to cut through the steel plate and get out Copper out They’re a little bit more hard To do, so put them nice and tight Open up at the center Nice hole *Loud sawing noises* *More loud sawing noises* Okay! Alright, so now we’ve loosened off this Steel plate, and it’s just going to come out with the Copper So now we’ve got our Extruded Alluminium Same deal We’ve got a bit of Steel We can throw this in Steel And we’ve got our Copper Stacker Now these ones as I said I call them Goblets because they’re like little drinking goblets These are really nice, if you don’t cut into them too much they’re really nice to collect These are what I mean by true stackers, as you can see they have solid ends and are completely solid Copper So you can stack them up And they stack, and that’s why I call them stackers, cuz if you stack Copper, if you like copper This is probably the best stuff to collect because it’s solid you get the most weight for your size I’ve finished scrapping out these Heat Sinks and getting out the Copper stackers Yeah got a, nice little pile To add to the collection I did hack into a few of them but uh, Can’t do much about it And a nice Goblet They’re nice too It’s all the same Copper, all candy Copper, these stackers here are really nice to stack Some people like to stack Copper just like bulion Because they are solid and round little round things They stack quite nicely So, uh, yeah, that’s why we call them Copper stackers That’s from PC Heat Sinks that go to the CPU Get into’em You know, scrap them out like this and you’re gonna Add a bit extra value to, uh To the Heat Sink rather than just selling them as Alluminium Copper radiators Now you’ve got some good Copper to sell! Anyways, keep scrapping guys Have fun and I’ll catch you next time


  1. Once i've cut trrough the first heat sink,i would sandwich the next one between a smaller diameter copper and the aluminium casing in the vice and insert the lot in the vice.The vice should work like a hand acting on a syringe.No guarantee it would work though but considering the number of heat sinks,I would give it a thought though.Nice video.

  2. I don't get it… Why don't you just molt the stuff and poor out the aluminion molten first and you heat more when aluminion is done out?

  3. Try this: Instead of cutting with the grinder, position the heat sink flat over an opening the diameter of the copper plug. Then take a solid steel rod that is the same diameter, or a hair less than the copper plug, and give it one hard whack with a five pound sledge. That plug will probably pop right out. This would be far faster.
    The hydraulic press idea, below, is a good idea as well.

  4. Ben – not sure you'll see this, kind of an old vid from you.  Just got around to breaking out my copper stackers.  While I know it's just copper and aluminum, damn that copper stacker looks beautiful.

  5. I have a lot of aluminium Heatsink contains copper like your video. But I use gas heater mthod. It's very easy and lessdanger.

  6. Good evening my friend, I'm from Brazil, I really like your videos, but please, speak slower or, if possible, speak less, breathe between the sentences … I watch the videos at slow speed and yet the translator can not Follow you …

  7. The gobblet stacker are useful for motorcycle nipple repair. fill and heat solder then dip cable end into it you then have a perfectly soldered cable end. I use these all the time making custom cables. You could sell them as well for 5 bucks each ish depending on demand.

  8. Why don't you clamp your cutter and handle the heat sinks instead? That will turn a thirty second job into a half second cut.

  9. hey ben how much can i pay you for 20 of thoes heatsinks with copper "stackers" in them. I dont need the big ones just medium sized

  10. You should buy a plasma cutter to remove the aluminium… not really I just wanted to add a different method to everyone else's ideas! LOL

  11. alternitive uses for the alloy blocks , use the alloy blocks as heat sinks for 1' water pipe to help cool liquids running through the steel or copper pipes , thermal cooling ect

  12. зубилом нужно было рассекать алюминий. Стружки не было бы. Меньше потерь и уборки

  13. I'd start doing the Ewaste stuff myself but you never see any PCs anywhere . They all get taken to the local tip , where the employees get all the treasure !

  14. Being aluminium it's pretty soft, which means it's pretty easy to cut. So why not take a few strokes with a hacksaw or one of the many finer bladed saws and remove as little material as possible?

  15. @eWaste Ben Open the fins on one side and heat the aluminum (with a propane or MAP gas torch) at that point to make it expand, and the copper should just drop out. Might have to persuade it with a light tap.

  16. An impact socket and a section of lumbar with a hole in it and you should be able to use that vise to press them out.

  17. Guys he,s talking about making a profit ALL these EXTRA processes ,heating up. presses whatever ADD TO HIS COSTS.cheapest process = maximum profit

  18. when U want to have a piece of copper from these heat sinks WITHOUT having a cut AND without hammering on thop of then, just heat the entire heatsink up and after reaching 250°C (dunno exactly at which temp the copper falls out.
    Thats exactly the way (vice versa) how the manufacturer produces them.
    It might not be a bargain in terms of scrapping value but U can use the whole diameter when U want to cut something from this on a lathe machine. taking out the goblit ones 'U can use these as an egg-cup 😀

  19. copper stackers… we call them that cause they stack nicely… they are easy to stack. blah blah blah copper stackers… cause they stack nicely. ummm yeah. they are easy to stack. copper stackers… nice to stack. some people stack them. ummm yeah… copper stackers…

    JESUS CHRIST! you repeat yourself a hell of a lot. fucking hell, its like listening to an autistic person.

  20. can you just place these over a conveniently sized hole in your table and use the mallet and a driver to knock the core right out in one go? wouldn't take all that much effort. You seem to be doing this the very long/hard way.

  21. You fuckers are annoying is it. Al-lu-mini-um" or "Alum-inum" you pronounce an extra vowel after the n Butchering the English language.😬😬

  22. I just use a hack saw and cut it the same way. Honestly doesn’t take much longer and want to save as much copper as possible. Even the ones with steal

  23. With such a small amount of aluminum to cut through, you could just use a hack saw. That way you wouldn't cut through to the copper. You could also rig up a car jack as a press to push the copper out.

  24. Ben I re-watched your video about your copper stackers do you ever find any of that anymore I don't see much of it on your videos

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