Copper Star Shooting Range Camp Verde Arizona

Copper Star Shooting Range Camp Verde Arizona

hi it’s AlaskaGranny on a road trip in Arizona I discovered the Copper Star Indoor Shooting Range and gun shop it is located just west of highway 17 in Camp Verde Arizona it is between Phoenix and Sedona and Flagstaff it is a well stocked gun shop with an amazing indoor gun range the owners and employees are knowledgeable and helpful and agreed to explain the facility to you hi I would like to introduce myself I am the little girl who raised the American flag and said the Pledge of Allegiance the girl who carried the American flag at the Friday night football games the young woman who stood with the flag as a US Army soldier prepared to defend her country against any enemy foreign or domestic the woman who traveled the world cleaning up discarded land mines bombs bullets and explosives I am an American my name is LuAnne Patterson the Copper Star Indoor Shooting Range and Gun Shop is a veteran family owned and operated business we believe every American has a right to own and carry firearms to protect themselves and their families the Copper Star offers classes in firearm safety basic and defensive firearms CCW classes realistic readiness security training for churches groups and others should you need assistance in purchasing training or just tune up your skills we are a full service facility with guns for sale and for rent know what you want we will do our best to locate it and get it for you ammo reloading supplies emergency readiness equipment Eberlestock Packs are for sale and more if archery is your pleasure we have a full service archery pro shop we sell tune and repair bows we make custom arrows and strings and the best part is
you can shoot your bow and guns at our indoor ranges 150 foot archery range 75 foot pistol range and a 300 foot rifle range in comfort the ranges are all indoors heated and cooled we are located west off I 17 and highway 260 next to Out of Africa attraction contact us at call at 928-567-5300 AlaskaGranny shooting her new Browning 22LR take down semi automatic rifle that’s not bad first time I shot this new gun Browning 22lr take down semi auto rifle AlaskaGranny shooting Browning 22LR take down semi auto rifle at Copper Star Indoor Shooting Range Camp Verde Arizona check out the Copper Star Indoor Shooting Range and Gun Shop for your guns shooting and archery needs they are knowledgeable helpful just the kind of people we would expect to find operating a fine establishment for guns ammo and outdoor activities learn more at please subscribe to AlaskaGranny channel


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