Copper State Bolt and Nut’s migration to Dynamics 365

Copper State Bolt and Nut’s migration to Dynamics 365

>>My name’s Carl Spackman
I’m the Vice President of finance for
Copper State Bolt and Nut. Copper State has been
around since 1972. We sell fasteners, we
sell bolts and nuts. We have 37,000
different part numbers. Every month, we sell about 125,000 of those
separate line items. Has to be done efficiently, but it has to be done with all 6,500 customers
per month in mind. That level of complexity
can really only be handled if you have the system
and keep up with you. We recognize that AX 2009 wasn’t keeping up with the speed that we are going as a company. If we didn’t go to
the cloud based, mobile based it would become a huge limiting factor to our growth and maybe even
our existence in the future. All of our data, that’s in AX 2009 is
moving with us into D365 and we get to make decisions with all of
the master tables loaded. The other thing about
Dynamics 365 is that’s the way you’re going
to be able to go fully noble. I think businesses that
don’t keep up with that are going to have
a hard time surviving. We want to be great now, we want to be great long
into the future and we want to grow as
rapidly as we can. One of the main
advantages of going to D365 is no more implementations. They’re expensive,
they’re time consuming. This is the last time
we ever have to touch an ERP system. We’re customers for life.

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