Copper Toppers

Copper Toppers

Hello YouTube, this is RV Granny We decided
to go for a drive today it wasn’t very sunny and the weather wasn’t beautiful but it stopped
raining and that was a good enough excuse Alder Lake sure looked nice today it’s almost
back to normal I love driving through these majestic looking trees
We should have checked online before we came The road is closed because of the fallen trees
This forest road that runs along Skate Creek used to be open all winter but I suppose the
Forest Service doesn’t have the time or money to keep it open in the wintertime any more
The last we were here was in August during the drought We just wanted to take another
look now that the drought is over This is Copper Creek
just up the road is Copper Creek Inn Copper
Creek Inn opened in 1946 originally it was a service station and a lunch counter Now
they have 9 cabins out in the woods and they serve wonderful meals here They specialty
is blackberry pie and my husband’s favorite , Copper Toppers . Copper Toppers are homemade
cinnamon rolls with a caramel sauce that you can pour over the top. My husband loves them.
Thanks for coming along on our trip. See you next time, bye.


  1. That place looks so neat! If Abigail and I manage to take our Pacific Northwest trip this summer I want to put it on the itinerary. xxoo

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