Copper – TV Review (2012)

Copper – TV Review (2012)

There’s nothing wrong with period piece
drama, but give me period piece thrillers.
Copper is a detective series set in 1860’s New York City in the
worst neighborhood imaginable, Five Points, and it’s during the American
Civil War. So, yeah, heady times. It focuses on Irish
immigrant detective Kevin Corcoran and his team as they
battle rapists, murderers, just twisted fiends, and that’s
only in the City Council. The series kicks
off with action and we learn very quickly that this city is corrupt, but we also learn there’s a
deeper story than just the average detective series. Our main
character (Tom Weston Jones) is looking for his wife and daughter who he lost while he was off fighting in the war, and
as he tugs away at that mystery he and his team are working against
those killers , the rapists, just the corruption in the
city and terrorists all looking to bring the city down. And as we move forward we get more characters and each character really just makes the
show more interesting. It doesn’t take anything away from our driving story line, our main
cast. We just keep watching , just get more interested, and you’re just
gonna keep hitting “Next Episode”. The tone in this series is
,well- serious. We have a city that’s run by
corruption, money, and fear, and we have a police
force well that’s run the exact same way and main characters that are just a shade
a bit lighter than the bad guys. But, why would you watch the series? Let me tell you why. Its funny. There are moments of real
humor here that you’re gonna be laughing, rewinding
to hear the joke again. There moments of real, solid action
that are just gratifying. You’re glad you stayed with it to watch the end of it- that was a great
episode. And there’s consistency of excellence. Every episode has a nice
story line that feeds back into the feel of the time period and delivers on all the things you wanna see in a
series hands down. The first season of Copper is streaming right now but it was cancelled after the second
season. You know sometimes when I watch a cop
drama that has a bit of a twist in it I kinda think they’re they’re just doing
that to be interesting. That’s not in the case of Copper. I felt that it brought that
period in American history to life – it just happens to be a very grim, gritty
entertaining reality.


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