1. Thanks for watching! Do you have the coil or thinking about getting the coil? Which one? What are your experiences?

  2. I had a copper IUD for several years after a bad experience with hormonal contraception, and it did make my periods somewhat worse (longer, more painful). However, given that hormones don't suit me and I have no intention of getting pregnant, I'd get another one if it ever looked likely that I'd need it.

  3. I really like your videos but with this one in particular I was hoping for a more critical analysis of the different coils/taking hormones. Also because you then later on talk about the benefits a certain pill had on your symptoms – making it sound like pills are just some kind of candy that you can swallow in order to get rid of cramping etc. (especially for young girls I think that this is a problematic perspective. You take hormones and this can lead to certain physical changes and issues, especially in the long run.)

    As it comes to the coils – I have had a copper coil for almost two years until my gynecologist told me that there were no long term studies on them by purpose, for they knew that afterwards they could not sell them anymore. She seemed very competent to me and explained why copper in your body can lead to a variety of problems (one can not quite predict – because of the lack of scientific evidence – but assume). Obviously I am not a gynecologist myself so I can not tell you more details about it (this was in 2016 also).
    As I said – I was just wondering about these aspects and the fact that you were only discussing increasing or decreasing period symptoms as pros or cons. Did you do more research on this or was this video more about sharing personal experiences than informing?

    Anyways, I always enjoy listening to your hormone diaries. Just wanted to leave some feedback! Hope you don’t take this as rude or anything like that!
    Have a good day 🙂

  4. I got a copper IUD (gynefix, that's not a coil) and I'm very happy with it. No hormones and I don't have to think about contraception for 5 years!
    Also, I have UC as well and I experience amenorrhoe as well, just like my body says: No periods for this girl, we need to shut down. Losing enough blood through the anus !

  5. I've had the mirena coil for approximately 8 months. My experience is very similar to yours ; first continuous spotting for a month or so and after that no periods at all, but I do get the side effects of them. Besides being happy about not having to worry about the pill anyone, I'm also saving lots of money on pads and tampons and cause I don't need them anyone I'm also being more environmentally friendly 🙂

  6. I've had both the copper and the mirena. I initially started with the copper as I was looking to use it as just a contraceptive, I do have PCOS which gives me irregular periods but at that time they were managable. About a year after I had the copper coil I had a continuous period for about 2 months, varying between heavy and light so I decided to change to the Mirena Coil and it's been great. The only problem I've had reproductive wise is I've had a ruptured ovarian cyst, which no doctor has any idea if it's related to the PCOS or the Mirena coil but would highly recommend coils in general, they're great!

  7. I actually went to the doctors and tried to get the copper coil because I haven't got on with any of the pills and want to stay away from hormones, she wouldn't let me get it because she said it would be too painful for someone who hasn't given birth

  8. I got prescribed the Jaydess coil 2 years ago, it's a smaller one that lasts 3ish years (after pregnancy there's one for 5 years). (I live in Belgium, so maybe they prescribe the Jaydess more often here?) I don't have periods anymore really, occasionally after the first 6 months I got spotting around the time I should get a period anyway. Easily solved with panty liners though! I love having it, barely any PMS symptoms, mostly no bleeding, no forgetting the pill,…! Definitely considering putting another one in when I get it removed.

  9. Hannah
    I am 20 years old and questioning my gender but in result I was born female so periods are something i unfortunately have to deal with.
    The way you described how it felt after having your coil put in with being in bed, hot water bottle and something to be sick in just in case is me one day a month every month.
    I was thinking about the copper coil until now. I could not deal with my period pain being anyworse. I've almost ended up in AnE with how bad it can be now.
    I am currently going though some tests to find out why I'm in so much pain.
    Thank you for the hormone diaries and all your other videos
    Abbie from Kent

  10. so fun story, one time i had sex and the condom broke, i had had the implant taken out about a month before so i had just started the patch but it takes a certain amount of time to start working and it hadnt got to that point yet!
    The implant had completely fucked up my cycle, so when i went to the doctors the morning after (lol) this had happened they basically told me i could have the morning after pill but it might not work cause they didnt know when i had ovulated etc
    it was then i found out about the copper coil and had next to no choice but to have it put in even tho i was so scared to have it (it was actually not so bad so in a way im happy it happened) !
    and thats my tale of bad luck after bad luck after bad luck

  11. Can you get the coil taken out before the time period is up? I'm thinking about more permanent contraception than the pill, but I don't want to commit to 5-10 years, it seems like a lot

  12. I have the mirena iud. Boy has it been a weird ride. The insertion hurt like hell and they only let you take 800 mg of ibuprofen to lessen the pain, at least in the US. I had spotting for a few months and severe cramping not to mention the "hormone brain" where you're an emotional mess. Then it eventually settled down, my body and mind stopped reacting so adversely to the hormones. The worst thing that has happened after the first year is the occasional cramps and spotting. If you can make it through the first months of pain and not feeling like yourself at all it's a decent option. I forget to mention the pain during sex, that hasn't gone away, so my sex life has taken a hit because of the iud as well.

  13. I have the copper coil! I've had it for nearly three years at this point, and it definitely made my periods heavier, but for me the peace of mind knowing it wasn't hormonal based is worth it

  14. Well I had my hormonal coil inserted 3 weeks ago – not super uncomfortable. Thankfully my doctor went over these differences but this would have been useful before it got inserted >___>

    Edit: Thanks for reassuring me that like a constant spotting for weeks is totally normal. My follow-up is next week so I was going to ask then if a constant period for 2 weeks is normal.

  15. I have the copper coil for coming up to a year soon and my period pains and horrific to the point where I was taking two paracetamol and two ibuprofen every 4 hours I’m not on medication to manage the pain which is starting to help

  16. I'm on the Jaydess coil! It's a 3 year hormonal coil vs the 5 year Mirena, and the amount of hormone is significantly less than the Mirena (roughly half?) so although I do still get some sort of period (very light or short periods), I feel less side effects because the amount of hormones in my body is less. It's also physically smaller as my cervix was much too small to have the Mirena. I haven't met anyone else who has heard of the Jaydess before (my GP was a gynae specialist and suggested and fitted it) but I always recommend it 🙂 xo

  17. I have the marina and got it put in at 16, now i'm 23 and its still in there (7 years and still working.. oops). I noticed that the hormones decreased at the 5 year mark, and realised the negative affect the hormones had on my mental health. I can now feel emotions, get hormonal and have pains during periods (which is bloody nice after feeling numb for so long!) I also don't feel as boring as a sterilised dog. Now I am needing to get it changed, and don't want to go back to the hormones so I am pretty set on getting the copper coil, but I am waiting for a time where it is most convenient to have a possible of 6 months bleeding like others have experienced. Being a woman sucks.

  18. I have the copper coil since 2017 and really recommend it! Here in Brazil I was able to put the coil for free because of the government health care treatment (don't know what it's like in other countries), so it was super worth it (no more spending money with pills!!), I had terrible cramps the first 3 months but then my uterus got used to it, so now it's alright and I've adapted really well 🙂

  19. I have the merina too, I was such an idiot getting it. They recommended taking ibuprofen beforehand and I didn't and there was a student Dr in who was willing to let me squeeze her hand during and I thought I wouldn't need to (I did!!) And I organised a bike ride the day after (totally regretted it!). Mine is due for renewal and I will definitely be taking it easy the day after this time. Also don't get a period anymore, sometimes get a tiny bit of cramping and spotting. Would recommend the coil to anyone!

  20. I am currently on the pill and the nurse has suggested getting the marina coil, but one thing I love about being on the pill is my complete lack of periods, plus I have health conditions which means I already take medication so I never forget it. I wasn't sure before this video but now I think I'm going to stay on the pill for now as it works for me and I want to be messing with my body when it's already struggling, however I might consider it again if I ever stop taking regular medication every day.

  21. i was on the pill for about two years but now i use 'natural cycles' after realising i have really extreme highs and lows (with anxiety) with the pill! no more hormones for me

  22. I had a really bad time with the regular (combination) pill and was considering the hormonal coil (because my periods were bad enough as they were I ruled out copper pretty quickly). Right now I am on the mini pill which uses the same hormones as the hormonal coil to see if I react better to this kind of birth control. I am feeling really good with this medication and will probably wait until I'm done with having children to get the hormonal coil, as my ob gyn recommended waiting because there might be problems with conceiving after using any vaginal implant

  23. Thank you so much Hannah ! I was thinking about switching from the pill to the coil. Now I'll be informed. Have a good day! ❤

  24. Wow, it seems like everyone commenting has just had an amazing time with the copper IUD… Well, I just wanna put it out there that it’s not great for everyone. In fact my experience was quite different. I had one for a year and a half and did not have one day where I didn’t bleed. Some days were so bad that I went through 10 superplus tampons and three pads. I went through boxes and boxes of period products and it was NOT inexpensive. I had fainting spells, dizziness almost everyday, and towards the end was experiencing major depressive episodes. So, just know that you may have to search around for the right thing for your body, AND the right thing might not exist.

  25. OK this is really reassuring!! I got my mirena coil fitted early January and I also spotted on and off for the first month or so. I then had a period late February, which was lighter than normal but still fairly substantial. I was due to have my next period late march, and I had some mild cramping and my boobs k i l l e d right on cue, but no period came… Just how you described it felt a bit like a little ghost period… This kinda worried me as most websites say you'll still get your period for a year or so after having the mirena fitted, especially if you're young and had heavy periods before (which I did). I can't lie I have spent the past couple of weeks fretting about whether I am pregnant or not, however this video has reassured me that most likely this is perfectly normal, so thank you for that! ❤️

  26. I have an etonogestrel contraceptive implant (i think thats the translation) in my arm and I really enjoy it, it is a 3 year implant. I really like not having to worry about it like you mentioned!

  27. Hey ! So FIY the copper IUD doesn't only prevent sperm to pass, it also alters the endometrial lining, which prevents implemention of a potential fertilized egg. That's why it's very effective as an emergency contraception, even if the egg is already fertilized, it can't implant (whereas plan B pills and the likes will only prevent ovulation and fertilization, it it's already fertilized it's too late).

  28. I remember you saying at one point that you think your flare up might have been triggered by the coil, but that there is no research about this – I know that in Germany patients can report alleged side effects of drugs on a special website. The data gets collected and if they notice a pattern the suspicion is either confirmed or further investigated. Might be an idea to check whether the UK have a website like that, too! Medical research sometimes needs everybody's help!

  29. I'd love to hear a discussion about the NuvaRing! I was experiencing period-related migraines while on birth control pills. My doctor recommended remaining on some form of systemic hormones to help manage my endometriosis symptoms. I ended up switching to the NuvaRing because it is delivers hormones into the body more consistently (no hormonal blood level spikes like you get after taking the pill each day). I like it thus far! My migraines have decreased in frequency, and I love not needing to take a pill every day. I think the NuvaRing could be a great option for more people, but it is not well known.

  30. I had to have the copper coil as emergency contraception because my condom broke and I couldn’t get an appointment in time and the walk in centre near me was closed BUT it’s the best thing I’ve ever done because now I don’t need condoms! (I have a regular sex partner. Please still use a condom if you do not, STD/STIs are a thing.)

  31. I'm a transmasculine nonbinary person and I've had the Mirena IUD for about 1.5 years. I don't use it for birth control, instead I got it to control/stop my periods. I had about 95 days or something of tiny spotting and it was terrible to get in, but after that I have had no periods since then. It's been blissful to avoid the terrible mood swings of PMS, bleeding, cramping, and dysphoria of periods. I never have to worry how many days it's been since I last bled! Highly recommend. Getting it hurt quite a lot and the spotting sucked a little, but after that, it's been worth it many times over!

  32. I got the mirena a few months ago, and your videos were so useful in the build up. It was good to go in knowing what to expect. I was very lucky and had basically no pain afterwards and my period stopped pretty much immediately. I had spotting for a few days after getting it put in, but absolutely nothing since then. It's wonderful!!

  33. This is brilliant. Thanks for all the information you put out there, I'm now thinking about maybe getting a hormonal coil

  34. I got the copper coil as my first ever contraceptive choice (besides condoms, of course) right after my 20th birthday. I was attracted to it because I didn't really want to do something hormonal, because I'd heard a lot of bad stories, but I also didn't want to mess around with condoms anymore (I was and am in a long-term relationship, and we both got tested before we made the switch.). Also, I liked the idea of not having to think about it everyday.

    It definitely made my periods worse. Before that I had a very "average" period of 5 days, with the first 2 being heavier and the last day being barely there. With the coil my period lengthened to a full 7 days, with the first 5 days being really heavy (as in, multiple full menstrual cups a day) and the last 2 being a somewhat medium flow. It also made my cramps worse, and about 1-2 days of my period they would be quite debilitating.

    I had my first copper coil for about a year, and then it fell out when I was taking my menstrual cup out. I had heard about the coil not vibeing that well with the cup, but my doctor had told me it should be fine. So I went back to the doctor, coil in hand, and told her what happened. She was really surprised, and I had a new one put in that same day. That second one came half-way out about a month later, during my next period, which was really weird. I could, like, feel it sticking out of my cervix. Not great.

    After that I was really sick of the coil, and just wanted something that would just work, without all the hassle. So, I decided to go with something hormonal, yet low dose, and low maintenance, and that is the nuvaring! I've had that now for about 8-ish months, and it's working really well! I haven't felt any weird side effects emotionally or physically, and it's made my periods the most manageable they've ever been. I now only bleed for 3 days, and 2 of the days are really just spotting. Also, extremely minimal cramps. Honestly great. Would recommend.

  35. I have the Mirena IUD (Coil)! I've had it since October of 2015 and when I first got it I bleed/spotted for about a month at a time, every two weeks. Other than that, I didn't experience any negative symptoms from getting the Mirena. I actually quite love it. Though, since the biweekly month-long periods, my cycle has evened out and I still have a period (lasting 3-5 days, every month). It's like clock work. I'm aware that I technically shouldn't be having one so I'm low-key concerned. But it seems to be working… based on the fact that I haven't gotten pregnant in that 4 years. 

    Does/has anyone else have a regular period with their Mirena?

  36. the thing with getting more painful periods on a copper coil or any copper related contraceptive is that the copper not only harms the sperm but also makes the uterus feel infected and a sick body will not want to become pregnant. this constant fake infection makes the tissue grow differently and so even fertilized eggs cannot nest in it and this different tissue makes the bleeding stronger and the cramps more painful so yey to that

  37. I have had both copper coil and Mirena (twice). I would definitely never go back to a copper coil and would not recommend it unless you have some health issue where you can't have hormone therapy or you need emergency contraception. Copper coil DOES make life way more painful and bloody and it just doesn't have to be this way 💁🏻 literally most painful way of contraception, just not need for it….

  38. I have the Jaydess coil, and i get the same experiences as Hannah. the ghost periods, the spotting and everything else. When I got it put in, I was 15 and it was the single most physically painful thing I've ever experienced in my life. and after that the side effects were awful, the spotting pissed me off something major, and i was getting infections left right and centre for the littlest things. but now I've had it since September and its so much easier than the pill which i just kept forgetting and I'm not pregnant so that's an obvious plus. I used to also get really really bad back pain and really heavy periods and now most months I get the odd period symptom (sore boobs, cramps, back pain), but to a very small degree and not even bleeding some months. If you can stand the pain and small amount of suffering, I'd recommend it easily.

  39. I had the newest shit of hormonal. "Much smaller amount of hormone, only local, nothing is gonna affect the rest of the body"..
    I got excruciating pains where I felt like being stabbed in the stomach and collapsed on the floor every time it happened, because my body wanted to give birth to this little shit and caused bad muscle tension around the area. Literally giving birth. I sometimes sat down squatting and pushed, I couldn't fight the feeling. It felt like having to take a shit but with the vagina lol. Push it out and feel relief. I was pretty much always aware of it being there. I got horrible acne that I still haven't fucking recovered from years later. I was constantly lightly bleeding for the first 3 months and got iron deficiency. I grew much more facial and body hair, had to shave my face. My hormone system was constantly trying to fight this lil bitch, refusing to adapt. It was a 2 year long nightmare before I gave up and got it out. I could feel how my entire body finally relaxed and felt joy as soon as it was out. I'm never doing that again lol.
    My period got much lighter (gynecologist said it looked like it would soon stop completely but it didn't) and it was easy not ever having to remember taking a pill etc. But the rest was absolutely unbearable. In general I'm very sensitive to hormones. If you're not, this could be a fabulous option.

  40. I’ve been on the implant for just over 2 years now and am starting to think about what I’ll do when it needs removing. So far I’ve got on with it quite well but have considered the coil as a slightly longer term option (perhaps without unpredictable periods) but getting it fitted scares the shit out of me

  41. I got the copper coil as emergency contraception (never really considered it before) and although my periods now are probably more painful they're regular and on time for the first time in my life and for me that's worth a bit more pain. After my 10 years are done I would definitely get another one!

  42. I LOVE my copper coil. Periods got heavier after i had it put in but after a while it got less and now i feel like i'm back to my normal flow. The pain of insertion and afterwards was barable xx

  43. In the US it's usually not reccommended to use the copper IUD (coil) if you haven't had kids, so because of that and the heavier more painful periods thing I opted for the Mirena. It hurt SO MUCH getting it put in, but now it's fine and I have super light periods and almost no cramps. I was one of the people who the first Mirena I got fell out 6 months after getting it, but there were no complications from that and I was able to get a second one a few months later and it's been good for me since then.

  44. I'm getting the copper coil fitted tomorrow!! Can't tell if watching this helped or not…… it'll all be fine deep breaths

  45. I've tried all of the progesterone only pills in the UK over the past 2/3 years (POP because I'm diagnosed with migraines) and experienced constant bleeding with pretty much all of them. For the first 1/2 months everything would be running smoothly (maybe a bit of spotting) but would then continue to bleed for months on end. My doctor recommended I try the Mirena coil which I had inserted last month. I don't want to scare anybody off but the pain was HORRENDOUS! I was in agony throughout the procedure and for weeks after and I still get cramping now. I know it hasn't quite settled into my body yet but I've been bleeding constantly since having it inserted and I feel so fed up with the options I have left. I can only have progesterone only contraception and the copper coil is a no go as I have naturally very heavy periods. I don't know if I can physically or mentally handle bleeding for any longer!

  46. I have the Hormonal Coil at the moment (have had it for over a year) and even the small dose of hormone is turning me into someone I don’t recognise. My next option is definitely switching to the Copper coil! I’ve loved the freedom of the coil so far and it’s made me feel incredibly empowered.

  47. Great video! I've had the copper coil for about 6 months now, and I feel like amongst all the negatives you see there are some of us which have had no problems whatsoever! Even when I had it inserted, I was on my period which apparently helps, I set aside a full day of doing nothing but experienced next to no pain, no more than any average period cramp. And since, while I may bleed a bit heavier on the two heavy days, my period is the same length, I don't spot throughout the month and have experienced no pain due to it. I'd really recommend trying a coil if like me you're weary of hormonal contraception, and try to avoid the horror stories online before you have it inserted hahaha

  48. Discussing your symptoms cramps boobs hurting for a few days but no period thinking this is usually when it happens….. insert me shouting OMG 😮 me great to hear other people have the same

  49. I had the Mirena for 8 months and it really didn't agree with me! I was so excited because it's localised and I thought it wouldn't have much of an impact, but I felt really down. It might have been a coincidence, but as a precaution it was removed. I'm considering the Jaydess as it's smaller and has even fewer hormones so it's a good option for people who were slightly intolerant to the Mirena/ progesterone.

  50. I’ve been back and forth between getting the copper or hormonal IUD and this definitely helped A LOT!! Thank you Hannah!!

  51. I love my Mirena!
    However, the first 3 months were a nightmare… I gained so much water weight, bled for 2 months straight, and got cystic acne… BUT after that it’s been smooth sailing! No real periods just occasional cramping/spotting every few months maybe.

  52. I have been on the pill for around 2 years now but I've been noticing side effects which im not comfortable with, so I was thinking of going on something non hormonal. I want to try the copper coil but I'm only 17 and having something in my body all the time kinda scares me, so I'm not sure what to do.

  53. Thinking about getting either coil soon — one thing I'm struggling to get my head around is how it stays in place? Might be overthinking it but I have a fear of it 'getting loose' somehow and the subsequent pain in addition to the inconvenience of going to the doctors to get it repositioned/replaced/removed? And are there any physical limitations by having the coil in terms of exercise — cycling, swimming, etc? And curious what sex is like with the coil because isn't there a string that hangs out? My partner is circumcised so will that irritate him?

  54. Hey Hannah, have you seen anything about the IUB Ballerine? It’s a copper iud but it’s a different shape, with little flexible ball bearings, so it supposed to be more comfortable..? But it’s not (yet hopefully) available on the NHS

  55. C'est super bien de faire des vidéos de ce style ! Je n'en trouve pas sur les chaines françaises merci beaucoup

  56. Has anybody experienced weight gain with the Mirena? I'm concerned as I have gained almost a stone since I had it fitted only 4 weeks ago!!

  57. I have the nexplanon implant and it’s amazing. I’ve had it for almost three years, I might have gotten my period once the month after getting it in, but otherwise there’s been no activity down there. I don’t think I have any hormonal symptoms during the month but it’s hard to tell because I have bipolar and mood swings could be related to hormones but I usually chalk it up to my bipolar/depression. It’s been amazing, I used to have really heavy periods and a lot of cramping but now I never have to worry about it.

  58. When I first went on the Jaydess coil (smaller version of the mirena, aimed for uteruses that haven't gone through the smearing process or any pregnancy. It lasts 3 years instead of 5), I bled pretty much continuously for almost a whole year. Just constant spotting but heavy enough that I have to keep wearing panty liners or keep the menstrual cup in. It was pretty rubbish and annoying especially when I couldn't really track my cycle and know what to expect. Thankfully that has settled now and I'm back on a pretty regular normal period. Part of me wish that I don't get it at all (lol I think I've done enough bleeding) but also grateful that my body tells me that I'm not pregnant each month. There is the occasional scare of whether the coil has dislodged but I'm getting pretty good at finding the string.
    Also when I first got it fitted, they didn't have any Jaydess so I tried the Mirena first. The doctor and nurses were so so so helpful and it wasn't awkward at all, however, oh my God, the pain was unbearable. They were trying for 30 mins, with my then boyfriend holding my hand at the head of the bed until I asked for some water cause I was feeling light headed… they had to stop cause I nearly passed out (apparently that's common due to the nerves in the cervix, they can make you lightheaded). Second time round with the Jaydess, it was a 5 mins job, so easy I almost didn't believe they put anything in! Btw, if you're worried about the pain, some services offer local anesthetics (needle in the cervix).
    Anyway despite all of that, I'm so glad I'm on it, it makes life so much easier and now that all the rubbish bits have settled, I barely remember that I have it yet it gives me the reassurance and protection for safer sex 🙂

  59. I had the Mirena for about 7 months before getting it removed- I was still having abnormally intense pain all the time and it was not worth it. I've been on the Nuva-ring since (14 months now!) and I love it! Almost as zero-effort as the coil/IUD, same limited hormonal effects, and no pain!

  60. With the mirena, I bled almost every single day for a YEAR :C But there's a possibility I have endometriosis, and while I'm obviously hesitant to have a surgery to diagnose this, I proceeded with the mirena to hopefully alleviate the cramps that had, at that time, become extreme.

  61. If you don't mind hormonal contraception, I highly recommend Implanon [the rod] in terms of convenience [inserted every three years] and incredibly effective. It gave me great piece of mind.
    I went off hormonal birth control to track the mental side effects after 5 years, and have definitely felt better since having it removed, so I appreciate learning more about the copper IUD, cheers!

  62. I’m on the pill now but I’ve been thinking about switching to the arm implant. Could you bring someone on the show that has the implant so they can talk about their experience with that?

  63. I have the coil and even though the first time hurt as hell, so I was super nervous to get a new one but getting the new one didnt hurt nearly as bad as the first time. just a quick pinch and nothing after that

  64. A year and a half ago I got the copper IUD. It doubled the length, pain, and heaviness of my periods. It also bothered my bladder. I was told by a urologist and OB to remove it. After a little over a year of suffering with near-constant UTI symptoms (minus the treatable UTI), I replaced the copper IUD with a Liletta. The Liletta is basically exactly the same as a Mirena, though microscopically smaller. I spotted for about a month (literally every pair of my underwear is now stained as I gave up on panty liners), and when the spotting stopped, my periods also stopped. Haven’t had a period in four months! Around when my period “should” be, I get some mood swings, though MUCH less than on my natural period, and sometimes a little crampiness. I haven’t had any negative side-effects except sometimes spotting after sex. But I’m in love with this thing!!

  65. I LOVE my hormonal coil. Best thing I ever did for myself in that department. And it's so much cheeper, when I also do not get my period. All those saved tampons!

  66. I have the marina Coil (same as Hannah) and just wanted to share that I did not experience any pain both during and after the procedure to have it fitted. Everyone is different so I really feel for the individuals out there that do experience such a pain to get the bugger in! However, for anyone tempted by the Coil and looking for some guidance on the pain aspect of it, please be assured that there are some of out there that experience no pain at all and try not to let that be the deciding factor for you. Cheers Hannah for helpful and informative content as always.

  67. Is there any harmful effect of 'not getting your periods' for a long time? Is it safe?

    I went on the pill just because my periods were very irregular so knowing exactly the day when I'll get it was wonderful. But last month I stopped taking it because I wanted to see how much it was effecting my moods. And again, I'm late and didn't get my periods on time. Would probably go back to taking the pills just to feel more in control. Any suggestions?

  68. I got the Mirena at the end of Jan and had 6 weeks of constant, often debilitating, cramps. Finally had it removed after an ultrasound showed it was all in the right place, doc was like 'it can take 3 months to settle' 🙅 I feel like I wasn't made aware of the chances of ongoing cramping, and now have (maybe permanent) scars all over my stomach from hot water bottle usage. Never again.

  69. Just stumbled across your channel while deep diving into the depth that is YouTube. I really appreciate your entire channel. It's so raw and it makes me feel like I'm getting real information with no bullsh*t. So thank you💕

  70. Hello! Im a medical intern and im aspiring to become a obgyn resident. And aaaaalso im getting the mirena next week. Your video is very acurrate in terms of medical information but i would just like to add that both the mirena and the copper coil act the same way. They act liberating substances (copper which is toxic to the endometrium and to sperms and levonogestrel which atrophies the endometrium and makes the cervical mucus super thick so it can act like a barrier to sperms) to make a poor enviroment for implantation. Now onto the differences towards periods: Levonogestrel (the hormone liberated by the mirena) is a progestin hormone that inhibits ovulation locally . That is why you get no periods versus the copper coil that acts through toxicity endometrial mecanisms (thats why you get heavier and more painful periods). The personal advantage that i see from the mirena vs the copper one is that even if the mirena gets displaced from when it should be. You still are protected because the endometrium is a hormonal dependent tissue this means that it'll still be going on atrophy and creating an unstable envrioment for sperm because of the continous liberation of levonogestrel versus the coil that where its liberated its where it acts (so if it moves there will be parts of the endometrium that are not being atrophied because its not being touched by the toxic copper). I really hope this coment helps somebody understand better the mecanisms of IUD's (and also im mexican so forgive me if i misspelled something)

  71. Copper coils also toughen the walls of the uterus, making it near impossible for eggs to stick to those walls. No eggs for sperm to nest in, no fertilisation.

  72. I had the skyla IUD/ “coil”. It lasted 3 years. My uterus was to short to the Mirana. The skyla was for women who had never had a pregnancy 🤰.

  73. I used to be on the implant and went on the mirena coil and yeah I don’t bleed but I get really bad period pains for like a week and a half and painful boobs for the first time in my life.

  74. I had the copper coil for about a year but had to get it removed because of recurrent BV that was related to it. It's really sad because I love being on it but with recurrent infections it was unbearable. Now I am back to the pill.

  75. Ive had my Merina and I'm coming up on four years. Now my "period is two days of v light bleeding. I'm going to switch to the copper coil next year since I wont be covered by my parents insurance in 2021 here in the us. (I turn 26 and that's the cut off date) then I know I'm good for 10 years with no babies

  76. I got the mirina fitted a few mobths ago and since then will just get cramping for a few days randomly. Anyone else had this?

  77. I've had both hormonal and non hormonal.

    I had the Mariana placed after my my 1st child ( i got pregnant on the pill using it religiously – I struggled with severe cramping and pmdd before my pregnancy / IUD placement)

    I loved my hormonal IUD. I had no pain when IUD was placed except 1 large cramp when actually inserted 6 weeks postpartum. I drove home and didn't think anything of it. My period came every month for 3 days very light (pantyliners or small menstrual cup). When I hit the 3 year mark I started getting headaches every day. I couldnt figure out why. Year 4 i got it removed headaches vanished! 5 months later i was pregnant with my 2nd baby (surprise planned pregnancy. We were avoiding ovulation week i got pregnant the month i ovulated 4 days early – fertile window opened 2 days after i stopped my period- very unusual for me)

    My second IUD non-hormonal was placed 8 weeks postpartum. My doctor said I should avoid any hormonal birth control due to breastfeed as well as my headaches i had previously had with my other IUD. This time was a bit more painful . Once again placement was not bad at all. However on my period i definitely experience cramping ( nothing like before i had my children – i can control it with tylenol or ibuprofen). My periods are regular! My periods are between 5-7 days on the copper IUD. I still use the small menstrual cups however they are more full than on the hormonal IUD I personally only empty mine once every 7-8 hours now copper vs 12 with the hormonal. I wouldn't go back to hormonal birth control due to all the symptoms i had on it. I gained a lot of weight on the pill my weight has been steady with my IUD's. My cramps have gotten better this is month 4 with the copper IUD. The doctor told me it would take about 3 months for my body to adjust and she was right.

  78. The first month of when I had my Copper IUD my period was really heavy and painful but this month it is very light with only a little pain. Any ideas? Or is it just a normal change in my cycle?

  79. The things we need to do because we can get pregnant! I have a bad history with extremely heavy periods, the need to go on pills to regulate my hormones, the mood and weight changes while taking these hormones, then dealing with what I believe to be negative side effects after going off (irregular periods, not ovulating, difficulty getting pregnant, etc). I will never take hormones again and i can't imagine shoving a piece of metal and plastic up into my uterus – there are so many potential risks that I don't want to worry about. Every so often I toy around with the idea because maybe the low dose isn't so bad… but the horror stories give me pause.

  80. Something about the copper coil that is good to know if you are thinking of getting it, if you are allergic to nickel, chances are you are allergic to copper therefore you should not get the copper coil. I had a Dr tell me that when I was looking at different contraceptives. They wouldn't even give me the option of the copper coil because I am allergic to nickel.

  81. I got the IUB Ballerine two weeks ago and so far so good. I was attracted to an IUD also because you don't have to think about it every single day. I also was a mad woman on the hormonal pill, so that scared me off ANY hormonal contraception. I'm happy with my choice so far…

  82. I prefer the Mirena, it reduces period bleeding by 95%, while the copper one just makes them heavy and sore. There seems to be a 3 year coil as well called Jaydess, which is smaller and easier to insert into women who have never given birth

  83. As a molecular biologist I really dislike the term "the hormone coil only works locally". Mostly because a hormone affects the hormonal axis which is located in the hypothalamus (an area in the brain). A gestagen (which is the medical/biological term of the hormone in the Mirena) gets produced in areas located at the uterus but it also sends signals to the brain as the hormone production is regulated by feedback-inhibition (which means – simply speaking – after a certain threshold is reached, the synthesis gets stopped).

    Also the whole body is nicely connected via the blood highway, which goes everywhere, and therefore everything that touches the blood gets spread in the whole body. This is also the reason why side-effects occur. The human body is very complicated and it's not easy to predict what will happen if you put something in there. Just because you know one route of a hormone, it doesn't meant it's the only one. For example, if the hormone coil would work locally, why do some women get tension problems in their breast or why do some women get mood swings whilst using this contraception method?

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