Cord Knotting Tip: How to Finish Waxed Cord Jewelry Without Glue

Cord Knotting Tip: How to Finish Waxed Cord Jewelry Without Glue

Hey there! This is Jessica from
and Bespangled Beads on Etsy. In this quick tip video, I’m going to show
you how I like to finish off my knotted waxed cord jewelry so the ends don’t fray. Before we get started I need to cover quickly
some important safety tips. If you’re under the age of 18 please do not
attempt this technique without adult supervision. We’re going to be using an open flame, so
I recommend that you have a bowl of water nearby just in case your piece catches on
fire so you can dunk it in there to put it out. I highly recommend using a lighter instead
of a match or a candle as it is much safer because the flame will turn off when you’re
not using it. And please be sure that you are not working
over a flammable surface such as on top of a towel or a table cloth (or beading mat) and that you have long hair tied back safely. And lastly, please note that in this video
I am demonstrating on WAXED cord which is very important for this technique to work. So let’s go ahead and get started! First, grab your bowl of water and make sure
it’s close by. And then you’re going to need a lighter, and then you can just slowly apply
the flame, make sure you’re holding your cord far back from the area that you’re going to
burn, and just give it a little bit of heat at a time and pull back in between. Now this can catch fire! So don’t just hold
the flame on there. And you’ll see that the wax melts up and kind
of forms a nice smooth ball that is, in my opinion, way better than glue! By the way, it is a good idea to turn off
your ceiling fan. Mine is currently on and it is a little bit more difficult to control
the flame. So I’m going to fix that before the next shot. Then I’m going to go ahead and do the same
thing on my sliding knot here, and this is a little trickier – you just want to be careful
that you obviously don’t burn your fingers as well as try to avoid as much as you can
the part of the cord that is going through the knot. And you see how that just shrinks up nicely
and it makes a neat finish on your knotted cord jewelry. Be sure to check out my playlist for more
cord knotting tips, tricks, and even a tutorial on the bracelet that I demonstrated this video
on! Thank you so much for watching! I hope this
quick tip was helpful, and I hope you might visit me over at and


  1. I find that when I was making and sealing these knots, after some wear , they were still coming undone!   In your video, you are only giving a little heat at a time, which I think might be my problem, as too much heat can just burn the thread right in half.  Any other tips on how to ensure that my knots don't come out?  Thanks!!!

  2. My problem is I have purchased "waxed cotton cord" from various suppliers but to date NONE have been real waxed cord, it does not melt like yours, it just burns. Does anyone know where I can get some outside of the U.S please?

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