CorelDRAW X7 – Advanced 3D Objects and Effects [COMPLETE]*

CorelDRAW X7 – Advanced 3D Objects and Effects [COMPLETE]*

Hello, welcome to this video! Let’s see quickly how to make3D Objectsand apply3D EffectswithCorelDRAW X7!Leave us comments to give us feedbacks if you can!All you need to create 3D Objects is inside a tool calledExtrude Tool. Keep in mind thatthis tool works on vector curves only.If you try it on paragraphs or bitmap images, nothing will happen.If you want to know how to make3D Text, watch the related video in this guide.Let’s suppose to add extrusion to an ellipse. Enable theExtrude Tooland click and drag on the object. Then you can drag thebig crossto change the extrusiondirection, and move the smallrectanglein the middle to edit the extrusionlength. As you can see, if you start from a transparent vector curve, also its extrusion will be transparent. You will need to add some filling color to the initial curve to cover its extrusion fully. If you click once again on the object while the Extrude Tool is active, you will be able to apply3D rotationon the object. Drag on the green arrows to rotate around the direction. Drag on the object to rotate in full 3D. Click once on the object to finish. You can delete this effect by clicking onClear extrusionabove, when the tool is on. Mind thatthe 3D object you created is always a 2D object, according to the software.In fact, if you apply any gradient or pattern on the object,this will be distributedon the same way on both object and extrusion.To personalize your object without losing its 3D shape, you need to use the extrude options on top, that appear when the Extrude Tool is on. To make all fast you can use thePresetson the extreme left. Next to the position values, you can change thekindof extrusion. The small icon says how it works. The rectangle with bold contours is the initial curve you start from. The extrusion is all not in bold. Next to this icon, you can choose the position of the bold cross, that decides the extrusion direction. More on the right, choose the extrusionlengthand other graphic options. The first icon is the3D rotation, as seen before. The object is indicated with a pixelated 3: when you don’t see it in 3D it means that you didn’t apply any 3D rotation on the object. To rotate, just click and drag on the 3. Undo any 3D rotation by clicking on the smallundo arrowin the bottom left corner of the window. The second icon sets the extrusioncolor. You can choose to cover it with the same kind of filling that the 2D curve has, applying an own solid color, or a good gradient made of two colors. If you search for a particular color, you can use theEyedropper Tool. Click on the color you want first, and then click on the face or contour you want to fill. This is useful if you want to get rid of lines you don’t want to show. The third icon is used to add anybevel, try it! The last icon is used to adjustlightness. You can add different light sources, and adjust each of their position and strength. Just activate and deactive them on the left. What happens if you apply 2D effects on this extruded object? These effects will always work on the original 2D curve. Soif the curve is changed, the extrude willbe adjusted following the new shape.Other effects may not work properly. If you use theDrop Shadow Tool, this will work on the curve only. You can apply Shadow on both curve and extrusion if yougroupthem. Just select both of them, right-click and go toGroup Objects. If you try to apply shadow again, this will include the curveandthe extrusion shape. To ungroup objects, just right-click and go toUngroup Objects. There are other 3D Effects you can find in CorelDRAW X7. If you go toEffectsand then toAdd Perspective, you can set different points of view.This effect canbe applied on curves and vectors only. You can apply 3D Effects on your images as well. Select it and go toBitmapsand then to3D Effects. You can apply emboss, 3D rotation and perspective. Try them!Thanks for watching this video! Check our channel to discover more!


  1. Is it possible to create 3D lines by executing a file generated off line with containing CorelDraw X7 commands? Namely to create a curve with a number N of coordinates x(i);y(i) and to display, transform and manipulate it. The file would contain CorelDraw commands associated with lists of triads x(i); y(i); z(i). Thanks in anticipation for your help.

  2. Very nice and useful videos! Feedback: try presenting how to create a very simple logo. 2nd idea: import a well known logo and play with it, modify it, increase or decrese, and so on. I think these would also be useful 🙂

  3. Your English might not be so good(the pronunciation),but your tutorials really helped me while others couldn't much.Your way of describing and saying everything while doing it is the right way to teach.Very helpful,thanks for it! 🙂

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